Today we decided to hold a counter protest against MAC, Surey division could only bring 6 lads, there where about 30 of us in total, anyway after a bit of banter and shouting at MAC we decided to go grab some food from mcdonalds, there was 8 of us that went there, anyway after a min or two 4 MAC members went downstairs to the toilet and where in their for about 10 mins so we decided to take a look, couple where on there phones had a bit of a confrontation with the but little did we fucking know they had ordered about 30 fuckers to come charge at us, we stood our ground as they threw bottles, glass, knifes yes fucking knifes! how they got them there fuck knows!.
We ran across the street fighting against them, some members of the public got involved 8 removal lads jumped in to give us a hand, but just shortly after that in a spit second police where there to brake it up.
after a search and a couple of warning we where told to go down a road, take a right then another right and we would be put in a pen to protest against MAC, we followed the police orders but after we got around the second corner we where immediately spotted moved to one side and fucking arrested ! set up by our own police force ! 3 of the coppers thought this was un justified and wrong and told there Sergeant it was wrong to arrest us, but no they carried on!
anyway to cut a story short 8 of us got nicked, but released an hour or two later without charge!
what a day though, complete piss take !