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Large Lifting Equipment, Jib Cranes and Mobile Gantry Systems

Posted: 12 Aug 2011 01:01 PM PDT

The term lifting gear or lifting equipment refers to any product that is used to lift, lower and manoeuvre heavy or difficult objects, it may also include safety products that are utilized when lifting loads or working from heights. All types of lifting gear should always be purchased from a trusted provider, and must always be issued with test certificates, and safety advice, declarations of conformity to the EU standards are also a must. When you initially hear the phrase lifting gear or lifting equipment your initial thought will more than likely be a crane.

Tantalum - Where Would Our World Be Without This Rare Technical Metal?

Posted: 12 Aug 2011 12:55 PM PDT

The modern world would languish in pain if Tantalum were absent. It was used to light up entire cities in the past as Tantalum the element was used in the manufacturing of filaments for light bulbs before Tungsten took over its application. Could you imagine if your cell phone was still the, ?Brick Phone?, of 80?s fame? What if you had to have a truck to carry your personal computer around with you? Could you imagine a 60? Inch CRT TV? Do you like that portable GPS system? How about those large hearing aids?

Hydraulic Oil You Can Cook With?

Posted: 12 Aug 2011 12:36 PM PDT

What are the various types of hydraulic oils? What are they used for? From bio degradable hydraulic oil used for agricultural equipment and sea dredgers, to Skydrol used in aircraft, and every other hydraulic oil in use; It's all covered!

Importance of Industrial Safety

Posted: 12 Aug 2011 11:37 AM PDT

There are several kinds of safety equipments which can protect human from dangerous happenings. For different type of hazardous, different kind of safety equipments are available such as welding screen, safety net, face shield, Gum Boots, Ear Muffs, Fire Blankets, Folding Stretchers, Fire Hose Coupling etc. Maintenance of these safety equipments are as importance as its installation.

Why Is a Record Archive Shelving Service Necessary for Any Office or Business Owner?

Posted: 12 Aug 2011 11:17 AM PDT

If you feel jittery about losing your important files and documents and want to prevent such loss and at the same time, cut the chances of landing your business in jeopardy, then perhaps the best solution is to hire a record archive shelving service. They can help you arrange your important files, folders and other documents and arrange them systematically.

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