How To Buy Car Insurance

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Purchasing insurance can be a daunting and laborious task and all too often very expensive, but it needn't be as long as you follow these four easy steps:

Choose your level of cover

The amount of insurance that you need may vary depending on several factors. For example, it might be better to insure an old vehicle with 3rd Party insurance as the premiums on comprehensive insurance for the car might outweigh the advantages of full cover. The amount of insurance you require could also depend on things like the amount of money you owe and own, your assets and how much out-of-pocket cost you could afford.

It may also be worthwhile looking into a combined house and car insurance policy as various insurance companies provide lower premiums for these policies. Some insurers offer discounts on multi-vehicle policies too.

If you are uncertain as to what level of cover you require, it may be best to contact an insurance broker for assistance.

Comparison shop

Shopping around for the best motor insurance deals could save you hundreds of dollars. Numerous websites in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa provide online insurance quotes and comparison shopping services. If you have a couple of insurance companies in mind, call them directly for a quote or contact a broker to do this for you. The important thing is to get several quotes from different insurance companies.

Once you have your quotes compare the premiums, but don't make your decision solely on this. A car insurance policy may cost less because it offers less cover or has more restrictions. It is also wise to go with an insurance company that has a good record for paying out claims.

If you are considering buying a new car or motorcycle, it may be wise to shop around for insurance quotes before you make your purchase. Premiums differ vastly depending on the make and model of the vehicle. For example, certain car models are more popular with thieves making them a greater risk for insurance companies. Some cars are more expensive to repair and some damage more easily. The amount you will need to pay for insurance may sway you to buy a lower risk vehicle. Even if the price of insuring your new car isn't very important to you, having quotes to return to once you buy your car will help get you covered a lot faster.

Get intimate with the policy details

Understanding the fine print of your insurance policy might save you both money and grief if you should need to claim. Make sure that you understand the terms and cover of the insurance policy you decide to purchase, especially:

  • Who and what is insured
  • What exclusions and limitations apply
  • When the cover starts and ends
  • What level of cover is provided
  • How much your premium will be
  • When and how to claim

If you are unsure about any details of an insurance policy, it is best to ask an insurance broker or agent to explain.

Reassess Your Policy Periodically It's a good idea to shop around for insurance quotes on a yearly basis, but certain important events in your life might warrant another look at your insurance needs. This could include:

  • Getting married or divorced
  • Starting a family
  • Renting a house or apartment
  • Buying a new house or car
  • Significant changes to your income
  • Retiring

Following these simple but extremely important steps can help you save money and hopefully change your perception of car insurance as being a 'grudge purchase'.

Candy Summers is an analyst for Candy tracks and reports on developments in the short-term insurance industry. She specialises in analysing online vehicle insurance.

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Car Insurance Quick Quote Via Your Mobile Phone

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Renewing car insurance can be a time consuming task. With the market saturated with a huge number of companies offering car insurance products, finding the best deal can mean lengthy searches and endless repeating of your personal information to the various brokers and insurers.

This can be particularly frustrating if you only require a quick quote in anticipation of buying a car. Nowadays many people consider the cost of insurance before purchasing a new vehicle, as it can be significant proportion of the running costs. When out searching for a car, it might be helpful to get a quote as soon as possible in order to be able decide whether or not the car is going to be suitable. Now one company has come up with a solution to help car buyers get an instant quote., an internet insurance firm has launched a service which allows customers to get a car insurance quote via their mobile phone. In order to the use the service customers need to have a mobile phone with internet access. A link can be added to the phone provider̢۪s website to make navigation easier, or a text message can be send which will direct the customer to the site. Once on the site a few questions need to be answered regarding the customer̢۪s demographics and the car registration details. The site then will reply with a quote within one minute. This service means that customers can get an insurance quote at any time of day through their phones. This should make life a little easier when out car hunting, especially if deciding between two different vehicles.

It is important to note that the quote provided via phone can only act as a guide, and further data will need to be inputted at a later date in order to get an exact quote. This is because the phone quote only relies on six pieces of data, whereas normally an insurance quote requires a lot more information. But it can act as a starting point for those who need a speedy indication of the insurance cost.

However this service is not entirely new. launched a text service similar to the mobile internet service back in 2006. With this service, customers were required to send a text message to the company which would then respond with a series of question. The quick quote would then be based on the answers to these questions. is moving with the modern day advances in technology and enabling customers to access quick quotes through a number of methods to suit them. Making life easier for the consumer is an important way of keeping their business. Once a customer has used the service to obtain a quick insurance quote, they might be more inclined to go back to the provider to obtain a full quote and ultimately purchase their insurance. In such a saturated market as the car insurance market is, any innovation which makes it easier for customers to choose the right product and car for them has the potential to be a hit.

Danielle is an author of several articles pertaining to Car Insurance. He is known for his expertise on the subject and on other Business and Finance related articles.

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Tips To Getting A Free Car Insurance Quote

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Shopping for car insurance is one of the least popular activities for car owners, since it can be a very long, boring, and tedious task. It doesn’t involve just calling up the first insurance company in the phone book and taking their offer, but involves shopping around through various companies and requesting a free car insurance quote. Since car insurance is required for almost every licensed driver in the United States, it is important to shop around for the best deal on the best type of coverage.

Requesting a free car insurance quote is the best way to compare offers from various insurance companies, since it makes it possible to find out the cost of an insurance policy based on the driver’s information. A free car insurance quote can either be obtained online or over the phone, and the driver is usually required to include information about their driving record, the car being insured, and any other additional drivers that will be operating the car. Based on the information provided, the insurance company will be able to provide a ball park range or even an exact figure for the cost of a policy through their company.

When shopping for car insurance, there are a few things to take into consideration when comparing various quotes. Because there are many factors that can change the price of the car insurance premium, they all need to be considered when requesting a free car insurance quote. The type of coverage, the amount of coverage, and even the various deductibles can cause the insurance premium to increase, so they should all be looked at when comparing various quotes from different companies.

When comparing free car insurance quotes online and over the phone, it is important that all of the factors are the same when comparing the premiums. Although one insurance company may offer a great rate while another may seem really high, it may have a lot to do with the type of coverage being offered. When searching through various free car insurance quotes online and over the phone, it is important that the same type of coverage and deductibles are being compared to guarantee you find the best rate.

Because there are many ways to change the premium on an insurance plan, there are many ways to find great coverage at an affordable price. By selecting the amount of coverage needed for the type of car you own, a reasonable deductible to be paid in the event of an accident occurring, and accidental coverage that is reasonable but not too expensive, getting a decent insurance premium can be easily achieved.

Searching for a free car insurance quote online or over the phone is very simple, and it makes it possible to find the best deal on car insurance in your area. It is a great way to save hundreds of dollars on an insurance premium by finding the best deal around, and it even makes it possible to compare various plans and premiums to find the best one for your car. Next time you need to purchase car insurance, try searching through free car insurance quotes online to find the best deal for amazing coverage in your area.

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What You Need to Know About Motor Car Repair Insurance UK Coverage

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Motor car repair insurance UK is something you will need, if you own a car. In the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), there are more than a hundred insurance companies that offer motor car insurance. Though this offers more choice to the consumer, it also means that you have to make an informed decision about the car insurance that will work for you.

There are predominantly three types of motor car repair insurance in the UK - third party only (TPO) car insurance, third party fire and theft (TPFT) car insurance and comprehensive car insurance (Fully Comp). If your car is involved in an accident with another car, a third party insurance will cover the third party's car repairs and damages, the medical claims of the occupants in that car and the medical claims of the occupants in your car. It will not cover your car or your injuries. Third party fire and theft insurance covers apart from all that is covered by TPO, also covers theft of your car or damage to your car by fire. A comprehensive policy covers damage to third party vehicle, medical claims of third party and damage to your car due to any cause (fire, theft or collision with another car), in the event of an accident.

Depending on your age and the cost of your car, you can decide on what insurance to choose. There is no thumb rule for choosing car insurance but, you can take these as pointers. For example, if you are young (and inexperienced), you are more prone to cause accidents. Assuming you also have an inexpensive, second hand car: in such a case, a third party insurance will be ideal. If you have an expensive new car, a comprehensive insurance cover that will take care of your car will make more sense. When you are over twenty five years of age and have a clean, accident- free driving track record, the cost of any car insurance will automatically be less. In such a situation, taking comprehensive car insurance will become feasible.

Once you have car insurance, and you do not make any claim on it for a year, you become eligible for a 'No claims' bonus or a discount in the cost of your insurance. If you continue to have a 'No claims' status for five years, then there will be a drastic reduction in the cost of your insurance. Correspondingly, if your car is involved in an accident and you make a claim, then the cost of insurance goes up for you. There is one way to ensure the 'No claims' status. By paying an additional cost for the car insurance, you can have what is known as protected no claims bonus. Even if this is going to cost marginally higher, it will protect your 'No claims' status even if you do make any claim.

Having all your insurance needs covered by the same provider will also reduce insurance cost because of discounts being offered. So, keeping all the above points in mind choose a motor car repair insurance in UK that works for you!

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