Taking a break

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I'm travelling North up to Newcastle today to see my kids, first time in over a year.

As a result blogging will be light to non existent till Friday evening at the earliest.

Enjoy the blogger posts right and left columns, they're well worth a read.

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And so the truth slowly emerges

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As I indicated in this blogpost here, the truth about the EDL's involvement in Bradford is slowly emerging, though again not before the initial damage is done.

Two men are facing charges, three have been fined and eight people have been bailed after two rival demonstrations in West Yorkshire.
The right-wing English Defence League (EDL) and its Unite Against Fascism (UAF) opponents held separate protests in Bradford on Saturday.
Fourteen protesters were arrested after several skirmishes broke out.
Police said a 37-year-old Bradford man and a 23-year-old Walsall man had been charged over the incidents.
The Bradford man is charged with possessing an offensive weapon and has been bailed to appear at the city's magistrates' court on 8 September.
The Walsall man has been charged with a public order offence and has been bailed to appear at Leeds Magistrates' Court on 6 December.

Six men - five from Bradford and one from Wakefield - and two youths from Bradford have been released on bail while inquiries continue.
They were arrested on suspicion of offences including wounding, violent disorder and criminal damage.
A 42-year-old Wolverhampton man, a 23-year-old man from Birmingham and a 24-year-old man from Halifax were released from custody after being issued with fixed penalty notices for disorder.
A 32-year-old Bradford man was arrested on suspicion of assault and later released without charge.
The cost of policing the demonstrations is expected to be "several hundred thousand pounds", police said on Sunday.
Hundreds of officers from West Yorkshire Police were supported by colleagues from 13 other forces during the operation to keep the groups apart.
Police contained several hundred EDL supporters behind a temporary barricade in the city's Urban Gardens as about 300 people gathered for an event hosted by UAF about half a mile away at the Crown Court Plaza.
Now I'll admit it's entirely possible that the Bradford men were members of the EDL, I do think it a bit unlikely though. Though out of 14 arrests, 9 appear to have been locals and it's entirely possible that those from out of the area weren't from the EDL either. So I'm going out on a bit of a limb here and saying that the violence at the EDL demo was almost entirely that of the counter-protesters. Not that you'll have gotten that impression from reading the MSM or the police reports, though it does confirm to an extent that what I watched from the live feeds was what was really going on.
Even then in this report, you can see some damage limitation going on with the last paragraph, "several hundred EDL supporters behind a temporary barricade in the city's Urban Gardens as about 300 people gathered for an event hosted by UAF" Several hundred? the initial police figures released were 700, however a quick bit of checking shows this figure to have been released before 15 coaches of EDL supporters turned up, well before their static demo started. Nor is there any explanation as to why the counter protesters were allowed to come so close to the EDL demo (a stones throw away, or perhaps a smoke bomb throw away). Note the usual "Far Right" disclaimer thrown in by the BBC too as this is the MSM and state code for extremists.
Unfortunately as I said the damage is done now and these reports will not be the ones remembered save by a few of us who are interested in what really happened. The initial reports alluding to the fact that it was the EDL who were responsible will be the ones that the general public will remember, reinforcing the states position that they are football hooligans, I have to admit though that in many of the comments on the demo in the MSM, members of the public don't seem to be being fooled quite as much as the state would like, though naturally these people are derided as EDL clones.
Still, the truth will out and sooner or later a reckoning will come where the evidence against the UAF and its pro Islamist allies becomes overwhelming and no amount of cover up will be able to hide the truth. As Delingpole has skewered the global warmists, the EDL need a journalist who is interested in the truth about what is actually going on, I hope they find one soon.
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The best we have, so of course they have to go...

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There are days in which I look at various conspiracy theories out on the web and wonder at how some people can believe such rubbish as the fact that the moon landings were filmed on a stage (false, the number of people involved to do that something would leak, plus the moving flag doesn't ripple in the breeze but because it's on a spring) That the Twin Towers were blown up with thermite (read the engineers report here for what really happened) yes you can speculate who was flying the planes, but please don't allude to the fact that the buildings were deliberately blown up, doesn't wash I'm afraid. I also didn't believe the theory that the government were deliberately running down our military and keeping our troops abroad in pointless wars to prevent them from siding with the people over the betrayal of our nation to the EU and the NWO.
Now, I'm not so sure.


The SAS is facing the greatest cuts since the end of the Second World War with veterans being forced out and a Territorial Army regiment set to close. 

The Director of Special Forces, a major general who cannot be named, will meet with reserve SAS soldiers this week to inform them that their services are no longer required.
Already more than 40 veteran SAS men have been given their marching orders after the Army said it can no longer afford to pay them. 
While British special forces are seen as one of the greatest global assets Britain has to offer and are particularly coveted by the US, they are expensive accounting for an estimated £2 billion out of the £37 billion MoD budget.
However, like the rest of defence the SAS has had to make cuts and getting rid of the “old and the bold” and part of the TA is seen as the best solution.
Under the Strategic Defence and Security Review, under with the Ministry of Defence has to make cuts of between 10 and 20 per cent, the SAS will also lose either 21 SAS or 23 SAS, its two TA battalions who also contribute to the war in Afghanistan.
“Sadly the director (DSF) is going round this week to talk to people because it looks likely we are going to lose a reserve regiment,” an SAS source said. “This is modern times and all we can really afford is the fighting young blades who deploy on operations.
“DSF is doing the sensible thing and is looking at them in the eye and saying the pot is this big and here are the options and this is why.
“It very unfortunate and inevitably will take something away from UK special forces but that is the reality of it.”
There has also been outcry that the SAS is losing its most experienced men who have served on operations since September 11th.

 The Army can't afford to keep one of our best regiments going because it's running out of cash. Yet look at the government waste going on with diversity co-ordinators, environment facilitators, the wasteful green energy rules, useless computer systems and massive bills by outside contractors. If the government were really serious about tackling waste they could easily save billions and increase the size of the armed forces, but they wont and they don't. They'd rather waste the money elsewhere, because I suspect they see the army (and the other forces) as a threat to their intentions to sell our country down the river. Perhaps it's a price they are paying to keep our multicultural minorities happy and not rioting in the streets, after all protecting the minorities seems to be far more important to them than upholding ancient rights and protections of the majority.
Something stinks at the heart of our government, we're being betrayed drip by drip into a society with a privileged elite and a massive, ignorant, ill-educated under-class without the means to tear down the prison walls they are slowly but surely being put behind.


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Travelling to work today at 5:30, I thought I saw a football supporter, draped in the flag of St George cape like on his shoulders and seemingly waiting for a lift. Thinking back on the sight, I suspect now that he was a member of the EDL and waiting for a lift up To Bradford where they are holding a demonstration today.
They were going to hold a march, but in true anti democratic form, Theresa May decided that the EDL posed too much of a risk of violence despite the fact that most of the violence comes from the middle class pseudo fascists of the UAF and militant Muslims who seem to believe that the more violent they are the better their point of zero tolerance for any view other than their own will be made, not that the EDL are saints of course, just not the aggressors in most of their past demo's.
The West Yorkshire Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison seems to have bowed to public pressure from the people living there as he was seeking a ban after considering the "understandable concerns of the community". Not it seems because he felt he couldn't protect said community, nor the march, but because he is being political in a way that his job should not permit when it comes to freedom of assembly and expression. Yes the people there might fear the consequences of the EDL holding a march in Bradford, however as I said above the real fear is that the opponents of the EDL will riot, not the EDL itself. This is, so I believe the real reason that the march was banned, the puppets and pets of state control have grown beyond the means of the state to control them, particularly under a ConDem government, though Labour itself seems to have little or no control over the vile and fascistic UAF Brownshirts either, even though they were a creation of the left.
So, the EDL have decided to go to Bradford and hold a static demonstration, something they are allowed to do (expect new laws soon banning this) the UAF are holding a counter demo along with various other groups opposed to freedom of opinion in England. I hope it passes peacefully, though somehow I doubt it will, the left have shown themselves not to be above planting agent-provocateurs in amongst the EDL ranks and are somewhat limited in their textbook responses to any situation being either shut them up or fight them (the more sophisticated types prefer to keep us down by excessive taxation, but you wouldn't catch any of them dead in the UAF). The Muslim youths I think will riot as they see it as their right to attack anyone who looks at Islam in a funny way, the police will no doubt try to keep both sides apart and blame the EDL for all the trouble, problem being the truth usually gets out (similar in a way to the so called peace fleet off Israel) where the left will claim it was the EDL until the facts prove otherwise and the left frantically change the subject.
There are some who believe that with the possible collapse of the BNP that the EDL are being groomed as the next bĂȘte noire of the chattering classes. Though admittedly the EDL's apolitical stance and genuine working class roots are making this difficult, the EDL are small c conservatives of a type who merely wish to make it known that a foreign creed (Shariah) and foreign intolerance will be countered by some of the people who live in England who do not care for barbarism or calls for them to change into something that we are not and hopefully never will be. It's interesting that it is the internationalists and Islamists who truly practice intolerance and who would attempt to prevent freedom of speech and expression on the part of the English and more interesting still that they are resorting to ever more extreme methods to try and stop this.
When they first started out, the EDL came to my attention though I doubted that they'd make much headway and I certainly didn't agree with everything that they stood for. Then I watched in amazement as the state and its hired thugs tried everything they could to stifle, smear and attack them. A quick bit of checking on their website showed them to be nothing like their portrayal in the media and on certain left of centre blogs. Gaps in the MSM reports on the marches were soon filled by accounts of what really happened and their treatment by the state and its media organs. Yes they have a problem with some of their members being racist (or tribalist) but football fans often enough are, but their concerns are genuine and haven't been debated or addressed by politicians here or anywhere. Their support is growing too as the states ability to control the media grows weaker with the rise of the internet and independent bloggers, plus people will often tend towards supporting the underdog and there is no doubt who the underdogs in today's society are, that would be the English, hated by the left and the political classes as well as the rest of the British State for simply having the temerity to be English and want what everyone else seems to get... respect. respect for their nation, respect for their past, respect for their views as politically incorrect as they may be.
The EDL are just another manifestation of this disrespect from the British state, the CEP are another, there are others, all marginalised by a state which attempts to portray the English as violent and which has attempted in the past to break our country up into regions and sublimate our national identity in that of the British one, yet sees our "British" neighbours as Scots, Welsh and Irish. They see English nationalism as a threat to the UK state, after all there are potentially 55 million of us and we dwarf the other nations of the UK population wise, there are more people living in London than there are in the whole of Scotland. So if the English decided they were going their own way, they couldn't really be stopped, which is why organisations like the EDL need to be stopped and organisations like the CEP marginalised and ignored by the British state and its EU overlords.
The next 10 years will be interesting, English nationalism whether the overt type or in the background will I believe continue to grow, if only because it is opposed every step of the way even at its most harmless in morris dancing or football supporting. Sooner rather than later it will cross to the mainstream and we'll demand respect rather than gratefully accepting the crumbs under the table, the longer however the state opposes us and the more extreme the methods used, the more extreme the version of nationalism will emerge, hopefully it will be a civic nationalism, however the way the state is treating the EDL makes me fear that it wont, still at least the EDL are currently civic style nationalists, they'll let anyone join, I hope it remains that way.

Well the demo went ahead and the usual headlines were up in the BBC.
Bottles, stones and a smoke bomb were thrown during demonstrations by a right-wing campaign group and their opponents in Bradford.
EDL supporters began throwing bottles, cans and stones over the barricade towards opponents gathered opposite Urban Gardens, shortly after 1400 BST.
A smoke bomb was also thrown over the temporary 8ft-high wall separating the two groups, landing on the ground and exploding by uniformed police officers.
And the Daily Mail.
EDL supporters began throwing bottles, cans and stones over the barricade towards opponents gathered opposite the Urban Gardens.
A smoke bomb was also thrown over the temporary 8ft high wall separating the two groups, landing on the ground and exploding by uniformed police officers.
Do not believe the reports, anyone watching the live feed can tell you that it was (as usual) the UAF and their supporters throwing the missiles and the smoke bomb, the MSM appear to be doing their usual stitch up job.
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Perhaps it's time to fight fire with fire

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It's the being reported in the MSM, in that our prisons are breeding grounds for terrorists, the kind of terrorists it's apparently Islamophobic and racist (despite the fact Muslims aren't a race) to mention might be terrorists.

UP to 800 Muslims in UK jails may have been turned by fellow inmates into fanatics ready to launch a new wave of terror attacks.
An alarming report by defence experts warns that the security services face a “significant challenge” in spotting and keeping tabs on possible suicide bombers and other jihadists as they are freed from prison over the next five to 10 years.
The Royal United Services Institute’s study, released today, predicts a switch from highly-planned outrages such as 9/11 and the London 7/7 bombings to attacks by lone suicide bombers with only slight links to Al Qaeda and using home-made explosives.
The authors warn: “Perhaps some 800 potentially violent radicals, not previously guilty of terrorism charges, will be back in society over the coming five to 10 years.”
The report also says that many of those caught in the anti-terror campaign of recent years were not convicted of very serious charges and will, therefore, be freed fairly soon.
Now  bearing in mind that this is the religion of peace here and we all know how harmless some out there would like us to believe they are, you'd have thought our prison service would have kept the radicals and the easily lead apart. Well in any sane society they of course would, but these are prisoners and criminals who apparently have more human rights than us ordinary folk. Prisons have long been notorious as training grounds for criminals as petty thieves mix with experts and pick up new skills, this wasn't really too much of an issue when all they were doing was being criminal, rather than potentially murderous fanatics, well save for their victims of course and often enough the local criminals were well known to the police anyway.
This however is dangerous, these fanatics if they are being allowed to indoctrinate inmates are very ,very dangerous and were we to live in a sane society would probably be in solitary, if not expelled from civilised society in the UK.
Yet as we are not allowed to do that perhaps it might be best for us to look at how other civilisations dealt with the barbarians at the gate and that is they treat barbarians barbarically. The Romans for example allowed friendly tribes to keep their kings and customs after conquest, at least until the first revolt, then they wiped your nation out, everyone knew this and everyone feared the wrath of Rome. Whilst our idiot political classes may wish to be loved by our neighbours and other races and religions, perhaps a better route might be that they fear what we may do if they attack us, it might not be civilised in the eyes of the "Righteous" but it does get results. Though admittedly the best time to do this would be after a complete military withdrawal from lands where we should not be. Then perhaps we can rebuild some bridges and if we cant...

Let them hate so long as they fear. (Oderint Dum Metuant)

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Plan restaurant business

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We plan

Today, much everybody knows that now planned economy exists even if the world's capital as well as what the phrase "business plan" assumes the existence of anything more solid information than the bright presentation, allowing boast before his colleagues and relatives. Duet Folly - Dizmor warns that now when you open a bar business project might turn into a chubby Act, containing, among other things, a lot of vital detail - the color of the walls in the bar until the bartender cut the apron. Menu bar, the fun "Darts" on its walls as well as other "firm" - it is absolutely not fancy cook, the manager or owner, but the result of careful market research food service, which is not a lottery and not portraying the winning random people.

After preparing a springboard comes time to take care of the army - Staff. Finding, training, poaching, improvement, motivation, emancipation and its aftermath - all these stages an impressive way, which will have to go to anyone who tries to sell about yourself in a bar that is now something more lively than the soda. In addition to "education" about staff employed a deep sense of job satisfaction and good care about that, to something like that (only just in a lot of time is much longer) to appear as well as some customers then visit the bar, that way if elected as a customer - a customer unchanged. What a customer, say the creators, with not enough time begins to differ from the worker's bar - it is about is involved in business and still works for the owners of the bar to their wallet, stomach and liver. By the way, drinking in the workplace in a separate and very informative section of the book. It provides tips, as if to foster a culture of drinking about a client (no doubt the same, within reasonable limits) as well as develop some staff stable reflex towards non-alcoholic beverages during working hours. In other respects the advice is simple and concise.

We must be careful when hiring, to monitor the fire safety, continues to apply security systems and locks everywhere, where in only permitted, but also, etc. But about ten myths as well as the ten worst mistakes in the management bar, which are in the book, say the creators, it is better to learn on their own. They are worth, then that, having filled the small bumps, gain invaluable experience.
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Business tips for the bar

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Tips for those who like to drink and eat, according to not know, as if fitted to this good place

The bar

In our society figure out what is now the only sure means to connect people of all views on what is happening - it ... drink. Alas. universe of free enterprise involves the fall, ups and, in general, the ability to abruptly change their profession. That way is now in our time anyone is likely to take part in the great cause of uniting people. Therefore, for the sake, then that in this case again and make it something that is not less foam than the parent flour, Ray and Heather Falley Dizmor written a book "How to open a bar with a view Dummies", where in almost a "teapot" is in mind does not share ammo bar itself, but the person who decides to settle in a new occupation for her. Since the printed book is written professional bartender and also a professional writer, in it there is everything - from the obvious "water" until now "whiskey" - as though the business recipe that way as well as in content. In the introduction to his own work in addition to the creators bluntly called: "Bar business attracts - partying every day. We are all glad that you dream of them do, and want to immediately announce that now you get to work properly. From a neighboring diner until the local wine bar - opportunities in the industry again in any life is not been that way a lot. And also, this printed book will guide you, along with the help of which you can choose the right direction. " Guide begins with a lengthy section in which readers offer to ponder. What does he therefore wants to open a bar and that is why - vegetarian canteen or a biker pub. Lesson is that now it is absolutely not one and in this case the same. And also, of course, the value of entering the business, the location of institutions, legal, insurance and other aspects will be different. The creators did not provide detailed explanations for each case - in another printed book could be its thickness contend with the complete collected works of Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin. However, universal algorithms basic actions still present (see "Actions ...").
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Business of the future to read

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In this article I will try to communicate until you an idea about a niche, whose potential is difficult to exaggerate ... niche, which allowed to compare with the niche of personal computers and cellular phones. It is hardly a fashionable individual is likely to show their lives in addition to these tools in our time. I'm sure you will agree.

Nis, about which I want to talk, perhaps not touched, not a competition, but the decisions were visible in this direction - were either local or occupation did not announce until the end ... The demand in this sector in the hundreds of millions of consumers as well as billions of dollars in cash. But the value of these solutions are not comparable either with anything. Because that word is going about the problem, which is directly linked with people's lives.

That the individual is ready to pay for another one lived through the day? Probably all ...

But not anyone wondered why the average lifespan of people has declined significantly according to the comparison with the last century? And also why people want to feasts "Caucasian longevity? What exactly is the cause of cancer, tuberculosis, respiratory, infectious, viral and etc. disease?

What is the problem with this situation? However, the problem that is the - the individual nor in the life of no thought, what activities he engaged in no less than total. Never. Only the answer is very simple. Breath .. that's the activity in which we are engaged not least of all in life. I am convinced that now hardly anyone in this case, try to contest the truth. Each of us trying to get to nature, sea or mountain resort. Correct own way health, spending a considerable means. And that now it presents to us? On a bill, almost nothing. You know why? Because it is now fashionable individual 90% of his time indoors (buildings, machinery, office). On what is the nature, health and longevity is allowed to express, at which time 90% of its life we all breathe the lifeless, the poisoned atmosphere? What is it that according to the subject wrote The Wall Street Journal: "Wall to wall carpet, poorly ventilated fireplaces, kerosene heaters; mold, bacterial toxins and dust mites ... an almost endless collection of highly allergenic products have sealed them in with deadly precision."

"Carpets, clogged exhaust, heaters, mold, microbial toxins and dust mites ... and nearly inexhaustible range of products vysokoallergennyh captured our home, to where we shut them tightly." Marilyn Chase, The Wall Street Journal.

Tobacco smoke, unpleasant odors, toxins, furniture, paint walls, cleaning, dust mites, pets and etc. - All these poisons the atmosphere in our premises. To the family, conducting about 90% of their time at home and in the office, these threats are real. Advanced energy-saving process of creation, which locked up the old murky atmosphere, not blowing into the fresh, this is a reality that does not go away.

World Health Organization already has listed the problem of dirty air to the indoor crash 21 st century.

With this problematic does not accept even the most skeptical person. Biophysics, Stalin Prize winner Odnako.L. Chizhevsky investigated the usefulness of negative air ions for human breathing, trying to find a solution to the problem of dead air her "chandelier", but in a way and not brought the occupation until the end ... The usefulness of ozone, small doses is always present in natural air, is increasingly says modern medicine . Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, State Prize Laureate, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences And takzhe.P. Neumyvakin in his paper "Hydrogen Peroxide. Myths and Reality "says mineral and medicinal properties of hydrogen peroxide, which are vital to man. Requirements for air ion composition of the air contained in GOST USSR and SanPiN Russian Federation, indicate that the atmosphere is now closed spaces (houses apartments, government offices, and etc.) is forced to have a minimum of 600 negative ions 1 cm3, with a view to, that the human body to function normally. But I assure you, this certainly is not as well as a number. You have the opportunity themselves with ease to test this. Also, all put up with it. And as we all continue to mercifully "kill" themselves with every breath ... this is how things really are.

But if if things are bad that way, so was forced to the same individual to invent effective solutions in response to this problem. I have carefully monitored the market for the past five years, while in this area. And also those solutions which the market offers, or were not effective enough, or were local action. And as always this morning I met with a pleasant person (the President of the American firm) in a hotel in New York. Nastoyaschiya # Only an individual dedicated impressive part of his life studies as well as development of technologies which could cause the parameters of air in our homes and offices as close as possible to natural. Working earlier in the high-tech U.S. firms in the field of ecology and environmental protection specialist in accordance with technology, he systematized all the advanced developments in this area, as well as in early 2010 he managed to pile a breakthrough in this direction as well as to create absolute product, which of course no equal in today's global marketplace. Tekuschiya # Only the product weight only 5,5 kg and the size is not at least the column from a tape recorder, embodies the most advanced creation process, including technology, NASA, applied to regenerate the air in spacecraft. This system of cleaning and restoration of air is able to saturate the place of light air ions, making the atmosphere of natural (living), similar according to their parameters, along with mountain and sea, and to support this # but the balance of 24 hours a day. It produces small doses of ozone and a molecule of hydrogen peroxide that way, as if he carved this nature. In this way we get answers to questions you put Chizhevsky and Neumyvakin. And also now it looks as though in practice:

We have installed a tool on TV in a hotel room and turn it on. The President saying: "a cigarette" (or to anyone not a secret that U.S. hotels are equipped with smoke detectors). I ask: "Problems with the firefighters could not be?" He replied: "We'll see." All of us together with another lit cigarette under. The smoke disappeared for a few seconds, the sensors were silent ...

A few moments later that, as if all we had finished smoking, he disappeared and smell. The air was clean and fresh, as if on the Hudson ... "Super - the product" - I thought. That's as well as the solution to the problem!

Later, it became clear that there is now in the U.S. the most advanced equipment in order to solve the problems of dirty air is not only to the private sector, as well as to the restaurant, hotel, construction, cruise and etc. business, but similar to the food, chemical, processing and etc. industries.

In the CIS countries, Europe and Asia this equipment is again far been submitted. Here as well as niche ... Works - no end, for decades, if not hundreds of ...

And now move on to business. Here are the criteria exactly which typically evaluate any business:

Is this # but the product needed by the people? What is the potential of this market? What is the competition in this market segment? How long can I get income from this business? Like a lot of effort and money I have to invest? How quickly I begin to acquire profits and how much can I earn in this business?
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A lot of funny ideas for business

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Here is a list of 5 options for unexpected business, which brought enormous denyuzhku as well as the popularity of its creators:

1. Page valued at 1? 000? $ 000
1000x1000 pixels, advertising costs $ 1 per pixel - probably one of the most absurd options business in the World Wide Web, which is allowed to think. But so thanks to this idea of business, its creator, 21-year-old Alex Tew, a data point millionaire!
2. Mail Santa
Okay, what do you think about this idea of a phenomenal business. You get an e-mail address at the North Pole, pretending to be Santa Claus and pick up along with their parents under $ 10 for every letter of their beloved faithful. Thus Byron Riiz sent more than 200 000 letters, along with the beginning of his business in 2001, what did it for a couple million dollars richer!
3. Points for dogs
Create points to dogs as well as sell through a worldwide network? Listen, but it's madness as far from options to business! As permitted here with this driven, but again and enjoy shopping in accordance with the world? I just do not understand.
4. Monks, which is filled cartridges
LaserMonks.com created in favor of donations Cistercian Abbadstva in Spring Benke, USA. This is the monastery of 8 monks in the mountains of Monroe, 90 miles north of Madison. Of course, yes, quite possibly, the monks fill your cartridge. Alelluya! Sales for 2005 reached 2.5 million dollars!
5. Toys for antennas on cars
You are not able to sell toys for antennas. Never. Also, it certainly is not able to pile you off. But why is the business version, which Jason Wall devised and implemented, and it is in the data when a millionaire!

Want to find new options for business? Read our blog article coming soon with a new quintet crazy business ideas!
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How to avoid mistakes in business

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In the old 80's, at which time my main business was collapsing, I thought what I'd most insane individual on Earth. Being broken, I called the lenders are doing everything possible so that I no longer much in life does not want to be an entrepreneur. I even wanted to go back to my old job.

But in exchange to accept defeat her own way, my wealthy father gave me one of the most important lessons: "You are very lucky that now you have failed. Today around you there is a possibility to comprehend as a failure pile success. If you learn this act, your life will become more not less and not less than successful "

Here are 3 key options as if failure to make a success:

1. Do not reproach. When my wealthy father asked me that now is not got, first what I said - it reproaches the partners as well as economy. He said: "If you blame somebody in this case, the other, anything you did not learn from their mistakes. Provided that if you blame, you give strength. "Remember, the victim was not made by entrepreneurs, business owners, only the strong and confident people.

2. Look at new partners. Wealthy Dad always said that it was even in a bad deal, he always met nice people. Some of them became his partners. Immediately next to me came from a friend of one of the fiasco of the company, similar to current partners, I met exactly the real estate business as well as franchising.

3. Do work on the bugs. As evil as well as a broken, I would like to run away from their own mistakes. But in exchange to ubegaat, I returned to the factory, did work on the bugs (I saw them, recognized, drew conclusions), which in the future, very useful to me.
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Business idea for bathroom

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According to Randy Sonderhaus, he knows as if it is not difficult to spend time and water while in the shower. Once though his wife noticed that he now spends much too many times in the shower, she decided to come up with a solution.

The solution - the invention of waterproof alarm, Coy now has sold just under $ 10.

The inventor says that this way has helped him to reduce the residence time in the shower with 15-20 minutes until just barely 5. What now will save a sufficient number of water mass and energy needed for heating the water mass.

"The invention of updates relating to the adoption of the spirit because that is now your time is right in front of you," says Sanderhauz.

The device is made as simple as possible. In it there is a display and 4 buttons. 3 buttons - for the sake of time spent in the shower: 5 minutes, 7 minutes and 10 minutes. The fourth button adds another minute of extra time.

For 5 seconds, until the completion of the set time triggered alarm clock - melodic only nag.
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Work at home how to make ideas

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Being hired employee or an independent professional, working for yourself, you probably had to deal with work at home. Know that now incorrect ordering of the labor process is likely to begin a serious problem but without adequate preparation. Here are a few tips:

* Partially dressed
* Work in a separate office (room)
* Discipline yourself, making the breaks
* Teach yourself to snacks
* Check your insurance (or insure)
* Make training to do routine to himself as well as family
* Define the initial and final time
* Use a separate cell phone number for work
* Identify the purpose of use laptop
* Keep the Union, together with
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Business for beginners after 18

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Fala operates his company from home in Westville, the firm specializes in Apple products as if for the sake of business, that way as well as to ordinary people. He advertised his company in World Wide Web as well as with the help of printed products. In addition to repairing computers Apple, iPod music players and phones iPhone, Fala again and also sells obsolete Apple products through personal personal internet portal.

"What is more important than money - in such a way so that it was his son, briskly throughout the study. He "played" with the taxes, together with the sale, pours quarterly reports can be rewritten with consumers, a design for websites. "

"He knows little more than I know," said Tony Fala. "He's very intelligent. He works for himself as well as personally as if he chooses to spend time. He feels the freedom and he likes it!
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Business for beginners in youth

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As a child about Nicholas Fala had two passions - bikes and the new process of creation.

Riding a bicycle has always been a hobby. The new process of creation - inside out, allows students to live with it enough to live a good system.

Nicholas said that it became interested in computers at which time he was 10, in which case the time he's earned denyuzhku helping parents, and later he was still repairing Apple computers for relatives and friends.

Business began to grow as though as soon as Apple has demonstrated to the public the revolutionary iPod players as well as Fala became an expert exactly the repair of these players. He later moved to the iPhone.

In 2007, at which time his business has grown up to sizes at which time already ceased to be as a hobby, he began forming his own company almost called NF Technology Services (IT services).

His parents, Tony and Betsy Fala, supported her son, but father said that Nick is now necessary paperwork for the sake of society, along with Limited Liability (LLC).
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Business idea - invention headlights

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John Arundel grew up in a small town and the truck was about 23, driving experience which allowed only envy. He became famous for the invention of the device and then to check the lights but without finding a parked vehicle.

And his invention took first place at the British Competition Innovation and inventions. "I am happy that it was honored to win the national award in conjunction with my invention," says John.

The idea came by itself, it seemed as well as other Truckers have to be sure that it, along with his car all right, especially with the lights to a confident feel on the road. In fact, very difficult and inconvenient to check for damage to the lights in case you Truckers and going on their own.

So I and came to the idea of creating a remote check headlights. This means that it is every driver is likely to check their lights while out of the car.

His invention is sold, the process of developing the final product took about 15 months.
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Living in another world

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People are quite territorial, particularly about what they own, where they live, what they do with it and most particularly their mode of transport. It's been noticed that people driving cars undergo a change of character as their personal space is now expanded by the size of the car. The most mild mannered person can become a foul mouthed, intolerant hypersensitive maniac once behind the wheel of a car. So, councils who want people to give up their own parking spaces are probably onto a loser.

Motorists are to be offered a £200 bribe to surrender their residents’ car parking permits under proposals being drawn up by Brent Council in North London.
The Labour-controlled authority is hoping that the incentive will persuade motorists to enrol in car clubs, whose members will be allowed to park free of charge.
Under the proposals, motorists who give up the permit for two years will be given a £200 voucher which can be used towards the cost of a bike, public transport or the subscription to a car sharing scheme.
I may be wrong, but I suspect the take up of the scheme will be very, very low, parking permits are like gold dust in London and once you've lost it, I doubt you'd get it back.
Brent wants to promote the scheme as “incentives for residents to reduce non-essential car use and contribute to combating climate change.”
Ah yes the old climate change myth as fervently believed by politicians, socialists and enviroloons all over the land and practically no-one else.
According to Cllr Jim Moher, the council cabinet member with responsibility for transport, the proposals are likely to appeal to people who want to help fight climate change.
“It is very attractive for people who want to discard their car and help deal with a growing problem.
Wonder how many want to discard an efficient and personal transporter, only politicians, socialists and enviroloons all over the land and practically no-one else one would suspect.
“I would certainly consider it,” said Mr Moher, a car owner himself. “I would have no problem towards contributing to this sort of thing
Says the politician, socialist and enviroloon.
The council is also proposing to join the growing number of local authorities who vary permit charges according to the environmental friendliness of the car.
Money, money, money, I could understand it if they went by the size of the car and how much space it took, but I fail to see what business it is of theirs what kind of car the residents drive.
I realise that parking is at a bit of a premium in London and I can sort of see the sense of restricting second (and third) car families, I do however have my doubts that £200 will be enough unless they don't need their cars in the first place. If however they need their car, can't get a car share and public transport isn't a viable alternative (as it is with many) then the council is going to screw them for a lot of money if they happen to drive a larger car.
However the council’s initiative was welcomed by both environmental and motoring groups.
“There is huge pressure on parking spaces. It’s good that it is being offered cash as an option rather than people being forced to surrender their permits.
“Brent is showing a far more sympathetic approach than some other boroughs,” said an A spokesman.
Stephen Joseph, executive director of the Campaign for Better Transport, added: “That is very innovative and it will be interesting to see if other councils follow their lead. This is a carrot rather than a stick.
Campaign for Better Transport is not a motoring group, it's a fake charity (site still down what the hell is going on?) Environmental groups are often enough fake charities too and want us all to live back in the middle ages riding horses or walking ( except for politicians, socialists and enviroloons who need efficient transport to tell us how to live)

Daft thing is, people will still vote Labour.


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Bullying at work

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Occasionally for those of us who work for a living we run across something we don't like doing and we mouth off about it, sometimes people take this to extremes and end up in the disciplinary process and if they keep it up can be sacked.
Sadly such cannot be said of our prima-donna MP's.

An MP repeatedly shouted that the new expenses system was an “abortion” during a meeting with officials, according to records that disclose in full the abusive and sometimes violent reaction of politicians to the stricter regime.
Another MP hit the computer of an official at the new Parliamentary allowances watchdog and threw paper at him, while a female member warned she was “going to murder someone” during a training session.
One male MP reduced a volunteer with the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to tears as he was being told how to submit his expenses claims, and another turned up at its offices just to declare that he would “attack” the organisation at every step and to claim that its senior staff were “idiots”.
The details of “bullying” and “intimidating” behaviour towards IPSA workers and volunteers, published by the watchdog in response to Freedom of Information requests, are likely to heighten fears that many MPs have still not accepted the changes made to their expenses system since its widespread abuse was disclosed by The Daily Telegraph more than a year ago.
In order to restore trust and transparency, it was agreed that payments for second home and office expenses should be handled by a new, independent body rather than the House of Commons fees office, and that claims would have to be made by a computerised system rather than on pieces of paper. In addition, MPs are no longer allowed to claim as much as they previously could on rent nor obtain home furnishings.
Some MPs have objected strongly to the new regime being imposed on them by IPSA as they believe it is too bureaucratic and time-consuming, as well as not leaving them with enough money to run their constituency offices or homes outside Westminster.
It has been disclosed that IPSA staff introduced an unofficial football-style system of red and yellow cards to discipline MPs who were rude to them, and put up signs stating that abuse would not be tolerated.
Now IPSA has published logs of 10 “incidents” recorded by staff since the general election, which disclose the full extent of the hostile treatment they have received. However the names of the MPs involved have been – like many of the expenses claims published by Parliament – redacted.
The first states that an MP travelling in a lift described his experience of the new expenses system as “awful” and declined an offer of help, explaining that all IPSA staff were “------- idiots”.
Late last month, according to the second incident, an MP met an IPSA official with three of his staff in attendance, creating an “intimidating” atmosphere as they greeted the scheme with “ridicule and derision”.
As the member was taken through the new expenses system, he repeatedly exclaimed: “This system is a ------- abortion!”
The IPSA worker said they found this “deeply inappropriate and inoffensive” but the MP’s staff “laughed and agreed” with the term.
The MP went on to claim that only “rich people and losers” would want to be politicians as a result of the new system, and that Prof Sir Ian Kennedy, the IPSA chairman, “has no idea what we do”.
On May 10th, just days after the general election, an MP turned up at IPSA’s office to announce he would not be taking part in an induction session and “threw his personal details form across the desk”.
When told he would have to do so, he became “angry and aggressive” and “struck the laptop on the facilitator’s desk and loomed over them in an intimidating manner”.
The following day, an IPSA volunteer “burst into tears” after spending 10 minutes trying to explain the system to an MP who was “very difficult and disruptive”.
The MP claimed the system “reduced him to a cipher” and made him “not want to represent his country as an MP”, although he later brought a box of chocolates to apologise.
At another training session the next day, a female MP was “rude, abrupt, disparaging”, refusing to sign a form as required and then stating: “I am going to murder someone today.”
Another MP appeared at the door of the IPSA office just to “aggressively” declare: “I am going to attack you at every step.”
A female MP turned up stating: “I want my Travelcard!” and when told it had not arrived, declared that IPSA staff had “obviously lied to her”.
Another woman politician refused to leave the watchdog’s office until she had received her Travelcard, rang the Commons Speaker to tell him what was happening and refused to let IPSA staff answer their telephones.
An IPSA spokesman said: “These instances relate to the early days of operation. IPSA is focusing on getting on with its job which is managing the new regime governing MPs’ expenses – that means checking and processing thousands of claims each week. Last week alone, for example, IPSA handled 4,000 claims and paid £650,000 to MPs.”
 They still don't realise that the public still see them as being a bunch of crooks, they still don't realise that it isn't their money either, it comes from you and I via taxation and we now want to see value for money.
Were I to have done any of the above actions at my place of work to any of the staff there I would have been severely reprimanded, possibly even sacked. But no, our little tin gods in Westminster believe they can treat the staff who work for us to monitor their thieving ways as lesser beings.
When our MP's show a little more courtesy and respect for their fellow men/women particularly those that deal with their expenses, just perhaps the contempt in which they are held might alleviate, though I suspect it could be a very, very long time if ever that they will again be held in the respect that their positions would warrant. More honesty, more integrity and more humility would help a lot, I'm not seeing much of any of that though and until I do, I'll keep on regarding them as thieving scum and call for the system to be even tighter.
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Bare faced lie

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The government have said they are looking at getting rid of that unlikely badge of honour the ASBO. Labour of course want it kept, they seem to think it is/was a success, even claiming that crime rocketed under the Tories previous to 1997 and that somehow the ASBO fixed all this.

Labour has urged the government not to scrap anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos), claiming such a move would "leave communities helpless".
Shadow home secretary Alan Johnson said the orders, introduced in 1999, had been a "success".
He accused the coalition of a lack of commitment to tackling crime.
Last month Home Secretary Theresa May signalled Asbos could be scrapped in England and Wales, with police adopting a more "common sense" approach.
Ministry of Justice figures show 55% of the almost 17,000 Asbos issued between June 2000 and December 2008 were breached, leading to an immediate custodial sentence in more than half of the cases.
But Mr Johnson insisted the orders had worked, saying: "Everyone remembers that under the last Tory government crime rocketed and anti-social behaviour was classed as low-level nuisance and not taken seriously."
"This time around, Tory Home Secretary Theresa May is wrongly claiming that Asbos don't work.
That quote seemed a little wrong to me, so I did a little checking and up popped the British Crime Statistics 1997 - 2002. as reported in the Independent.

Position in 1997: Murder, manslaughter and infanticide accounted for 611 deaths in 1997, of which 133 were carried out with a sharp instrument.
What has Labour done? Home Office has brought tougher sentences for carrying illegal firearms. Crown Prosecution Service is cracking down on causing death by dangerous driving.
Position in 2002: There were 858 offences initially recorded as homicides in 2001-2002, compared with 849 last year. May be revised downward slightly but trend is upward.
Verdict: A problem. Home Office minister John Denham admitted the figures were "an area of real concern". Number of men fatally shot rose by 41 per cent last year.
Position in 1997: Violent crime was tumbling when Labour came to power. The British Crime Survey of 1998 shows that violent offending fell by 17 per cent between 1995 and 1997.
What has Labour done? After criticisms over falling police numbers, Labour has bankrolled recruitment campaigns for more police officers and has backed growth of CCTV schemes.
Position in 2002: Quarterly crime figures to last September show a 23 per cent increase (2 per cent when adjusted for recording changes), but the long-term trend is downward.
Verdict: Mixed. Since 1997 the British Crime Survey suggests that violent offending has fallen by 27 per cent. But large sections of the public remain convinced otherwise.
Position in 1997: The use of firearms in crime rose during the 1980s and early 1990s, peaking in 1993, after which it began to fall. By 1997-98 it had dropped to the same level as 1990.
What has Labour done? Faced with frightening levels of gun crime, the Home Secretary has announced five-year jail terms for gun possession and a ban on carrying replica weapons.
Position in 2002: Gun crime offences have risen sharply during the past two years, climbing by 35 per cent last year to a record high of 9,974 offences.
Verdict: A major failure. The annual rise in gun crime was the fourth in succession and ministers are only just realising the havoc being caused by drug wars.
Position in 1997: Improvements in household security had begun to take effect by 1997 election. 1998 BCS shows burglary offences fell by 17 per cent between 1995 and 1997.
What has Labour done? Labour has not prioritised this area of crime but has claimed credit as the effects of security measures have continued to drive burglars into other areas of crime.
Position in 2002: The BCS shows that since 1997, burglaries have fallen by 39 per cent. But recorded crime statistics show burglaries rose by 5 per cent in that period.
Verdict: Mixed. The BCS shows that there has been a significant fall in the fear of burglary as public concerns have shifted towards being attacked on the streets.
Position in 1997: An area that was rising when Labour came to power. Muggings increased by 1 per cent, with 390,000 offences reported to the BCS between 1995 and 1997.
What has Labour done? The growth in use of mobile phones has helped fuel a surge in robberies since the last election. Anti-Street Crime Initiative introduced in 10 urban police forces.
Position in 2002: Robbery went up by 13 per cent in the year to last September. But the last quarter of that year had a 10 per cent fall compared to the same period the year before.
Verdict: Still a major problem. Robbery remains a key area of concern and although the overall numbers are falling, only six of the 10 big city forces hit their targets.
A Mixed batch, however the records appear to show in many areas that crime was actually falling in some areas under the Tories, particularly robbery, firearms and homicide and increased under Labour. So crime hadn't rocketed at all and Alan Johnson is lying and trying to kid us, When it comes to anti-social behaviour though a quick google produced these results

  1. Anti-social behaviour on the increase - News - getreading ...

    21 May 2009 ... A surge in anti-social behaviour saw more than triple the usual number of 'yellow card' cautions being handed out to yobs in Reading last ...
    www.getreading.co.uk/.../2051144_antisocial_behaviour_on_the_increase - Cached - Similar
  2. Criminality, aggression and antisocial behaviour - Second Opinions, UK

    1 Aug 2008 ... Criminality, aggression and antisocial behaviour ... degeneration — and, an equally marked increase in antisocial behaviour and criminality, ...
    www.second-opinions.co.uk/criminality.html - Cached - Similar
  3. Big increase in complaints over antisocial behaviour - Press & Journal

    Big increase in complaints over antisocial behaviour. north-east communities made almost 1000 additional reports over 12 months. By Cameron Brooks ...
    www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/1868075 - Cached
That's just the first 3, there are more, you don't even have to look too hard to see that Alan Johnson is being a bit flexible with the truth again.
I can't see any reason at all to keep ASBO's, they clearly don't work, it's probably Alan Johnson just trying to feed on peoples fears, but most folk I know, know ASBO's don't work either, they're just another layer to keep the crime figures massaged and looking down and give the appearance that something is being done, when it isn't.
ASBO's were a typical New Labour con, they were worthless, they were ignored by the real thugs and hooligans and were often handed out to people such as Edward Harris - A 76-year-old who suffers from severe arthritis threatened with "anti-social behaviour action" by Bournemouth council for allegedly slamming doors in his house (August 2009)

So, Alan Johnson, you're a liar, the facts speak for themselves.
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Fixed Annuity Sales Slump Since 2009

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Fixed annuity sales in the first half of this year slumped 37 percent compared to the first half of 2009, erasing the meteoric rise in sales amid the flight to safety during the recession, according to LIMRA data released today.

The drop brings FA sales to $40.5 billion in the first half, compared to $64.2 billion in last year’s first half. This year’s first half total is also lower than $47.6 billion in 2008 but still higher than the $34.2 billion in 2007. This performance was the opposite of variable annuity sales, which plummeted during the recession. VA sales went from an all-time high of $89.6 billion in the first half of 2007 to $84.3 billion in 2008 and $62.6 billion in 2009, when VAs sold less than FAs for the first time since 1995.

Since last year, VAs found their footing, growing about 8.5 percent to $67.9 billion this year. Even so, it did not make up for the FA loss and the total market dropped to $108.4 billion, which is down about 17 percent since 2009 and off 21.6 percent compared to 2008, which was the total annuity market’s best first half ever.

“We aren’t surprised by the decrease in fixed annuity sales,” said Catherine Theroux, LIMRA spokeswoman. “In this low-interest rate environment, consumers are reluctant to lock into a long-term fixed annuity.”

The growth in VA sales reflect more confidence in equities markets but also a consumer drive for a return that exceeds CD rates but also the safety of the guaranteed minimum that most VAs now feature. This is the same dynamic that has helped indexed annuity sales boost sales within the fixed annuity segment, according to AnnuitySpecs.com data released on Sunday. Indexed sales were $8.3 billion the second quarter, which represented a 22.8 percent increase over the first quarter. Indexed sales were about where they were in the second quarter of 2009, showing a 0.1 percent drop.

Sheryl J. Moore, president and CEO of AnnuitySpecs.com, said she expects the upward trend to continue throughout this year. “With CD rates at 1 percent and fixed annuities crediting a mere 3.65 percent on average, it is no wonder that this was the second-highest quarter in terms of indexed annuity sales,” Moore said. “It is going to be another record year.”
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The English FA are attempting to get FIFA to allow us to host the 2018 World Cup. It's a good attempt and we're about due to get a go at it, though the favourites remain Russia.
However Cleggy boy has clearly jinxed the whole process by saying "I believe this is an exceptionally strong, unbeatable bid. We in this government believe in it, we hope that you will believe in it."

BBC Sport.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told Fifa inspectors England's bid for the 2018 World Cup is "unbeatable".
The Fifa delegation, which will write a report on England's bid to host the World Cup, began their four-day visit with a reception at Downing Street.
Mr Clegg said: "I believe this is an exceptionally strong, unbeatable bid. We in this government believe in it, we hope that you will believe in it."
The hosts for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups will be revealed on 2 December.
England face stiff competition in the battle to stage football's premier tournament in eight years' time, with Russia, considered by many to be one of the favourites to succeed.
Well, there's always 2026 I suppose.
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Argo International builds Directors and Officers Team

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Argo Group
Argo International builds Directors and Officers team with two underwriting appointments.
Argo International, a specialist Lloyd’s insurer and subsidiary of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGII), today announces that it has further added to its Directors and Officers (D&O) team with the appointment of Rita Mistry and Anthony Hope.

Reporting in to Paul Kneafsey, Rita and Anthony join Argo International from Dual Corporate Risks’ D&O division, where they were central to the expansion of the company’s D&O portfolio.

Their appointment follows the recruitment of Andrew Robertson to Argo International’s D&O team. Rita and Anthony will join Andrew to write flexible D&O solutions as part of Argo International’s wider Financial Lines business.

Julian Enoizi, CEO of Argo International, said "As part of the wider expansion of our business, we are building our Liability offering and, with their experience of developing D&O accounts, Rita and Anthony will be integral to the strategic growth of our Financial Lines business.”

Source : Argo Group
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Graham Watson MEP is a traitor to the British people, though quite obviously he wont see it that way, yet this man is behind the misery of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) in which British men and women can be dragged off abroad and held in foreign prisons on the most frivolous of charges.

"The European Arrest Warrant should not be feared," says Graham Watson, the Liberal Democrat MEP who piloted the legislation through the European Parliament (as so often with things that really annoy Euro-sceptics, their authors turn out to be British.) "It is a crucial tool in ensuring criminals cannot hide behind national borders. It has brought justice to the perpetrators of murder, rape and terrorism."
I wonder what Edmond Arapi thinks of this claim?
Edmond Arapi, a Staffordshire waiter, was seized under an EAW issued by Italy after being sentenced to 16 years in absentia for a murder in Genoa in 2004. Yet he never left Britain in 2004. He spent time in Wandsworth prison before the Italians finally admitted it was a case of mistaken identity.
Or Deborah Dark.
Deborah Dark, who was cleared of drugs charges in France in 1989, found herself detained whenever she tried to travel. Unknown to her, French authorities had won an appeal against her acquittal in 1990. Fifteen years later, they issued an EAW, which was only dropped in May.
Colin Gabriel.
Colin Gabriel was demanded by Spain after a passport with his name on it was found in a boat that had been carrying drugs. He denied it was his and British judges said the evidence against him was "thin", but could not halt his extradition.
There are others.

Michael Turner, from Dorset, and Jason McGoldrick, from Plymouth, were extradited on an EAW and held without charge in Hungary, accused of owing business creditors £18,000. They spent nearly three months in tough jail conditions before police even interviewed them. They were freed after five months and have never been charged.
Even foreigners staying here have problems.
Dimitrinka Atanasova, a Bulgarian legal secretary, fled to Britain after threatening to expose her boss – the country's chief prosecutor – for misconduct. That same chief prosecutor then personally requested her extradition from Britain on what a British judge agreed were "bad-faith", or trumped-up, charges of murder. Crucially, her case predated Bulgaria's EU membership and adoption of the EAW. She was freed, after several months in Holloway Prison, but could be rearrested under a warrant at any time.
And there is a regular flight back to Poland from Biggin Hill in Kent of handcuffed Poles arrested and deported at the request of the Polish legal system often for such things as smoking cannabis, stealing a bicycle, or receiving a stolen mobile phone. The defendants will have been seized from their homes by a special police unit. They will often have been held in British custody, and will continue to be held, sometimes for months, until their appeals against extradition are dismissed, as they almost always are.
Yet the worst case is that of Andrew Symeou
hauled off to Greece on flimsy evidence obtained by assaulting witnesses none of whom appear to have correctly identified him as actually being where an assault took place, nor describing what he was actually wearing. So far he's was extradited last July.
Andrew, who, cannot speak Greek, spent almost a year in some of Europe's least civilised prisons. At Patras, he was unable to wash, and was taunted by the guards as an "English ------." They made him pack his kit with handcuffs on, laughing at his inability to manage it, then squeezed toothpaste into his bag, so he got to his next prison with toothpaste all over his clothes.
At Korydallos, he witnessed three riots. He would lie in bed, said his father, "and cockroaches would be dropping from above. He'd wake up in the morning with them crawling on him''.
So yes, Graham Watson MEP who guided this odious and dangerous bit of legislation through the EU, you are a traitor, you're ultimately responsible for the arrest and detention of scores of your fellow countrymen (then again he's a Scot so might not care all that much about the English) who are often held without trial for years in foreign prisons and you tell us that the European Arrest Warrant should not be feared. You've forced our legal system to hand over our people on the most flimsiest of evidence and prevented them from fact checking the evidence, nor of preventing flagrant abuses of the warrants themselves. It costs us money to hold the people that have been arrested under the EAW and if or when we hand them over, there are few safeguards as to how quickly they will be dealt with.
EUrophiles like you make me sick Graham Watson, even now I doubt you can see the harm you've done and the people now living in fear over your folly.
Sooner we leave the monstrosity of the EU the better, though it looks as if we'll have to bring down the government to do it, perhaps hanging a few like Graham Watson pour encourager les autres will remind the next generation of politicians to be more protective of the British people.
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Drinking might lead to having sex shock...

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Seems like the states never ending attempt to either scare us into behaving or make it too expensive to misbehave has turned to the fact that women who binge drink are more likely to have an abortion than women who stay sober and sensible (for a given degree of sensible one assumes)

Women who drink to excess are almost twice as likely to need emergency contraception, such as the morning pill, than those who remain within safe limits, a study found.
British researchers found women who exceeded their weekly alcohol limit were also far more likely to have an abortion.
The study of 25,000 individuals also found the proportion of teenage girls who blamed alcohol for losing their virginity more than doubled over the past 60 years.
The University College London study, published on Friday, also found the number of people drinking to excess had tripled in 10 years.
The study, reported in the Journal of Public Health, suggested that increased alcohol use was linked to a rise in women engaging in unprotected sex.
The study’s conclusions come amid growing concerns about the rise of binge drinking following the relaxation of drinking laws.
Government figures have shown that one in four people – a total of 10 million – is estimated to be putting their health at risk by drinking more alcohol than the recommended limits.
In their study, UCL researchers examined the alcohol consumption and sexual activity of individuals aged 16 to 44 over a ten-year period.
They found that women who drank to excess, which experts say is more than 14 units a week, were 1.8 times more likely to have taken emergency contraception such as the morning after pill at least once over the past year.
Ok, we'll take as read the right of people do do with their bodies as they wish so long as they aren't harming others. It should not be the business of the state to tell us not to drink and not to have sex when drunk, nor do the invented 14 units a week impress any more, we know it's a lie plucked out of thin air by the BMA in a report and yes we've noticed that it's getting smaller every year too.
However they have a far bigger problem on their hands if they want to control the human urge to breed, it's fun for a reason, that reason being we wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun and people have taken "relaxants"  like alcohol to help take away the tensions and make it easier to break the mood and get to know someone intimately for generations, all the way back to the orgies of ancient times. Men oddly enough have deliberately tried to get women drunk or spike their drinks so as they can have sex with them, that's rape, but it has been known. Which is why warnings about looking after your drink are useful and reports like this aren't.
The righteous have over the last few decades brought about a society of sexual freedom, birth control has helped reduce the risks against pregnancy, though obviously not std's. People often enough these days no longer team up together for life (aka marriage) and the bonds that hold society together that way have been weakened so that you have large numbers of men and women looking for sex or love without strings as that's all they can expect.  They've also made life so hard workwise that people often see the need to totally unwind at the weekend and try and forget all the shit that society throws at them whilst they work to earn enough to have fun. So at the weekends they drink and to hell with how expensive the state makes it, if booze becomes prohibitively expensive, they'll find something else. Drinking loosens inhibitions, so they have sex, drinking also affects birth control, so ladies get pregnant and/or take morning after pills. Altering the drinking hours wont stop this and we can't turn back the clock either, anything the state or its minions can do wont stop it happening they are just scaremongering and still trying to control us by fear.
The best thing the state can do is to simply butt out of the situation and let it sort itself out, arrest the violent and patch up the broken. Offer advice but stop trying to control, people have managed for generations to sort out their own problems, it's a solution that normally works unlike many tried by the state.
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Sorry, but you're wrong

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Speed cameras, two words that polarise opinions to a certain extent from those that see them simply as revenue raisers to those who think they reduce speed and save lives.

A bereaved mother will lead a protest against a county council's decision to axe speed cameras.
Claire Brixey's son Ashley, 20, was killed in a crash in Limpley Stoke, Wiltshire, in 2004 when the car in which he was a passenger landed upside down in a swimming pool after the driver lost control.

Ms Brixey, who lives in Standerwick on the Wiltshire/Somerset border, has been a road safety campaigner since the crash.

In the protest on Friday in Trowbridge, she will urge Wiltshire County Council to reverse a decision to end its road safety partnership scheme.
Yet government statistics reveal that speed cameras are totally ineffective at preventing the vast majority of accidents. Exceeding the speed limit was attributed to only 3% of cars involved in accidents. 97% of car crashes have nothing to do with breaking the speed limit.

Ms Brixey said: "I cannot just stand by while the council puts an axe to vital road safety services that save so many young lives here each year. They need to know how appalled local communities are about this. Most people fully support cameras and feel safer with them turned on.

"When I heard in the news the Government saying they were ending a 'war on motorists', I thought that all they were doing was enabling people to break the law and endanger lives by speeding.
You would think that Ms Brixey, as the loss of your son is colouring you view, however as for public support for speed cameras, well, there are two parts to this lie (and yes it is a lie, though Ms Brixey clearly believes it)...
In the first place the government and various supporters and vested interests have put huge resources into trying to convince the public that speed cameras are a good idea. It's not at all surprising that the non-driving population accepts the claims at face value - why would a non driver question the claims at all? Obviously they have convinced some drivers as well. What a shame they didn't put those resources into a real method for improving road safety. It is highly illogical to suggest that road safety can be improved by lying to the public about specific road dangers.
Part two of the lie involves the survey methods (and particularly the survey questions) which have been designated by the Department for Transport. The questions are quite obviously loaded to elicit the desired response.
With loaded questions and a misled public it should come as no surprise that they are able to claim that public opinion supports speed cameras.
SafeSpeed: analysis of official surveys of speed camera approval (click here)
Admiral Insurance: (independent survey)

Ellen Booth, campaigns officer for road safety charity Brake, said: "Increasingly, decisions being made on speed cameras are more about politics and less about facts.

"The fact is that speed cameras reduce speeding and save lives."
BRAKE is a fake charity with its own entry at fakecharities.org ... unfortunately, the fake charity site is down at the moment, however it is known BRAKE spend 50% of its income on salaries and the majority of its money comes from public funding, to no doubt tell the government what it wants to hear. However speed cameras actually appear to cause more accidents than they prevent, as speed cameras have triggered at least 28,000 crashes since 2001, according to new research.Anyone who drives will have noticed that people on seeing a speed camera will automatically brake, even if they are going below the speed limit, putting the vehicle behind in occasional danger. Accidents were reducing before speed cameras came along, cars were being made safer for drivers and pedestrians if hit, so speed cameras were not really a major cause in road safety, though most drivers had them twigged as revenue raisers early on in their lifespan.
So, sorry for your loss Ms Brixey, but you're wrong, speed cameras may save some lives, however as a cost effective solution to road safety, they make no sense at all, they don't reduce speed save in the narrow area they cover, they don't reduce accidents (and seem to cause a good few) and now that government funding is being removed from them, it seems councils don't think they are that effective either. Speed is not the problem, unsafe driving is and always will be the problem and artificial limits on speed are not the solution, some drivers can be perfectly safe driving at 100 mph on a motorway, yet others can frighten the life out of you at 30 mph on a built up area, it's down to ability and concentration, usually not speed.
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Few photographers and Models Expressing

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I have been approached by quite a few photographers and models expressing their concern about feeling nervous, edgy or uncomfortable during a photo shoot. The reasons for this might vary from one person to another, still, there are some practical things that would help if implemented in order for a photo shoot to run smoothly, be productive and why not, be more fun.

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Two utter idiots were captured on a speed camera as they took turns to set it off whilst riding on a motorbike.


Two teenagers have been banned from driving after they repeatedly rode past a speed camera on a stolen motorbike.

Speed camera
Lewis Farmer and Sam Giess (right) turn to look at the camera

Sam Giess and Lewis Farmer, both 18, were caught on camera five times as they took turns to trigger the speed trap in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
Officers in the town recognised them from the images.
The pair were disqualified from driving for a year after appearing at Nuneaton magistrates' court charged with a total of 22 offences.
Farmer, who pleaded guilty to speeding and driving with no licence and insurance, was also fined £200.
Giess, who pleaded guilty to a total of 14 charges, was ordered to pay £100 in compensation and given a 120-hour community order.
Speaking after the case, Detective Sergeant Owen Fell said: "We are delighted with these convictions.
"Giess and Farmer behaved in a reckless manner and it is fortunate that neither they nor any innocent road users or passers-by were injured."
Didn't they think to wear a mask?

I despair for the English these days if this is the best we can do for cocking a snook at authority. Don't they know the rules?
Rule 1 = Don't get caught,
Rule 2 = If in any doubt, refer to rule 1.

As for the fines and the community order, really I wouldn't have bothered, it's not like they'll take much notice of them and it certainly wont make them any more wary of the authorities. Soft sentencing and lack of respect over the last 40 years have made sure of that. Hard labour if caught might help, but that's not going to happen either as they have human rights, though you'd think anyone breaching the so called social contract would have abrogated them to an absolute minimum of not being shot on sight.
Things will have to change before they get better and no I'm not advocating birching offenders or for that matter flogging or hanging them, at least not for a first offence. But unless the thugs and idiots running riot in our housing estates learn to fear getting caught and it starts to affect their behaviour, then things wont get better, they'll just carry on the same as before, there's no need to understand them either, they just need punished.
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Always check, even if you think you know

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A toddler was shot in the neck by an air rifle fired by his Dad...


A two-year-old boy who was shot in the neck with an air rifle has been described as "critical but stable" after surgery.

The toddler was hurt at his family home in Winthorpe, Skegness, in Lincolnshire.
His 29-year-old father, who was arrested and quizzed after Monday's incident, was released on bail to be by his son's bedside, police said.
It is believed the person who fired the gun did not know it was loaded.
The boy was initially taken to Skegness Hospital before being transferred to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.
He then underwent surgery to remove the air rifle pellet from his neck.
A spokeswoman said: "Glenfield Hospital have confirmed that the child is critical but stable following surgery."
Now I don't know if his Dad is an idiot or not, it might be that this is just a tragic accident, however one of the rules about any type of firearm is that you never assume it's not loaded and you never under any circumstances point it at people, for the reasons as shown above.
It will be interesting to see what if anything comes of this, the UK already has the toughest firearm rules in the EU, yet the temptation to make them stronger or go for an outright ban is there with some people in government and the political classes. After all, if their side has all the weapons, it will be far more difficult to overthrow them if or more likely when they finally push us too far.
Accidents will happen all the time, but any kind of weapon has special risks, though It's amazing the damage you can do with a set of hedge trimmers and yet some people insist on treating them as toys (guns, not hedge trimmers) For the sake of the boy, I hope he doesn't lose his Dad to a prison sentence, however for the Dad, I hope he's learned a hard lesson in the harshest possible way, guns are not toys and you should always make sure they aren't loaded and you should never aim them at someone unless you actually intend to use it on them. That's why the police will shoot after giving you one warning, even if it turns out you're just carrying a table leg. They don't take chances, neither should anyone else.
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