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How to Increase Your Restaurant's Online Visibility

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 11:31 AM PDT

Many restaurant owners have found that their customers' constant connectivity to the internet and new web applications has been both a blessing and a curse for business. On one hand, customers can conduct online searches to find out about restaurants they never would have visited or heard of. Restaurant owners may be happy to find that customers are sharing good reviews of the restaurant with the rest of the online community - thus providing a free source of good marketing for the restaurant.

Pareto's Principal Applied to Running a Cafe, Takeaway or Restaurant

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 09:54 AM PDT

Increased turnover and sales in your cafe, takeaway or restaurant does not equate to increased profit. Too often as business owners we focus so heavily on increasing our sales in the hope that our business will become more profitable, when the unwanted truth is often not in the turnover but the efficiency of the business.

Credit Card Processing Solutions For Restaurant Owners

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 09:39 AM PDT

If you are a restaurant owner, whether you own a large national chain, a small independent cafe or anything in between you need to accept credit cards if you want to maximize your sales and profits. Setting up a merchant account and accepting credit cards is a pretty simple process and once everything is in place you can watch your profits soar. Here is a look at what you need to know if you are a restaurant owner.

Table Mats - Maintaining Them in a Restaurant

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 09:33 AM PDT

Like all other things in your restaurant, table mats need proper care and maintenance. Neglecting it can make your restaurant un-hygienic and lose customers.

6 Stocktaking Methods That You Can Use

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 07:11 AM PDT

Stocktaking has been given importance by different food and beverage businesses nowadays. The primary reason for stocktaking is to identify early wastage and subsequently reduce it to the minimum. This will allow businesses to have efficient operations gaining the expected profit and achieving excellence in the service.

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