Just who were rioting again?

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I am livid at the moment, that utter cretin and turncoat David Cameron got up in Parliament and condemned a group of patriots who were not rioting, were not causing trouble and who did not attack the police.
13.25 Cameron wheels on the English Defence League following claims their supporters were among gangs of vigilantes who attacked police in Eltham last night, saying: "I described parts of our society as sick and there is none sicker than the EDL"
So who was responsible for 5 days of rioting in the major cities of England? Not the EDL!
Who was responsible for the deaths of two Muslims in Birmingham mown down by a car? Not the EDL!
Who was holidaying in Tuscany when this all kicked off? Not the EDL!
Who was responsible for cuts in the police budget and the destruction of police morale? Not the EDL!
Who was out distributing leaflets telling rioters how to cover their tracks? Not the EDL! 

People praised the Turks, Kurds, Muslims etc. when they came out to defend their homes and property, but when patriotic Englishmen did the same in Eltham they were condemned by police and politicians. No mention either has been made of the efforts of Patriotic EDL members holding the line between their districts in Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and Manchester despite the fact that they were often outnumbered in the region of 10 to 1 preventing the riots spreading  and letting the police get on with their jobs knowing they didn't have to worry about what was going on elsewhere.

The EDL even put out a call for volunteers to help clean up the mess, the mess they didn't make!
Already EDL supporters have taken to the streets to help defend their communities and prepare for the clean-up operations that must follow the last few days of rioting of looting.
We already have members organising themselves in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich and Birmingham, and are also looking to organise efforts in Bristol, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Salford, Nottingham, Leicester and Hull.
If you live near to any of these areas, please contact your Division Leaders and Regional Organisers to find out what you can do to help, or speak to members on our forums or the official EDL Facebook page.
David Cameron's comments are a disgrace and an affront to all loyal patriotic Englishmen who only wish to defend their homes and families. He has totally sickened me and many others today and his party will never get our votes whilst he is a member or does not apologise.

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