Do road signs and billboards really contribute to car accidents?

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The amount of car accident compensation claims made in the UK has undoubtedly risen since the number of roadside distractions became more commonplace. In fact, a survey carried out by Privilege Insurance in 2005 found that a total of 83% of UK motorists are affected by roadside distractions when driving.

Whether you spy someone streaking alongside a motorway, catch a glimpse of a busty lady on a large poster or slow your car and crane your neck to see the aftermath of smash, roadside distractions certainly put drivers and their passengers at serious risk of sustaining car crash injuries as a result of just a few seconds of lapsed concentration.

Alluring ads and scintillating statues Although the temptation to take your eyes off the road ahead and take a sidewards glance at an attractive member of the opposite gender has always been there, suggestions have been made that modern advertising could be one of the most potentially serious road accident hazards around.

There has been much speculation about men and their one-track minds but research by Privilege revealed that male drivers were more likely to be distracted by advertising displaying scantily-clad women than women were to be by images of men in various states of undress.

The use of stunning supermodels such as Eva Herzigova advertising underwear is likely to gauge the attention of any passer-by but if placed on a huge billboard beside a busy motorway, this is likely to cause eyes to wander and all concentration from driving to be lost, leading to a definite risk of a road accident occurring.

A few years back, The Body Shop faced having to remove part of the ornamentals outside their headquarters in Littlehampton, West Sussex. A number of statues, one of which was a woman in her natural form, were featured on the land of the beauty product company that is famously against animal testing.

The lesser-clothed of the three figures, arranged as seen in the impressionist painting Luncheon on the Grass by Manet, was causing drivers to crane their necks so that they could sneak a look at her bare physique and car accidents as a result of such peeping-tom antics were reported to have happened.

An influx of requests for the statues to be removed followed. It was thought that by getting rid of the temptation for drivers to take their eyes off the road, a decrease in personal injuries being sustained and the need for car accident compensation claims to be made would result.

Signs of the times Recent reports have also shown that UK motorists are distracted by the amount of signs featured on our roads which are actually designed to aid them while driving. However, it seems that there are now many more homemade signs, advertising everything from school fetes to charity auctions, appearing along particular roadsides. A total of 17 signs were posted on one roadside verge just outside Midhurst, a village in West Sussex, during autumn 2005, which caused major concern for road safety experts and the Government alike.

Yvette Cooper, Housing and Planning Minister, has commented on the subject of excessive signs and ads, "Too many of our motorways are now strewn with illegal trailer adverts, which cause hazards for drivers and are unsightly too. Just because the ads are parked on trailers doesn't mean they should be able to dodge proper planning and safety rules.

"Twenty three percent of drivers say they have been so distracted by roadside distractions, such as ads, that they have swerved out of lane. That's why applications need to go through the proper planning system so they can be appropriately assessed."

How much of a distraction? According to a poll carried out by Privilege, 30% of drivers say that the have lost their concentration when behind the wheel by looking at a sign or billboard. Many even admitted to being distracted for up to five seconds, which, if travelling at 60mph, equates to the length of football pitch, ample time for a car accident to occur.

In response, Dr Mark Young from Brunel University has said that when driving our visual workload varies throughout the journey, which means that when undertaking more difficult tasks like negotiating a roundabout, it is easy to become preoccupied by roadside advertising or any other distractions.

A more recent study carried out by Nottingham University in 2006 found that as much as 50% of a driver's time can be spent looking at distractions by the roadside. A particularly worrying figure which strongly points towards an explanation for the rise in car accident compensation claims dealt with by personal injury claim firms, such as The Claim Solicitors.

by Katy Lassetter

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Quiz of the Day

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1. What is said to be fuelling soaring bicycle thefts?

2. Who has unveiled plans for a series of concerts aimed at raising awareness of the threat of climate change?

3. Two out of five motorists would be prepared to pay more for what type of car?

4. Which former Brookside star is moving to Coronation Street?

Answers: 1. Internet sales, according to insurance firm Direct Line. 2. Former US vice president Al Gore. 3. A low-emission vehicle, a survey by Virgin Money Car Insurance found. 4. Michael Starke (Sinbad), who will play Jerry Morton.

(c) 2007 Evening Mail; Birmingham (UK). Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

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CNN Shines Light On Car Insurance Companies

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Recently, CNN has covered the problems faced by people when claiming money from car insurance companies. The report aired on Anderson Cooper 360˚ found out that most of the insurance companies in the country use a philosophy based on three Ds. These are delay, deny, and defend. Insurance companies, as illustrated by the show, delay handling claims from victims, deny that the claimant was hurt and defend their decision in court if it comes to that. This philosophy has made it hard for claimants to get their fair compensation, as hard as a steering system without a Volvo steering rack . The show reveals that even victims of minor car accidents find it hard to get fair compensation from insurance companies. The story revolved around the experience of Roxanne Martinez, who tried to claim $25,000 for the medical payments and lost wages but only offered $15,000 by Allstate, the insurance company of the person who hit her car in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Reporter Anderson Cooper and producer Kathleen Johnston worked on the report for 18 months and the result is that they found out that most insurance companies fight paying billions in claims. The story shows that when Martinez tried to claim the $25,000 that is rightfully hers, the insurance company only offered her $15,000 hoping that Martinez would take the money since the only other option left is to hire a lawyer and take the matter to the court. Martinez however, did not take the money but instead hired a lawyer, they won the case and the jury granted her $167,000. But the process took three years.

The report said that ten out of the top twelve insurance companies uses the three Ds in an effort to make money out of the misfortune of other people. The report also called on former insurance industry insiders to give comments on the said issue. These insiders said that if a person has the misfortune of getting in a collision and got hurt, insurance companies will more often try using the three Ds to make more money. Other corroborated the statements too; lawyers also stated that they know for a fact that several major insurance companies fights their way out of paying victims fairly.

Anderson Cooper 360˚ also got their hands on a training manual from Allstate. Somewhere in the manual it is written to force "smaller walk-away settlements". Another insider that the show interviewed was Shannon Katz. Katz is a former claims adjuster for the insurance company Allstate. She said that she would offer as low as $50 in some very minor cases. She said that poor people would take what they are offering for fear that they would get nothing at all.

The report stated that insurance companies are hoping that claimants will not wait for their claims to be handled and just walk away for those who suffered only minor accidents. Insurance companies are also hoping that claimants will not sue and just take what they are offering and simply leave it at that. Experts in the field say that the strategy employed by Allstate and other insurance companies has made then billions of dollars which does not rightfully belong to them.

In response to the report, Allstate sent an e-mail which states that they did not think CNN will deliver a fair report. But the insurance company has yet to address the issue that the show has raised. This silence on the part of the insurance company adds to the suspicion of the public that what the show reported is indeed the truth.

Glady Reign is a 32 year old is a consultant for an automotive firm based in Detroit, Mi. she is a native of the Motor City and grew up around cars hence her expertise in the automotive field.

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State to Weigh Insurance Profiting

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By Randy Diamond, The Palm Beach Post, Fla.

Feb. 9--Geico's reptilian mascot "Gecko" seems to be everywhere with his promise that the insurance company can save its customers money on their auto insurance policies.

But what the cute green lizard isn't saying is that he's really talking to people with pedigrees.

Educated professionals are entitled to savings at Geico, Florida and the country's fourth-largest auto insurer. Those with a high school diploma or less who work in areas Geico considers less desirable -- including assistants, postal clerks, stock clerks -- are charged higher rates.

In some cases, they are charged much higher rates.

Rate quotes on Geico's Web site show that a 51-year-old engineer with a Ph.D. residing in West Palm Beach with a perfect driving record would be charged $528.83 for a six-month policy. However, if that person were a reporter in West Palm Beach with the same driving record but just a bachelor's degree, the rate would go up to $727.82.

Faring much worse would be a West Palm Beach cleaning person who never finished high school, even though he too had a perfect driving record. Geico would charge that 51-year-old $908.63, or 42 percent more than the engineer.

Florida's insurance regulators will hold a hearing today in Tallahassee on the practice of using education and occupation in determining rates. Geico developed the practice, but other insurers, such as Liberty Mutual Group and the American International Group, also use it.

Allstate Corp. (NYSE: ALL, $61.53) has begun to use the practice in four states, but not Florida. It offers customers with preferred education and occupation levels a 10 percent discount off auto premiums, spokesman Ryan Priest said.

The hearing in Tallahassee will be the first time regulators in any state have publicly tackled the issue. Regulators are asking whether it's fair to charge two people with the same driving record vastly different rates because one is an unskilled worker and the other a professional. They maintain that affects poor people disproportionately.

"This could become a big trend if it is not stopped,'' said Steve Parton, general counsel to the state's Office of Insurance Regulation. "It's somewhat sinister, the notion that you have the less economically able people subsidizing the rates of the wealthy." In another sense it is unfair to competitors, he continued. Companies that use education and occupation as factors are able to undercut competitors on price for the more wealthy motorist by overcharging the lower-income driver. The other companies are being put at a disadvantage, according to Parton.

The insurance industry contends that allowing insurers to use different factors to fine-tune prices means the best prices are offered for each individual based on risk, said Joe Annotti, a spokesman for Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. He said customers are free to shop for another carrier.

Geico's filing with Florida regulators rates architects, accountants, airplane pilots, lawyers and teachers as among the most desirable occupation holders to insure. On the low end of the rating scale is long-haul drivers, delivery people, unskilled and semi-skilled blue collar workers, minimally skilled clerks, postal clerks and stock clerks.

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty said he believes Geico's practices have a negative precedent: life insurance companies charging blacks higher insurance rates than whites. The practice was outlawed in the mid-1960s.

McCarty said a Maryland study at the time showed that after the question of one's race was deleted from insurance applications, some companies started asking about occupation.

"I am concerned that the use of occupational and educational rating (for auto insurance) is nothing more than a proxy for race-based premiums," he said.

McCarty said regulators do not have the authority to ban the practice but that he expects to make a recommendation on a course of action following the hearing.

Geico spokeswoman Janice Minshall said the insurer uses more than 20 factors in determining the price of a policy, including driving record, age, gender, accident history and vehicle type. "Allowing companies to use a wide range of underwriting and rating tools promotes market competition and choice and ultimately drives down the cost of insurance," she said.

But while Geico uses a variety of factors, its key indicator is education and occupation, according to a report by the Consumer Federation of America. It said the weighting is so pronounced that a person with only a high school diploma, no matter what his driving record, is not eligible for Geico's best insurance rates.

In a letter to state insurance officials in April, Geico's senior counsel, Bonny Gordon, said the company's rates are based on actuarial experience. Gordon provided national claims data to regulators that showed claims paid declined with the change in education and job classifications.

The Office of Insurance Regulation's Parton said the reason for the disparity is simple: Those with money often elect to pay damage to fix their cars from accidents themselves, avoiding a possible rate spike.


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BRK, ALL, AIG, 8685,

Car Insurance News: State to Weigh Insurance Profiting...Get an auto insurance quote!

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Young Driver Car Insurance: Enjoy the Real Pleasure of Driving

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Now for youngsters driving is a passion and they like to drive very fast. Many insurance providers assume that young driver means inexperience, which in turn means higher risk and higher premiums. But with young driver car insurance even young drivers can enjoy the real pleasure of driving car with minimum risk. Young driver car insurance gives insurance at lower premium with more coverage.

Young driver car insurance policy is especially for the advantage of young driver. Therefore, young driver car insurance policy may provide a sense of safety to youngsters while driving. You can take a young driver car insurance policy and avail the benefit of lower premium with all coverage.

There are ways of getting lower premium for young drivers. For getting young driver insurance, think about the car that you are going to buy. The older and slower it is, the cheaper the insurance will be. If it's quite old and its price is also low, it might also be worth opting for third party fire and theft cover. This covers you if other people claim against you for injury and damage to their car or property. Young driver car insurance also gives comprehensive coverage. Hence in case of theft or damage to your car comprehensive coverage will provide whole coverage for it.

Apart from that you should purchase a car having low insurance group number. Cars falling under high insurance group have bigger and more complicated engines. While cars which fall under lower group of insurance will help you lower down your premium. Along with it all if you have a clean driving record, it will also help you to get hold of young driver car insurance at lower rate. If your car has more safety features then also you can get the premium at the cheaper rate. Young driver car insurance can be hard to find. But if you will search online through internet you can get a number of young driver car insurance policies. Thus to find out about the young driver car insurance at an economical price you have to browse through the websites of the companies that offer young driver car insurance. Young drivers desirous of getting young drivers car insurance should compare the prices of different young drivers' car insurance quotes available online and buy for you a perfect quote. You can compare and collect as many quote of young driver car insurance policies as you want because you will not be supposed to pay for those quotes.

Henry Bell is an author who can certainly identify the kind of insurance that you will need. He is proficient in the insurance world; he is an MBA(finance) from University of Oxford. endeavors to find the best possible deals for its customers. To find Young driver car insurance, Break down cover, Mobile phone insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Medical insurance visit

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Is Your Credit Score Costing You A Fortune?

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While some surveys show that 9 out of 10 consumers are unaware what their credit score is, I'd like to quickly share with you how your credit score could be costing you a fortune (in more ways than you can imagine).

We all know a low credit score will make everything in the world of finance more expensive because of higher interests rates from lenders due to being considered a greater credit risk (i.e. higher interest rates on cars, homes and credit cards). While this may be considered common knowledge by some, it's truly devastating effects are understood by few.

For example. If you purchase a $200,000 home on a 30 year fixed mortgage at 8% interest instead of 6% (because of your credit score); that 2% is going to end up costing you a total of $96,934.11 over the term of the loan. Now, think about how many extra years you'll have to work to pay off $96,934.11 because of an extra 2% in interest?

The part few people talk about is all the other areas in life where a low score will increase your cost of living on an annual basis. For example. In addition to paying more for a car, home and credit cards, a low credit score will most likely have you paying more for the following as well:

1.) AUTO INSURANCE. As many as 92% of the 100 largest personal automobile insurers use credit information to underwrite new business, according to a 2001 study by Conning & Co., an insurance-research and asset-management firm.

2.) HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. It's thought many insurance companies see a correlation between low credit scores and increased property insurance claims. Therefore, a low score will result in a higher rates.

3.) LIFE and HEALTH INSURANCE. Customers who are unable to pay their monthly insurance premium thereby pass along that increased cost to the insurance company whose stuck with the bill (resulting in a loss for the company). Since customers who pay without lapse are more profitable it is felt by many that a low credit score now even affects a monthly life and/or health insurance premium negatively.

One of the more shocking areas where a low credit score will you cost you is in the area of employment. It's estimated as many as 42% of employers now do credit checks on applicants before hiring them (according to a 1998 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management).

While many employers claim they only do it to verify information on your application (such as where you live and where you have worked etc.) we can both assume they are taking the liberty to have a peek at how you handle your financial affairs as well. According to the Public Research Interest Group (PIRG) as many as 79% all credit reports contain errors, 25% of which are serious enough to cause the denial of credit (according to a 2004 report).

And that's all the more troubling in light of the increasing impact a bad credit report can have, says Ed Mierzwinski, director of PIRG's consumer program. "It's outrageous that the credit bureaus are claiming their scores are accurate enough to take people's lives and screw with them like this".

In the next segment we'll be talking about something very, very exciting. It's called...

"Insider Techniques to Raise Your Credit Score... FAST!"

See you in a couple days...



For more information on the CREDIT SECRETS BIBLE you may visit: =======================================

Terry Price is the founder of Consumer Education Group which publishes the Credit Secrets Bible (in print since 1994).

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Saving Money On The Costs Of Running A Car

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We all know that running a car is expensive but how often do we workout exactly what we are spending? There are ways to reduce costs on your current vehicle and factors to consider when buying a new car.

Firstly how much is your finance deal costing each month? Car dealers will of course try to sell you their finance package but this may not be the best deal for you. It is well worth taking the time to do some research to check out other options available. Internet comparison sites and loan calculators are useful tools to assist in this process and looking for cheap loans before looking for the car will normally work in your favour financially. The main advice here is to do all of this research well in advance. Car salespeople are well trained in their art and will almost certainly put the pressure on to accept their finance arrangements once you are in the dealership. The reason for this is the profits they can make by selling a finance deal as well as a vehicle. In fact often the finance package makes them more moeny that the car itself.

Insurance premiums have risen significantly in recent years. This is because of the increase in personal injury claims and the number of uninsured drivers. The insurance quote will vary according to the type of car, your postcode and the age of the driver. The key to saving money is once again to shop around. Just because one provider was the best value last year does not mean that is still the case when it comes to renewing your policy. Millions of people still regularly renew with their existing provider without shopping around and waste money needlessly.

If you intend to keep your car for an extended period then depreciation will not be a major issue. However, if you change your car regularly but are trying to keep costs down, then consider paying a little extra for a car with a higher resale value. Family cars tend to lose their value most quickly and may only be worth 1/3 of their purchase price after 3 years. However, more prestigious brands can still be worth 70% of the new price after 3 years. Also consider buying nearly new rather than new. That way you will not be fundung the high initial depreciation that vehicles suffer from.

Rising fuel prices obviously have a major impact on running costs. Why not choose a smaller more fuel efficient car or perhaps try a diesel model? Whenever possible fill your tank at supermarkets which usually offer lower fuel prices.

Servicing costs will vary according to the age of the car. If your vehicle is less than 3 years old you are likely to pay more. If at all possible avoid using a main dealer for servicing and repairs. Independent garages usually charge considerably less for labour.

by Harry Griffiths car loans and insurance You can find more of his financial advice on the website

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Insurance Agents' Group Frustrated at FSA Penalties

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Tokyo, Feb. 8 (Jiji Press)--An organization for nonlife insurance agents has submitted a report to the Financial Services Agency expressing its complaints about the FSA's business suspension orders slapped on two major nonlife insurers, Jiji Press learned Thursday.

The report, compiled by Independent Insurance Agents of Japan Inc., detailed inconveniences caused to policyholders by the penalties imposed on the two firms, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. .

Following the orders, Sompo Japan and Mitsui Sumitomo suspended operations in June and July 2006, respectively. The two firms faced the administrative penalties because of such irregularities as refusing to pay benefits without due reasons.

According to the report, some policyholders had to wait longer for the deliveries of new vehicles since auto insurance was not available while the business suspension orders were in place.

In other cases, vehicles were left uninsured for several days because the vehicle owners were unable to make necessary alterations in contract terms in their auto insurance policies.

The insurance agents' group urged the FSA to use the report as a reference when it mulls imposing administrative penalties on nonlife insurers in the future.

The FSA has been rigorously monitoring both life and nonlife insurers in the wake of a number of insurance nonpayment cases.END

(c) 2007 Jiji Press English News Service. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

Car Insurance News: Insurance Agents' Group Frustrated at FSA Penalties...Get an auto insurance quote!

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Legal and General in Pounds 285m Nationwide Deal

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LEGAL & General is to buy Nationwide's insurance and investment businesses in a deal that will also see the group sell its products through the society's high street advisers.

L&G hopes to complete the takeover of Nationwide Life and Nationwide Unit Trust Managers in the summer for an as yet undetermined sum, although the businesses were valued at pounds 285m in March last year.

The insurance giant will also distribute dual-branded life insurance, pensions and investment products through Nationwide's 860- strong branch network and 2,000 high street advisers - a tie-up that could add 10% to L&G's life assurance business sales.

Nationwide confirmed that 250 staff employed within the two businesses will transfer to L&G and continue working out of their office in Swindon, while about 20 staff will switch to other areas of the society's business.

The deal is not exclusive, and Nationwide will continue to sell AXA whole of life investment plans and Norwich Union income protection policies, as well as home and car insurance from UKI and Mondial travel insurance.

But Nationwide said it was not aiming for a multi-tie arrangement and would "primarily" sell only L&G pensions, insurance and investment products.

Graham Beale, chief executive designate of Nationwide, said: "Legal & General specialise in the creation of insurance and investment products and we are very good at selling - we're sticking to what we're good at."

He added the two businesses being sold, which were launched just over 10 years ago, contributed about pounds 50m a year to the group's pre-tax profits.

Nationwide will receive commission for every L&G product sold, but declined to disclose further details.

The group said existing Nationwide insurance and investment policyholders may be switched on to L&G policies after the deal is completed, but Mr Beale said the society would "preserve the conditions" in their contracts.

(c) 2007 Daily Post; Liverpool. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

Car Insurance News: Legal and General in Pounds 285m Nationwide Deal...Get an auto insurance quote!

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Protection is Not Just for the Wealthy

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There are many people who believe that using the services of an independent financial advisor is not for them, that it's only for those with a huge income and masses of disposable income.

Yet nothing can be further from the truth and smart money management is something that affects everyone regardless of how much cash they have.

Award-winning financial advisor Alok Dhanda believes that too many people live for today and don't think about the future until it's too late.

Mr Dhanda has heard and dealt with numerous horror stories of families who have put off taking out policies or getting the kind of cover which would have protected them and their families if disaster hit.

Even saving or investing a fairly modest amount in the right kind of financial protection can ensure your future peace of mind.

"The situation is that many people don't think twice about insuring their car, insuring their house but don't bother insuring themselves," said Mr Dhanda. "It's too late once the worst has happened, people need to be prepared for the future."

Policies such as income protection ensure if your circumstances change dramatically, you won't have to compromise on your lifestyle.

Should illness strike, how many people who were previously in full time employment with the benefits that regular wages bring, survive on state benefits?

Backed up by a critical illness policy which will pay a lump sum should you contract a disease, these policies are essential for everyone. Even those who don't fall on hard times under such circumstances still need to look to the future.

Life assurance is a necessity and cover can cost a very small amount but comes with the benefit of ensuring that your loved ones are financially secure when you die.

There are policies to suit everyone and the truth of the matter is that everyone ( regardless of age, income or sex ( should seek advice on what is the best way forward for them.

A proper pension ensures that as you get older you can enjoy a high standard of living without having to rely on the Government, but the key to this is forward planning.

Mr Dhanda has helped hundreds of clients organise their finances which ensures their future security and can offer that same service to anyone

Contact Alok Dhanda at Dhanda Financial, 52 Dean Street, Newcastle or call (0191) 255-8960 or email

(c) 2006 The Journal - Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

Car Insurance News: Protection is Not Just for the Wealthy...Get an auto insurance quote!

The Journal - Newcastle-upon-Tyne Car Insurance
Published: Thursday, October 19, 2006


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Your MONEY: P&O Takes Plunge into Insurance Market

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FERRY operator P&O is to offer travel insurance and motor breakdown cover for its eight million passengers.

Policies will be offered over the phone, online and at ports.

The cover - arranged via specialist insurer Acumus - starts at pounds 4 for a single trip. Richard Mason of said: "The rates are competitive and the cover offered is imaginative.

"However, the litmus test is whether older travellers or those with existing medical conditions can also get cheap cover. I would always recommend comparing rates." The travel insurance includes cover for camping equipment, gift purchases and vet and boarding fees for pets.

The European motor breakdown includes emergency roadside repairs, vehicle repatriation, accommodation, car hire and alternative travel arrangements.

Without the cover - which costs from pounds 9 at P&O - getting a car back home is expensive.

Repatriating a vehicle from Malaga to Leeds, for instance, would cost pounds 1,514.

But before buying, check your existing car insurance. Some policies offer breakdown cover as a free extra, while others may allow you to add cover for a small supplement.

You can compare the cost of travel insurance online at or

(c) 2007 Daily Mirror. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

Car Insurance News: Your MONEY: P&O Takes Plunge into Insurance Market...Get an auto insurance quote!

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Financing Through the Car Dealership by Dennis James

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Financing through the car dealership offers some of the best options for both new and used car buyers. If you're looking to buy from one of the big three, General Motors Ford or Chrysler you can feel comfortable with their In House Financing programs to bring you the best benefits and low competitive interest rates that are available today. The Big three have been in the business of financing automobiles longer than any other lending source, and way before banks and credit unions branched out into this industry.

Year after year Financing at the Car Dealer has been the top source for millions of car buyers, and it really should not be surprising with all the options they offer the consumers. Take a look at what the big three offer and you will have to agree that you cannot receive these same incentives at your local bank or credit union.

GMAC has been offering their own financing since 1919. With their traditional financing, all you have to do is put up a down payment of either cash or your trade-in, then pay off the balance in monthly payments along with the financing costs until the end of the loan. They offer several different kinds of financing to fit the person and their individual needs.

Ford has been financing their cars for over 40 years. The Ford Motor Company has some wonderful customer incentive programs to aid you in getting into that new car such as the Ford Motor Company College Grad Program just to name one.

Chrysler also has been financing cars for their dealers for many years and can aid in giving their customers flexible terms, competitive rates, and low interest rates.

When it comes to car financing it is always best to trust the ones that know the business which when you are talking about cars it would be the dealership, his sales persons and of course the car manufactures.

The bank or credit union cannot offer you rebates, special incentive programs, or anything else when it comes to purchasing a car. They can only give you a loan with the interest rate they want to charge. You are done! With dealership financing you have options extra options that you will not find any place else. You may think of these as extra costs but down the road, you may realize the car dealership was correct when offering these and now you cannot go to your loan officer and ask for these special deals since they do not offer them.

Special programs that the finance manager may offer include extended warranties, rust protection, undercoating, fabric protection, paint protection, alarm systems and window etching, life and disability insurance. Yes, you can receive some of these through other companies however, with in house financing, you get one stop shopping.

When you are talking with the car salesperson and the finance manager listen to all the options they are offering it might be your last chance to receive the protection you desire for your new car.

About the Author

Dennis runs Mr. Car Quote where you can get just as good of a price quote as if you used a expensive Car Broker and Car Dealer Check where you can read Chrysler Car Dealers reviews.


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Buying A Used Cars: These Amazing Tips Could Save You Tens of Thousands! by Bryan Matikcars

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We live a world that is fast paced and a necessity to own a vehicle in order to keep up. Imagine life without a car. How could you manage your life, get to where you needed to go and be there on time. More and more people these days have to own a car in order to get through their day. With the rising technology of cars, so do the prices rise. It can be difficult for people to be able to afford a car. Most people need to consider all of their options if they cannot afford a brand new car. They can consider purchasing a used vehicle. But just where do you start?

If you want to save money in the long run, buying a used car is a great idea. Also, if you are looking for that specific model of a luxury car but know that you cannot afford a brand new one, think about a used one. Make sure to do your research first. Know exactly what you are looking for before going.

When buying a used car, the first thing that you need to consider is how much you are willing to put out and spend on your wheels. It is important to know exactly who much you can spend before even stepping foot into a dealership. This is best done by figuring out how much you make a month and then deducting all of your expenses. This will leave you with your net income. Once you have this, you need to make the decision about how much you can spend on a car. You also need to figure out how much down payment you can pay out and how much of a monthly payment you can afford. Also keep in mind that you will need to register the car, pay for gas and maintenance, and pay for insurance.

Some other advice for purchasing a used car is to make sure that you contact your insurance company to find out what kind of vehicle safety feature will allow you a discount on your car insurance. Some insurance companies give discounts if your vehicle has airbags, automatic seat belts, theft deterrent systems, and even anti lock braking systems. This can help you make a more informed decision about which used vehicle you are going to purchase.

Another thing to consider is to make sure that what you are buying is not a money drainer. It is always wise to make sure that an inspection is done on the car, preferably before purchasing it. Go online to CARFAX with a VIN number to find out as much history about the car as you can. See if there are any service records for you to look at. These things seem tedious, but in the long run, it will prevent you from purchasing a car that will cause you headaches in future.

Finally, keep in mind that if you purchase a car from a private seller, there is not warranty. If you purchase from a dealer, some used cars will have a partial warranty still attached to it. If you have any doubts or reservations about the vehicle, then chances are, you should not purchase it.

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Bryan Matikcars an ex-salesman in the auto industry and is a regular writer and consultant for {a href=} Sacramento Used Cars and works on Ethics with dealers nationwide.

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Car Insurance Online- The Easiest Way To Get Car Insurance

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Online car insurance is nowadays the best way of getting car insurance instantly. Car insurance online saves not only time but it also saves money and energy in searching various car insurances. Buying car insurance online is extremely easy. The best thing about car insurance online is that you can get innumerable car insurance quotes in a click of mouse.

Mostly experts agree that many times consumers pay more on their car insurance policies due to the lack of awareness towards the facilities of car insurance online. If you are concerned about the cost associated with receiving multiple insurance quotes, do not be. By applying online you can get multiple free car insurance quotes from one application. You're also never under any obligation to accept any insurance quote provided - even if it saves you money.

You might think that car insurance online is not the safe mode of getting insurance. But it is not the fact; insurance companies always have concerns with the privacy of the information which insurance company requires you to fill out on their quick quote provider form. However, rest assured that any information you provide is kept secure with encryption technology and will not be released to anyone else to include other insurance providers unless you agree to allow it. With car insurance online the need for documentation is minimal. You can also feel comfortable in knowing that your credit score won't be affected by applying for free auto insurance quotes online. As far as the drawbacks to the car insurance online are concerned there are not many. The only requirement to the car insurance online is that you should have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Car insurance companies which are giving online facility of car insurance have wide and vast network. They provide various online policies. So when you have found a quote that you like, purchasing car insurance online allows you either to accept the quote right then and there or you can opt to receive the rate provided in the mail. But before opting for car insurance online you should make sure that you provide correct information to the insurer company. If incorrect information is given it might create problem when you claim for car insurance. Look for a company which provide easy car insurance online and that has excellent customer service.

by Henry Bell

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Henry Bell is an author who can certainly identify the kind of insurance that you will need. He is proficient in the insurance world; he is an MBA(finance) from University of Oxford. endeavors to find the best possible deals for its customers. To find Car insurance online, Break down cover, Mobile phone insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Medical insurance visit
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