GE's Really Big, Bad Ideas

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By Alan Caruba

Why would General Electric abandon the incandescent light bulb? In 1890 Thomas Edison established General Electric after having achieved fame with it and other inventions. Not only will this iconic invention no longer be manufactured in the United States by next year, but the government has ruled that it cannot even be purchased here.

That is a level of stupidity that defines much of U.S. manufacturing and energy policy these days and explains why so many jobs have been out-sourced to other nations. It demonstrates what harm can be done by a government that has interfered so much in the industrial and financial marketplace that the nation totters on economic ruin.

It goes without saying that you don’t become the chief executive of GE without having demonstrated a lot of smarts and managerial ability, but a recent Wall Street Journal article, “GE Chief Slams U.S. on Energy” made me wonder if Jeff Immelt shares the same nation with me, if not the same planet.

Immelt is all about new sources of energy like wind and solar even though, combined, they produce about three percent of the electricity Americans use every day and, without government subsidies and other government-granted credits, they would barely exist. The reason is obvious. The wind does not blow all the time and the sun is often either behind clouds or it is night time.

In a speech to the Gridwise Global Forum on September 23, Immelt got a lot of facts backward. For example, he reportedly “praised China’s approach to energy and criticized what he called a stalled effort to revamp U.S. energy policy.”

China is building a new coal-fired plant almost weekly in order to ramp up its ability to compete internationally. It is no accident that the nations that use the most energy are also the most successful. It has been U.S. energy policy to slow the building of coal-fired plants even though the U.S. is estimated to have several hundred years of coal with which to supply their needs and ours.

Immelt worried that GE was facing tougher competition around the world selling “equipment to produce renewable (wind and solar) and nuclear energy. GE believes its rivals receive more help from their governments.”

He neglected to mention an effort in the U.S. Senate that would “impose a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) that would force electric utilities to generate a large and increasing percentage of their power from wind and solar—rising to 15% by 2021”, according to Dr. S. Fred Singer of the Science & Environmental Policy Project.

The RES would give so-called renewable or “clean” energy producers an economic advantage that ignores the obvious. Coal, gas, and nuclear energy are cheaper and more plentiful. Consumers will see their energy bills soar if the RES becomes law.

Immelt noted that the electric grid system in America needs an upgrade and in this he is right. Left unsaid is that both solar and wind require heavy investment to transmit the energy generated, usually in places far from urban or suburban centers, to the grid. Also left unsaid is that most of the wind turbines and solar panels in use today in America are made in China.

Immelt was correct, too, in noting the failure to get behind the production of nuclear energy in the U.S. Most of the plants operating today were built in the 1970s and, for reasons I have never understood, a multi-billion dollar repository for nuclear waste, Yucca Mountain in Nevada, has been closed to use. Meanwhile, nations like India have embarked on an aggressive program to increase and integrate nuclear power for electricity production.

Jack Welch was famous for instilling new life and vitality into GE before his retirement and replacement by Jeff Immelt. In April, Businessweek magazine devoted its cover to a story, “Can GE Gets Its Juice Back? A company renowned for innovation and talent development has lost its way. Inside Jeff Immelt’s quest to find the light.”

GE’s earnings from continuing operations were described as “ho-hum”, having sunk 38% in 2009” and expected to stay flat this year. In an annual shareholder letter, Immelt spoke of a “decade from hell.” You won’t find many corporate leaders or financial analysts that have much good to say of GE these days.

And perhaps that might have something to do with GE’s failure to support the best, proven ways to generate electricity? Or to have failed to protect the American consumer from a government-imposed ban on incandescent light bulbs?

© Alan Caruba, 2010
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The luck of the Irish

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Apparently all bad as this little stunner has emerged.

The Irish Central Bank has said it will need to increase the amount of support to the country's banking sector.
The total amount has risen to 45bn euros (£39bn), or 32% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP).
The Bank said supporting Anglo Irish Bank alone would cost from 29.3bn euros to a "stress scenario" bail-out of up to 34bn euros (£29.2bn).
The finance minister, Brian Lenihan, says it is "manageable". Without the bank support, the deficit would be 12%.
In comparison, the UK's deficit - including the cost of its bank support - is just over 10% of GDP for this year.
Last month, the cost of the bail-out of Anglo Irish was estimated at between 22-25bn euros.
32% of GDP is an incredible amount to have to pay back, it means the Irish state is in a terrible position and may have to default on some of the loans it has. Certainly there may be a need to bring in the IMF. The problem is of course that because of global markets, these things don't happen in isolation, what affects Ireland, affects the EU and will affect the UK. If the EU (as is feared it will) steps in to assist the Irish, then they'll look to find the money to do so from somewhere, they're already assisting the Greeks and if the Irish situation gets out of hand well out will come the begging bowl with menaces. The Germans are already unhappy about what they've had to do to bail the Greeks out, so any more handouts are not going to go down well, possibly even ending up with the Germans leaving the Euro, assuming they don't just decide to go ahead and leave anyway, German EUphilism having been stretched pretty much to its limits by the current crisis and the usual intransigence of the French who as ever only seem to be looking out for their own interests, rather than the EU's as a whole.
I'm no expert, there are those like "The Slog" who have been predicting this fiasco since it more or less started. But I'm starting to really worry now, a complete financial collapse will leave a lot of people feeling vulnerable and scared, that's when extremist groups rise, that's when wars start.
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Right Auto Insurance Limits

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Right Auto Insurance LimitsFor guidance on limit setting, check with your mechanic to get an idea of repair and replacement costs for your car. Also, check with your insurance company to see if they have any data that will give you the average amounts for claims of various natures in your state. Lastly, make sure the limit you choose looks like one that will cover the bulk of any accident or insurable event and doesn't seem like it will leave you paying out-of-pocket beyond your deductible.

Insurance policies do not supply endless amounts of coverage. In fact, there is a limit to how much all of your insurance policies will pay for an insurable event-including your health insurance, home insurance and auto insurance. These caps are called limits and they protect your insurance company from committing an endless supply of dollars toward the reimbursement of your insurance incidents.

Imagine how difficult it would be to develop auto insurance rates if you had no idea how much you might possibly have to spend on a particular accident. It would be almost impossible. From medical expenses to emotional damages, from property damage to auto damage-there is no end to the amount of money you could be responsible for without limits to your benefit set.

When you get your auto insurance rates and quotes, you are asked to decide what kind of limit you want on your policy. The lower the limit you choose the less the insurance company knows it will have to spend per insurable interest-and that means the lower the rates you are quoted. But if you choose a limit that is too low in your eagerness to get cheap auto insurance rates then you run the risk of hurting yourself. Why? Well what do you think happens if it costs more to fix your car after an accident than the limit in your policy provides? That's right-you have to pay it out of pocket. Any expense that exceeds your limit must be paid by you and if you don't have the funds available then you run the risk of having your car in the shop and unrepaired much longer than you intended.

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Dogs Know

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Have you ever heard that a dog 'knows' when an earthquake is about to hit?

Have you ever heard that a dog can 'sense' when a tornado is stirring up, even 20 miles away?

Do you remember hearing that before the December tsunami struck Southeast

Asia , dogs started running frantically away from the seashore, at breakneck speed?

Do you know that dogs can detect cancer and other serious illnesses and danger of fire?

Somehow they always know when they can 'go for a ride' before you even ask. How do those dogs and cats get home from hundreds of miles away?

I'm a firm believer that animals - and especially cats anddogs - have keen insights into the Truth.

And you can't tell me that dogs can't sense a potentially terrible disaster well in advance.

Simply said, a dog just KNOWS when something isn't right... when impending doom is upon us.

They'll always try to warn us!

We should have listened.

h/t to a friend who shared this with me.
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No to the Cape Cod Wind Farm. Yes to Whaling Ships!

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By Alan Caruba

The opposition from residents of Cape Cod to the proposed wind farm off their coast line to generate electricity has been vociferous, but they are up against a juggernaut of well-funded special interests that are indifferent to the destruction of the natural beauty of the area, its sailing lanes, the dangers to migratory bird species, and the endless noise that the dozens of blades will impose on the area.

If the producers of these turbines are so keen on wind power, I propose that they change their business plan and begin building wind-driven sailing ships instead. It would be a boon to the economy employing hundreds of craftsman and all the others who would be needed to cut down the trees from Massachusetts’ forests and transport them to the timber mills that would be needed to create the various wooden elements of these great ships.

New Bedford, Massachusetts and other coastal towns were famous throughout New England at the height of the days of the whaling industry. Whale oil kept the lamps of citizens glowing until the invention of electricity introduced the miracle of incandescent light bulbs. Since these bulbs’ manufacture and sale have been banned by the federal government, it seems obvious to me that a renewed whaling industry is just around the corner.

Hundreds of large trees of several types were needed to build an average-sized whale ship. White cedar was in particular demand. Clear-cutting portions of the State’s forests would make room for more housing in newly created suburban areas, thus contributing to its economic growth. Trees from other parts of the nation could be put on barges and brought to the newly resuscitated ship building sites.

Even if whale oil didn’t make a comeback, locals and tourists could be treated to a variety of whale meat and blubber recipes, thus reducing the need for the raising of cattle which contribute to global warming with their ceaseless emissions of methane and other trace gases in the atmosphere.

Thus, New Bedford could return to its historic roots while at the same time the ocean area off Cape Cod’s coasts could be kept in the pristine way that Nature has provided for millions of years before the invention of wind turbines.

Imagine the pride that locals could take in the new whale ships. Four types were commonly built in New Bedford. The largest had three masts with huge sails to capture the wind and often carried four or five whaleboats used to pursue the whales. They had crews that numbered thirty or more. Here again, in these times of widespread unemployment, one can see the advantage this offers.

Artisans would be employed to sculpt the fanciful figureheads that adorned earlier whale ships, as well as stern carvings for the two-and-three mast ships that were the pride of New England.

If all this sounds fanciful or even idiotic, it is. Environmentalists will protest the cutting down of any trees. Animal rights advocates will protest the killing of whales.

As John Droz. Jr., an authority on wind power points out, “Wind energy was abandoned well over a hundred years ago, as it was totally inconsistent with our burgeoning more modern needs of power, even in the late 1800s.”

IF there was any need for wind power, why is it necessary for the government to mandate, i.e. require its use?

If there is no global warming, why are we told wind power doesn’t generate the carbon dioxide that is supposed to be causing it?

Why are Americans being literally forced to accept a form of energy abandoned more than a century ago?

I hope this little exercise also demonstrates how idiotic it would be to put row upon row of wind turbines in place to provide less electrical energy than a single coal-fired or nuclear plant would produce far more economically and efficiently.

Too many environmental proposals like wind power have no more basis in reality than my proposal to reinstitute wooden ships for a long gone whaling industry.

I hope the Cape Cod wind farm proposal is ultimately defeated because it makes no sense, would prove far too costly insofar as it would not provide any savings in energy costs to consumers who would, in fact, see their electricity bills increase.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the turbines will be built, not in America, but in China, a nation that is building an average of one new coal-fired plant every week to provide the energy it requires.

© Alan Caruba, 2010

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Big business idea: private museum

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Together with what comes business? Surely, the people at what time or in the depths of the soul set, or asked yourself seya # but the question ... And also very often seeing as though their neighbors bent, call them abnormal and they say, what a waste of time, nerves and money. But their neighbors are gradually cobble together a fortune.

Not so long ago I traveled to Yaroslavl - the town, which is part of the "Golden Ring" of our country.
Was then, at the Museum "Music and Time." Director of this museum D. Masty, just a beautiful circus actor, along with most childhood collecting bells. Above it all laughed, called him a fool, idiot and so on Nobody does not want to understand human passions. Even his wife as well as in this case is not shared his views. Thus and said: "Do not hope to people, what they laugh at you because of the bells, they're just not know what you are by birth a fool."

Time passed, an assortment of bells grow - it is as well podduzhnye bells along with the words "Take me Give me", as well as bells, along with which went triple and so on.

Simultaneously with the collection of bells is to appear little by little assortment of hours ...
Clock, I must say, unusual. For example, to outdoor clock the German company Sauer available in 30 different tunes. The restoration of each instance of moving away from three up to five years. Each clock - this time, every time - this is a second, every second - this moment of history, of course, besides, even as the share holder.

Some hours translating Odnako.P.Chehov himself, other times translated FA takzhe.Shalyapin. Individual who remained in retirement after his discharge from the Circus Maximus, began to ponder over, as if to live on and his head had to think about creating a private museum in no way subservient to the state. He is also grabbed her and started to implement.

The first thing he did today, it has become even poluzapuschenny building local merchant, placed on three floors of its collection.

Him no one does not expect that he will be able to rouse tekuschiya # only the building, all said "Yes, for what it is you - well do not go there." Contrary to all the exclamations he still bought it, restored. And also gets together with his income. But, as well as everywhere he has to sell junk, souvenirs - this is its main income.

But the most interesting, what exactly he's the master, it's goodbye before leaving the group plays the hurdy gurdy, as well as people leave him as much as you can. Its profits are so great that now the moment he bought in Germany, the Authority and restores specifically to separate him from his nearby construction of the museum. Through five years, people will walk according to the park and listen And takzhe.Vmeste Bach.

To date, most businessmen, Vladimir, Tula, and Yaroslavl. reveal their private museums, because that is now a profitable and very pay back the investment of money. For example, in the Thule one businessman has opened a museum and the museum Dummies irons. What is fascinating people go there.
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commerce idea: how to be private detective

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If you have some wealthy life experience (which is a detective in addition to knowledge of human vices!), If you're observant, able to extract information, and - most importantly - its study, you direct way to detective stories. In my opinion, option to earn as a private investigator is very real for many men, having the availability of legal education or special training for working as a private detective, or work experience in operational and investigative units of law enforcement agencies not less than three years.

Having all of the above listed may be cool, if they have not reached 21 years, registered at the dispensaries, as well as having a criminal record, etc. and etc. Above all, it is desirable to have those. Facilities: car; communications; black cloak, black glasses and black hat with impressive margins:).

Once if you dare and then submit the necessary documents were licensed (in the internal affairs bodies are exactly the place of residence), we can start to work as a private detective in the unincorporated business.

I want to note, the best professionals - is former MVD, FSB and the GRU, retired for long service or leave home offices looking for more high-earning.

The detective is forced to think very well, have excellent physical shape and work experience. Private detective - it's all pre-head. Good detective story - is an artist. He has to be able to play any role - as well as a drug addict, and Lovelace, as well as representatives of high society.

As for the types of detective work:

collecting data according to civil cases on a contractual basis with the stakeholders;
market research, collecting information for business negotiations, identifying insolvent or untrustworthy business partners;
establish the circumstances to demonstrate how the misuse of business logos and names, unfair competition, is similar to the disclosure of information constituting a commercial secret;
elucidation of the biographical and other data describing the identity of individual citizens (along with their written consent) at the conclusion of their work as well as other contracts;
tracing missing persons besides;
search for the lost citizens or enterprises, institutions and organizations of the property;
collecting data according to criminal cases on a contractual basis with the stakeholders.

Of course, the important lesson of the private detective - the collection of information exactly in civil matters, for what is not taken over the police: surveillance of unfaithful wives (husbands), checking cleanliness partner, his strength and creditworthiness, to identify cases of unfair competition. Often serves as a detective Virgil in Dante, at which time he traveled exactly unearthly paradise and the kingdom of shadows. In other words, the detective-leader clients in the business world, and often so he is forced to take the only right decision and give the client recommendations.

Schedule determines the detective himself. He will probably work around the clock. At night time, for instance, it is easier to find the person and to hold talks with him.

Cost of services - from $ 30 (for consultation) up to several thousand dollars (observation). For the verification of other companies, there are fixed rates. In observing the wrong wives hourly pay, the value of negotiated and depends on the customer's wallet. But less than $ 20 an hour detectives not agree. Wages and remuneration of the private detective entirely depends on the client. But it is also likely to be from $ 500 up to $ 10,000 in the moon.

Well, it seems, the detectives?
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Business idea: Video courses for drivers

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This version came from America, in what place, as though certainly there, about everything. Option help motorists to drive as well as the operation of the vehicle.

Every year in Russia grows the number of motorists and car owners. However, their education and information support behind the growth. Specialized magazines, TV programs and websites to motorists - are the same type more than it seems, despite the different covers. Therefore, they did not cope at the same market segment, at which time the machine has bought the right to receive, only that it proceed further is unknown. But certainly as well as some in Russia there is a variety of computer programs, which offer support in driving and operation of the vehicle, but not such a stage as if in options.

The essence of the options is simple - step up to produce video courses to drivers, and this district very well as very extensive.

For example, all the data currently allowed to operate in three directions!

1. Video courses to novice drivers.
Suitable for drivers, which only just-completed driving school. In these courses, presumably, allowed to disintegrate the following questions:

Proper use of car in winter, summer, autumn and spring seasons;
technically correct: check the tire pressure, battery charging, changing of oil, gas station and the like;
little tricks of driving in certain situations;
orientation on unfamiliar roads;
and so on.

2. Video courses for the sake of repairing the vehicle.
Here are invited to gather video encyclopaedia of repair of different vehicles, which allowed the pile with his own hands. Allowed to increase along with famous brands like home, so as well as foreign automotive industry. Graphically depict:

as if to pluck one or the other elements of the engine;
Rules for the Treatment, along with the jack and change the wheel;
washing and flushing the carburetor (if it exists);
change the belt of the generator;
and much more.

So as video courses - is a live performance, it is much clearer than the pictures as well as Speshnev remembered. Just in case there of course, so is described below is not very great addition.

3. Video courses to motorists operating in extreme situations.
Everything is simple. Every motorist to take at least the time was in extreme situations. In the video-data allowed easy and clearly explain, in particular:

that now operate in the case in the field struck Coleco;
that the act now, if generator belt broke;
what action, if flooded with candles;
that the act now, if the machine enter appearance on slippery roads;
what action, if the car caught fire;
that the act now, then failure (emergency call Commisary, traffic police (GAI) and so on)
and much more.

Here, briefly described three recent trends that are allowed to move and act. Cinematics are allowed to combine with computer modeling, textual descriptions.

Of course, the impressive downside is that now the videotape (CD) did not take along with you on the road, so, like a small addition to them, are allowed with each cassette (disc) to produce a small booklet, in which place will be a description (in two words) as well as illustrations of what is shown in the video course. Thus, say, memo, which is convenient to carry along with him as well which will help you remember, so that now seen in the video course.

Naturally, the establishment of such courses will go a very imposing costs, and, in view of the fact that now the data is time for such products demand is impressive, but the niche is about free, so all expenses will be paid back very quickly.

For example, these video courses in America cost about $ 200 for one little hour video course. They are also in demand.

And about us in Russia such courses will use violent popular that way as if craving to "dig in a car in Russia is much stronger than in any place or. Stronger than the demand for this kind of product has initially difficult to driving schools and similar foundations.
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Ideas for home business - learn mail foreign language

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If you have a foreign language, have the opportunity to publish abroad the announcement read: "Foreigners wishing to learn Russian accent, exactly give lessons by correspondence."

Response to this announcement will be very many. Announcement have the opportunity to publish in foreign donations the message boards or try sending e-mail.

After you cook the prototype of the letter that you send all the foreigners who have sent a request exactly on your ad. In a letter to specify the rates for one lesson in dollars or the equivalent of saying that the main lesson is send free of charge. In a letter to ask seems to be to your students pointed out in his own room response letters received by them a lesson, then so far there was no misunderstanding.

Next, prepare lessons, clearly numbered them. Provided that if pupils are set appropriate to use the Xerox machine. On average, one lesson, printed on two sheets together on the one hand, allowed to boldly ask for $ 10 or equivalent. But it happens, what foreigners pay less, but the holidays even do gifts. Very wealthy foreigners are invited to visit me for a personal account. In his first letter to write briefly about yourself, to your graduate know with whom to exercise, in which case there is, write the name, age, marital arrangement and ask the same about his student. Your contact was not forced to wear only only only business nature. Let soon, and warm letter will accompany your every lesson.

With regard to the first lesson, in which case the study of any language comes, as if the position, along with the alphabet, writing, printed and written letters with their pronunciation. Be sure to include all spellings of the letters, in particular, is now a sign of "Dr" is written as well as together with the bottom, as well as with the upper tail, the works have the right to be made very sensitive. In the words bear an accent, not forget as well as transcription. Will be very helpful if you strike sharply to his students a letter in duplicate, so there is one instance of writing in Russian, some - in his own language.

For one moon to write and send 300 letters - more than possible. That's 10 letters a day. But as said this is not the limit! It all depends on you.

With regard to lessons according to pronunciation, use a microphone to a computer. Sound files are allowed to send exactly by email.
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Ideas for home business - to collect any furniture.

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Option does not claim to originality, but very effective and truly "live" and working.

Everyone, at least one point in his life faced with the purchase of large (and not very much) furniture. Excellent at what time in the store you will collect the furniture and deliver up to the house assembled, the same condition unless there? At the time necessary to recruit furniture himself. Empirically proven that a small cabinet now allowed to collect for the little hours (subject to availability of tools, glue and so on), the same subject, if you bought a wardrobe, bed, 2 bedside tables and a couple of shelves, as it would take? Yet if you work 6 days a week, exactly 12 hours - you take a vacation in order to build furniture? Invite to a single output friends and relatives? Only if you have some friends in a busy weekend (collect furniture), only relatives live in another city?

In this situation, turn on my version. To organize public services according to the assembly of furniture. Expenses for the organization - are minimal.

To distribute a few ads in the districts of large furniture stores, along with sample text - "to collect any furniture. Qualitatively as well as cheap! Tel.: .... "
Small transportation cost.
A set of simple tools: a screwdriver, hammer, nails, screws, a good sealer.
Gather some like-minded people.
The ability to quickly and qualitatively to recruit furniture.

Price you will have the option to install up to 10% on the cheap cost of a similar service the store.

That and all, you are ready to provide service according to the assembly of furniture.

Of course, to earn this case the first million is not allowed (an impressive competition), and, if correct approach to the idea allowed a great deal.

For example, to connect several collectors into a gang, do help as well as taking too corporate orders: furniture assembly for the sake of furniture stores.

Or do you seem to have the opportunity to remove old furniture (along with the hosts happy to part with it and even pay extra for garbage). Same on all up to you, or repairing old furniture and sell cottagers, or landfilled (removing hardware) - denyuzhku you have received.

That is, in principle, and all. Think, go for it - given the option!
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Business idea: vending seats

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We suggest you do is complete the new business to Ukraine, to develop its own network of vending massage chairs. Danae niche in the Ukraine is free and offers you a possibility to start first in the region get the best seats. The essence of the business completely straightforward.

1. Description of business idea
The idea is then to massage chairs fitted with bill acceptor to place in public places.

2. Place an effective arrangement of seats
Large shopping centers

3. The sequence of the implementation of business ideas
Purchase a minimum number of seats (1-2 pieces)
At 2-3 months to experiment with the installation site
Register a legal person
Conclude the necessary number of contracts
Establish accounting
Buy both, the number of massage chairs, which will need for business expansion

4. Minimum investment $ 1500, the maximum investment limit only you.

5. Payback from six months up to one and a half years

6. Risks
Poorly chosen spot (always allowed to be rearranged)
Favor little-known in the market (but the market is not busy)
It is difficult to agree about how to install chair (experience shows that now it is quite possible)

Business version of the vending massage chairs vending business version of massage chairs

Advantages of this business - vending seats:
1. There is no competition.
2. The relatively small initial investment ($ 2000)
3. Minimum time, to combine with other activities.
4. No need to buy supplies.
5. High speed payback 7-12 months.
6. 100% no risk. If you return the chair does not suit you simply must change the place of accommodation. Well, only if when everything is completely wrong, so we all will buy you around a chair.

Disadvantages of this business:
They simply do not

Potential installation site massage chairs
Shopping centers, business centers, train stations, airports, fitness, hotels, resorts, beauty parlors, sauna, car wash and garages, entertainment centers. Criteria for site selection are simple: an impressive accumulation of tired and wanting a break people. Geography of places in which we all establish the chair, you have the opportunity to see the materials on our Internet portal, just like calling us.

Business Plan vending seats
Revenue in the activity calculated on the basis of two parameters: the number of landings per seat per day and cost per landing (about us, it is - 10 USD .. = 5 minutes, 20 grn .. = 10 minutes). Provided that if all we will tell you that it is the normal number of landings per day - 10, you certainly believe it or not? Therefore, all we offer you a number he called himself. To calculate income based on the minimum probably Coy currently show a random event, as rumored mathematics. As well as the risk of loss of basic, but it seems profitability, return on the proposed project would you rate your own.

Ceansov on Day 2 June 8, 1910
Revenue per day 80g. 120gr. 160g. 200gr.
Revenue in the moon (30 days) 2400gr. 3600gr. 4800gr. 6000gr.
Income (- 20% of rent) 2000gr. 3000gr. 4000gr. 5000gr.
Payback (months) 12 2.5 3 April

Think. But so far that you think others will occupy the best vending seats!
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Business idea: open bowling club part 4

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Pins in addition to beer - money the wind

Assessment of market professionals, one track usually is loaded with 6.5 hours a day in Moscow and 7,5-8,5 hours - in the regions. For a year she is able to bring from $ 50 thousand up to $ 60 thousand Sego very well, in order to recoup its cost, together with all costs.
But this is far not all denyuzhku which is able to bring a bowling alley.
According to Paul Primak, good bar with alcohol provides no less than 40% of the profits to the club. After all, until 70% of players in the bowling - men, whom the invitation "to urge the balls" is directly associated with the proposal "to drink beer."
But pool tables set in many clubs, substantial gains are not brought by performing more functions extra entertainment: visitors bowling clubs chase the "small ball" as soon as the pending queue to the "big".
- Benign table for Russian billiards will cost $ 10 thousand reward for the same hour of his lease - only 150-400 rubles - Paul says Primack. - A couple that it will pay a similar table is not good. Billiard Fans gather in other places. All we prefer priminyat area for placing the maximum number of tracks or for the sake bar. Also, if only inadvertently, is that in this case the corner - set the pool table.
Many clubs offer in its territory are small shops with brand attributes to the special judges of games: balls (some of which cost $ 200), means in accordance with their care, special shoes, various accessories, T-shirts, souvenirs ... Of course, the income from such a highly specialized trade is not very large (up to 5%), only the store is able to attract the very appreciative audience game. They, as if determined not to any lavish spending.
- On average, the discovery of one of the club, along with twenty tracks to us costs $ 1-3 million - says Paul Primak.
A small club with 6 lanes, exactly according to George Riabokon, allowed to open and $ 300 thousand, of which half will be spent on the installation of specialized equipment, the rest - for repair as well as training facilities. In the latter case, the owners of the bowling clubs are often no less a fantasy than the organizers of the night clubs. For example, a well-known Moscow bowling COSMIK install the 32 tracks on two floors, including the chief - a bright and colorful, as the second - half-dark, with ultraviolet light. On each floor there by 2-va bar, big screens with live sporting events and other "freaks". According to the most approximate estimates for such "delights" It took not more than two million dollars.
All the club owners did not advise not to open the bowling for more than 10-ty tracks.
- How much larger number of tracks, the less the unit cost for each. For example, in our club in 3 shifts of 14 tracks running 18 individual, only the same number of workers would be required as well as, for example, for the sake of the seven tracks bowling club - says Andrew Sheetlin.
In Russia, the bulk of visitors to the bowling club falls on those who consider bowling as a form of entertainment or a family holiday. The share of players who think bowling sport is not more than 10%. In the U.S. the situation is quite the opposite. The bulk of the visitors bowling clubs - people, united in a team (that way called "League"), which compete Intermedia is almost year round. They purchase the ticket to visit the Club immediately for a few months in advance, thereby bringing its owner a guaranteed profit. Of course, that now sell tickets more profitable than the realization of "one-off" tickets.
Specialists believe that in our country today is over and probably find my own way improvements. After all, the desire too strong contenders built into each player, regardless of sport. Even in the data point in many Russian club holds local tournaments, to which all interested persons are thrown off exactly one or two thousand rubles. 70% of the prize pool gets the winner, only 30% as commission - the owner of the bowling club.
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Business idea: open bowling club part 3 - bowling placement

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Sublime example of a successful arrangement - our club, which opened six months back and just ten meters from the metro station "Kolomna". Driving or walking past, it is simply impossible not to notice - Paul says Primack.
The question of "promotion" of the club - the second according to the complexity of the later rooms. All owners of bowling unanimous: advertising in newspapers and magazines is ineffective, according to the radio - too expensive. Bowling placement according to Paul Primak, the main customers of the club - the inhabitants of the surrounding area or passing by. The most effective advertising - on the ground.
According to Andrew Sheetlin, then that like last year they ordered constriction through the streets against the club, which cost $ 3.5 thousand for the moon, and the number immediately increased by 10%.
It is much easier to find a place in regions which so far remain to bowling "untilled field." For example, immediately Planet Bowling builds sets of five clubs in Volgograd, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don.
It is in the region, exactly forecast Paul Primak and George Riabokon, bowling clubs will soon appear most active. Although the cost of opening a club in the province still close to the city.
- All recent wiser, for a penny, as before, none of the impressive city square does not acquire, - says Paul Primak. - But it's equally at 30-40% cheaply than in Moscow. For example, in Rostov for his club all we rearrange the last battle factory on 3,5 thousand square meters. meters which will place more than 20 tracks bowling placement.
The motion of the bowling industry in the region is in direct proportion to the improvement of the chain supermarkets as well as construction of shopping malls: to have a bowling club is one of the major landlords. Club owners in the regions expect the same return as if as well as in Moscow.
By some estimates, now in Russia only at the stage of design, construction and installation is stronger than 500 tracks. Only in the next few years is expected to boom in the real sharp on opening the bowling centers, according to the country.
Special Requirements

The standard length for bowling lanes - 25.41 m (including the takeoff zone, a track per se as well as a machine for setting pins - pinspotter). Plus, once again 1-1,5 m will pass for service pinspotter only similar 3-5 m - recreation area for the players. Additional area of "eating" like technical passages place for a bar and billiards.
The width of the hall seems determined based on the number of tracks. For the sake of the two required 3.46 m, for 3 - 5,25 m, for 4 - 6,85 m, to 6 - 10.23 meters and etc. All in all, one track has about 55 square meters. m (this is according to a minimum), but the ceiling height in any way is not likely to be lower than 4 m (with a view to comfort players).
As recommended by George Riabokon, reduce the temptation to let as well as a few centimeters, the standard length of the track is better to abstain. Indeed, a significant particle profit clubs receive through professional players, with the aim of which is very important standards.
Full-length bowling club - it's not just a few tracks, a set of balls and slippers, just as well as the entire infrastructure in order to rest as to where the visitor will probably spend the whole evening. Therefore, so when choosing a suitable premises or the construction of the new must provide convenient access to the side of highways as well as a place for parking cars.
Main piece of equipment - pinspotter - a specialized and very tricky mechanism to collect and placement of pins knocked down. Pending his invention this tedious and very dangerous operation had to perform a special person. The system pinspotter at least three thousand different parts, and therefore important to ask for it - the strength and longevity. A complete set of plugs in a similar system of automated ball return (its pipeline is almost under the flooring area) a system of automatic scoring (paramount component of it - display, which against the names of all players appear glasses); track. For the sake of covering the tracks used logs or synthetic materials - and also provided if the former looks more "expensive", in this case, experts recommend choosing according to durability because of the latter.
In Russia, the equipment of three world producers - the two U.S. companies, AMF and Brunswick, but it seems the Chinese Zhonglu. According to George Riabokon, tracks made in China almost does not concede to the U.S. according to the quality, are essentially the same on the cheap - $ 25-27 thousand bowling placement
Set of American equipment would cost the owner of the club in the $ 38-40 thousand spite of not less than the high cost of equipment from the United States (precisely as compared with Chinese), in Russia it is being bought more frequently. According to statistics, 165 of the 233 Russian bowling clubs are equipped with American equipment. Experts explain this by saying that it is the club owners prefer to spend some much more money just to be sure that it is the hardware will last a long time.
If desired, save up to one third of the cost is allowed to buy so-called "reconditioned" equipment. But it does not guaranteed bowling placement
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Business idea: open bowling club part 2

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- Monthly fourteen tracks in our club provides us with about 2 million rubles Islands, - says Andrey Sheetlin. - And about all metropolitan clubs are about the same amount.
It turns out that now, Muscovites and visitors to the city annually spend at a bowling alley about $ 57 million
In order numbers agree well as other market participants - as well as together with the fact that it was his capacity again in the distance, far from being exhausted even in Moscow, not to mention the province.
As recognized experts, the improvement of the bowling alley is directly connected with the growth of well-being of Aboriginal people, because the main consumer of such entertainment is the middle class. Under the condition, considering that now the Russians are growing revenues Speshnev GDP growth, bowling allowed to predict the brightest future.
So far, almost all of Moscow clubs in the evening, even on weekdays, the track is desirable to book in advance, like a table at a prestigious restaurant. According to Michael Chizhikov, vice-president of Federation of Sports Bowling Russia, the world according to the bowling industry profitability among legitimate businesses in third place later gambling as well as oil.
Regional expansion

If at first the construction of a bowling club, as relatively expensive establishments, was conducted exclusively in the center of Moscow, later in 1998, at which time prices have dropped in a 3-4-D twice, clubs began to open as well as in sleeping areas. As a result - it's immediately something in what place on the outskirts of the capital of bowling are almost against one another buddy. According to George Riabokon, CEO of the company "VPSProgress - supplier of equipment for bowling company Zhonglu, - provided that if the throw look at a map of the city, immediately striking disparity in the distribution of clubs:" For example, on one square kilometer in area Belosrusskaya account five clubs, but in the northeast of them perhaps not. "
- The Marino on one street was opened four schools, and therefore about a number of them still have problems with occupancy - Paul says Primack. - At the same time, remain areas where in the club did not have enough. In our business, so the location is not less than half provides a commercial success - in the case before the people were ready to roll at least have a different end of town, in this case, now all to relax according to their place of residence.
As recognized by all market participants, the lack of space - one of the main problems hindering the improvement of the business. And for the sake of bowling to find a suitable area is much more problematic than for the same supermarket or disco - precisely because of stringent standards to the overall dimensions of the tracks.
- With the aim of opening the club on the 10-Tb tracks should be 1,5 thousand square meters. meters, except for columns as well as other jumpers - says Paul Primak. - Why the "old" solution - remake of old shops of enterprises - still does not work. Suitable premises in good locations davnenko dismantled. We all continue to look for only so long that in addition to much success.
Build the same place together from scratch is too expensive and not every owner of the club will be decided on such costs.
One of the few ways to find a place almost at the club is to rent (or purchase) in major shopping malls (or malls). It seems justified placement of bowling at the hotel, a hotel or casino (as if, for example, in the Golden Palace), now always provide the influx of customers but without additional advertising. Stand-alone club unleash always much harder and more expensive. But why this approach was that "Planet Bowling.
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Commerce idea: open bowling halls part 1

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Despite in this case, what the costs of opening the bowling club are great - from 300,000 to continue up to 3 million dollars - with the best of circumstances and competent management of their likely "discourage" for one year. In the large cities of Russia there is too many players who are ready to part easily with 300-700 rubles per hour for rental of a single track
Past and present

According to experts, 20 years-ty five back in our country there were only two bowling halls - one in a greedy up to the luxury of Central Asia, the other - in an advanced Baltics. In the year of the Moscow Olympics to them to add 3, which appeared in the Metropolitan Hotel "Cosmos". The first real commercial bowling was "Alex", opened in 1997 and, by the way, up until now working in the Central House of the tourist.
From this moment "the dam burst": the bowling like a business "flowed" decent denyuzhku. In the pre-crisis times the recipe for commercial success was very simple: it was important to choose the appropriate size of the space, install a new (but mostly restored) equipment, as well as for the year were allowed to "recapture" all means. After hour rental track behaved client at least $ 50. Immediately, of course, profitability on the regime, however, but all the same, as if Paul says Primack, managing a network of bowling clubs "Planet Bowling," remains a very decent - not less than 25%. In Moscow, the time in 2-3 months according to still appears under one new club.
According to Andrew Sheetlin, manager of the club XL, now operates in the capital of not less than 70 clubs. This is just only clubs that are open for all. And also there is again the mass of corporate scattered evenly in the offices as well as country estates "new Russian". In general, the total number of tracks that are traditionally measured market size of bowling, in Moscow, close to a thousand (exactly across the country - to two thousand). Set it or not? According to statistics, every track in the U.S. has 2,000 individual, in Europe - 10000 individual. The same about us - as much as 72,000! Thus, the market is already very far from saturation.
How much money annually Muscovites leave in a bowling club, it is easy to calculate. The average rent per hour track is from 300 rubles per day up to 700 rubles, then 18 pm.
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Business idea: Organization recruiter

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I want to tell you about the absolutely real and really existing within many cities, recruiting business - based business for recruitment to commercial organizations.

Erroneous idea that it is not profitable skill, yes, the more at small towns, customers are not met, razveivaetsya familiarity with the facts. In our city lives near 800,000 husband and recruitment agencies (not serious as much) on it 14. In the nearby town where a live hand in hand 300,000 workers temporarily only one agency, but has recently opened equally successful with receiving income.

A substance of this business is within three things are:

1. selection of personnel for the sake of whom companies - customers;
2. own work constantly complement the database of candidates, ie those seeking work;
3. spread in the argument itself known among the business organizations - simply put, to attract customers.

By the way, just with respect to clients. Customers in this area are commercial organizations which do errand staffing agency to meet their specific worker (specialist), these organizations are likewise paid the agency to follow the service. From this income.

Now, however, no more details on the stage of the employment agency. Algorithm is similar:

1. register your unincorporated business il LLC, the rights of anyone still looking comfortable around someone who Accountant;
2. shoot store with the phone, just equip it with furniture, in case it itself is not of course;
3. inventing (developing with the mind) a little bit of ads for the newspapers regarding admission to work within different companies of various professionals - to this particular need to teach fair personnel within your city, with the intention of knowing what the specialists most in demand. At this stage, your puzzle to attract the right people for you within the agency to let them within its own database;
4. designing a questionnaire for the sake of someone of your candidates - candidates in future vacancies of your agency;

5. in parallel with the previous actions come up (developed together with the mind) a letter to your potential customers together with a narrative in discussing your agency and its services;
6. compile a database of your potential customers. Better only provided if the database will have the following information: Company name, address, telephone, fax and patronymic of the head;
7. place for your newspapers bogus ads for those searching il other specialists. In the first stage bogus ads - the maximum simple manners helluva lot to gain traction, but the moral side of the case is not completely lost, according to how much in the near future you will be able to offer to confess to tell people to take part in the competition in a different job that il;
8. a week later for the newspaper along with your ad for you to start calling people so treated, you stated professions. You put them on the information within your database, performing with them
interview so letting them fill out questionnaires. Your dispute with them likewise completed questionnaires - a matter in favor of someone forming a summary of the candidates in the types of follow-sending them to the company - customers. Based on these summaries davalschik fairly select, along with someone with the candidates to happen, it is understandable but it would worry so your opinion is equal to the recommendation of people with past jobs;
9. if near you on the database will appear a little bit of good specialists, only need to say that 70% who came for you at the agency, little will be repaying the professional requirements of the customer, are not forbidden to have a frank mailing your letters to potential clients. It is better to fabricate through a delivery service that can provide you with a report on work done together with the names of persons who have been notified. In the future, this information is useful. Will be fine if you're sending letters to duplicate sending a fax to it but the company of your presentation sheet, thereby increasing the rate of recognition behalf of your agency. Plus, at tsedulka need to invest far at least two - three pages with text, the greater the amount of starts really nothing at all "stretch" the addressee has received tsedulka through an unknown agency. The letter should be your order - the apogee of a two-page questionnaire is yes - Plans to feedback. Here is the way the questionnaire, which contains within itself a question, which is responsible for the company bigwig being sent was a fax for your agency, it is equally fair to regale quibbling begin within a company to take your order for the initiator of choice of candidate.

That's also all a short image of the initial stage of business development for personnel selection. I want to add much over this matter should pay particular interest to the following documents:

1. CVs
2. treatise in the selection of personnel
3. candidate's resume
4. image of the customer
5. action in the argument for work done
It is necessary to create a good shell to a database of candidates, which you will cause the attention of all people visited your agency. And vestimo of documentation - no small task in this case.

Now, regarding the financial side of things. Expenditures:
1. office - almost $ 200 over the moon
2. phone - $ 10 for the moon
3. Ads for newspapers - near 1500 rubles moon.

Gains are added to your fees as may be in your circle equated odinehonoy, one and a half, two or more monthly wage specialist, arranged to work with your agency. In this case, the agency fee paid for the course of the week from the date of exit rights in the work.

For example, an employed, according to sales manager for a wholesale company in our city brings on board 15000-20000 rubles.

After six months of your active customers will begin to define themselves against you likewise will call you the same unjustly deprived of something to assist in the form of letters, and if the past is sometimes all really should be sending. In addition to all around you certainly zavedutsya patrons.

Here is a brief still all relative odinehonoy to form a recruitment business.
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Business Ideas: Service mail delivery, cargo and mail

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He hired a 4.3 strong young men with their bikes, are allowed to earn a courier delivery.

If a virtual World Wide Web, all occupied against time e-mail, in this case in real life has remained a free place for archaic courier - in the urban environment on the background of everyday traffic congestion is likely to work successfully deliver the mail service as well as small cargo bikes. Efficiency contributes to low cost labor force.

Start-up costs miserable: Manager, On the phone in a private apartment and a little advertising. Fixed assets in the form of a bike will bring themselves taken in hiring workers.

Lviv businessman in April 1999 moved to their native roads common in the West veloopyte.

Now, call up to the "Courier velopochty, you can order a messenger, which in one hour for $ 0.5-2 fulfill customer's order precisely to deliver within the city.
Wolf fed feet, but the courier - the wheels

When personal Lviv businessman Taras Gorb filed in a newspaper announcement about the recruitment of couriers, bikers, responded to dozens of little faces. I had to hold the competition, whose conditions were very stringent. Pass it as soon as strong fresh people aged 18-25 years with home phone, their own means of transportation as well as good "driving" skills. Operate two-wheeled carriers under contract insufficient working day. In addition to patrols in accordance with the delivery, either has a major place of work or study.
Order for delivery velokurery get exactly call from the dispatcher. Using a detailed map on which all pointed up to the house number, couriers by the shortest route to continue to get the customer, collect the goods, issue a receipt for services, receive account and sent to the addressee. Messengers similar may acquire and deliver food, medicine and consumer goods - anything that is capable of imagination of the customer as well as what is now placed in the trunk of the bike. Weight of the load is limited - 8 kg.

Control point is deployed in a private apartment one hundred thousandth "sleeping" in the array. Such Address "database" is selected for reasons of communication: telephone number dispatcher easily memorized and belongs to a new PBX that now provides high-quality original context, moreover, in the heart of the city office would have to remove that now would make the tariffs "unfeasible" for the sake of customer.

The phone call the client messenger primchitsya not later than 15 minutes. Velopochta operates under the principle of taxi: Manager directs the customer to the nearest free messenger. The value of bicycle facilities is directly proportional to the distance. Taking an order, the controller immediately calculates the price exactly your map as well as reports to the customer. Minimum charge - $ 0.5 Max - $ 2. According to the rate of a large courier cross the whole town (about 25 km), invested in 1 hour. Originally, the limit was 2 times impressive, but the runners in the branded green vests and caps almost coordinated their own standards. They are unpretentious, "Horses," which does not need fuel, overtaking in traffic jams, road junctions and narrow streets of their own motorized "elder brothers".
A full-time courier - a more expensive

Courier velopochta, taking its market niche, meant to its owner as a readily accessible and cheap service in accordance with the delivery.

Today, too many firms, calculating its value and comfort, started saving to established carriers, the essence of which is more expensive, but the execution of their missions takes longer.

For example, during the working day courier staff time to perform a maximum of 3 passing, assignment.

If he uses the most rapid urban car - taxi or on a voyage to the end of February, regardless of distance, he spends $ 0.8. During the day have to pay 3 times much more - $ 2.4.

For transport costs must be added to pay the messenger. As an outsider velokurer receives a reward only for the actual service. By the same 10 as well as more concurrent client orders cost only $ 0.3 every.
It is important as well as the strength of the courier service

If the sender wants to obtain written confirmation of delivery of important correspondence or cargo velokurer, handing the message back to him with the receipt have been stamped by the recipient. For this additional service will have to pay 40% of order price.

In the usual case, in order to ensure delivery of the package or letter, the customer, as if the position, the master control call according to the phone. Telephone the recipient usually enjoys and velokurer, to report to duty on the quest, and at the same time find a new outfit. For the sake of the experiment acquired cellular mobile phone with the card Sim-Sim. Its got a "powerful" of cyclists, some on their own continue to perform up to 60% of orders. The first 12 seconds of conversation - at no cost. Therefore, data for a second time to pass once the courier or the associated address. During the first 2 months velobiznes went to zero profitability, at which time the earned enough money for salaries. When will increase the number of clients and there will be real profit will be allowed to worry about the least-quality mobile communication and personal BikePark.
Auto parts bike

Today is a new service constantly uses a dozen regular clients. Every day velogontsy perform exactly the average of 10-15 orders. Range of customers the company is expanding, as if the situation due to the "voice" mail: "fresh" subscribers begin to appear later recommendations of those who already experienced the extraordinary service.

Velosvyaz previously only exploited the firm, which sent the correspondence to a wide range of recipients. Saving stick velopochta is for those businesses which convenes people at public events - exhibitions, presentations, seminars and etc. - And have a tight schedule to deliver the notice or invitation exactly for several tens of addresses (not nearly all there is a fax). Classical mail will require this in the city limits to 2 days, only pay for every message, which will bring to a snail's pace, will have $ 0.25-$ 0.3.

But lately, more and more popular two-wheeled express union about trading enterprises, which tend rapidly to serve their own clients.

Especially liked this innovative trend shops, which sell spare parts to cars. If, in particular, the store certainly is not now necessary spare parts (refers to small parts), the owner of the counter is velokurera as well as one for a few minutes brings a warehouse order. Well before the customer would have to act in a request and return a product through some time. Not disdain velopochty services as well as individuals.

The optimal organizational form for velopochty - private entrepreneur without a legal entity. " At the level of becoming a work permit in addition to extra costs for accounting and tax reporting as simple as possible.
Entrepreneurs to note:

Velopochta suitable mainly for medium-sized cities with narrow streets of the central elements in what place the cyclist moves Speshnev car.
In a small town will probably not be enough customers only in the impressive city of impressive range - then the profitable motorcyclists.
At the primary level is not allowed to spend on vehicles. Instead of this the employment of persons which have their own bikes.
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Business idea: Blinds, manufacture and installation

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While this sentiment is still very untwisted, I want to share their own impressions of this kind of activity.

The charm lies in the fact that it is blind, especially vertical, allowed to gain almost to the knee of the finished components. It is far does not require special skills or expertise. A kind of designer. But to engage in direct assembly and subsequent sale of fairly troublesome, requires some investment of money, facilities and other things. If you are not afraid of this, in this case, boldly looking for a wholesale supplier of components and also for employment!

BUT! Here you need to stop and talk about some of the difficulties which may negate the course not all of your labor enthusiasm.

First, manufacturing and selling blinds in your town so someone in such a case is involved. Provided that if the town has no way of at least 120,000 people, so expect a good income especially not worth it. Be sure to start price war, which usually ends or a peace agreement with a competitor, or closure of one of the conflict. The winner is usually the one who came to the market first. When the outcome of the peace you surely will serve a particular area of the city and not climb into other people's possessions.

The second difficulty - the maintenance kit. During the year work near you will accumulate a huge number of scraps, waste and materials, which for some reason so completely not in demand, despite being such a case, they are now very much liked your wife. Allowed to reduce the set to a minimum, but at that time be prepared to rise to particularly harmful customers who are not will be like none of that is beside you there. If you have some light materials, it will recover the dark and upside down. Allowed to try to dance before him, or tell nursery rhyme, but it is better to immediately send ... to a competitor. Let him pomuchaetsya.:)

The rest, including the tax office - small things, everyday routine.

If these problems you did not confusion, in this case about you a great chance rather rapidly improve their financial affairs. No matter what it is, business nyneshniya # but quite lucrative.

The initial investment pays off in the first year of work, but as well as before. It really will depend on your own performance. Best of all, what time of blinds are not necessarily the main activity of your enterprise, the only logically conclude you offer services according to the repair and decoration. On some blinds are allowed to live only about buying a new Mercedes have so far only imagine.:) So think about the plastic interior decoration, false ceilings, wallpaper, plaster, parquet floors and putty. At nyneshniya # but kind of service demand is always there.

There is also a more simple variation. Remove the corner in any hardware store, arrange with the manufacturer of the blinds wholesale discounts and boldly start selling blinds. Their 15% per sale and installation you will always. Allowed as well but without a lease to work, exactly on the ad. All costs - drill, screwdriver and screws. About us install blinds on the average is 10% of the cost of the blinds, ie not less than 25 rubles. per square meter. My own record - 60 square meters of blinds in the day. Only is 1500 rubles, without any taxes. Payment is usually made in cash, so the family tax authorities allowed pile handle.:)

Everyone who interested in this activity and is ready to talk about the little tricks and other pitfalls. Not everyone personally, but on this Internet portal in the forum (link below). Good luck!
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Simple Slogans for Simpletons

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The fecal flow is hitting the rotary impeller

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It's always interesting watching how people in the EU react to economics, stereotypes abound of course with the French supposedly going on strike at the drop of a hat and Greeks rioting etc. However with the near collapse of the Euro, the problems of tying so many disparate nations into a political whole seems to be a case of chickens coming home to roost, for Brussels.


Thousands of people from across the EU are expected to march in Brussels to protest against sweeping austerity measures by many national governments.The European Trade Union Confederation says its protest could be one of the biggest in Belgium's capital for years.
The union says EU workers could become the biggest victims of a financial crisis set off by bankers and traders.
A general strike has begun in Spain and protests are planned in Greece, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Ireland and Serbia.
Many governments across the 27-member bloc have been forced to impose punishing cuts in wages, pensions and employment to deal with spiralling debts.
In Greece and the Republic of Ireland, unemployment figures are at their highest level in 10 years, while Spain's unemployment has doubled in just three years.
In Britain, the government is planning to slash spending by up to 25%, while France has seen angry protests against a planned increase in the minimum retirement age.
Labour unions in Spain have started a general strike by marching through the capital, Madrid, in an effort to shut down the city. There has been mass picketing outside bus and metro stations since midnight. There were also protests in Barcelona.
Be interesting to see how the commissars and apparatchiks actually deal with the people they've been ignoring  for so many years whilst they set up the perfect system for enhancing their bank balances and pensions. Then again I rather expect most will have taken the day off or clocked in early then went home as normal. Give the EU its due though, they've set themselves up as a massive target for continental rage as they've been blowing their own trumpet as to who actually is in charge for so many years. Sort of the equivalent of painting a giant bulls-eye on their bodies, particularly as they've shown no restraint on treating themselves out of our pockets. Bit of luck they'll burn the place down and hang all apparatchiks, but I'm not normally that lucky.
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Why Are Climategate Charlatans Still Free?

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By Alan Caruba

If I had engaged in activities that involved fleecing the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom of billions in public funds in the name of “climate research”, and it was found that I had manipulated the data to advance the “global warming” hoax, wouldn’t I be facing charges of fraud?

Or if the universities for which I worked had benefited from receiving those public funds had conducted hearings that exonerated me, wouldn’t those institutions be considered accessories to the alleged crime?

This is the case today for the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England and Pennsylvania State University in America. If the CRU is above suspicion, why did the U.S. Department of Energy suspend funds for it in July citing scientific doubts raised by the Climategate revelations last November?

Leaked emails between the principal players, CRU’s Phil Jones and Penn State’s Michael Mann, documented their dismay over the fact that the overall temperatures of the Earth were not increasing and colluded to suppress any expression of global warming skepticism in respected science journals.

Indeed, one of Mr. Jones emails admitted that he had “deleted loads of emails” to avoid being exposed lest someone bring a Freedom of Information Act request. In July a Wall Street Journal commentary by Patrick J. Michaels, a professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, noted that at the heart of the yet unresolved issues are “professional misconduct, data manipulation, and the jiggering of both the scientific literature and climatic data.”

A newspaper serving the area where Penn State is located published an article on July 12, 2010 by Louis Lombardi reporting that it had “cleared Mann of any wrongdoing” but that “the university was in no position to investigate one of its own or, stated differently, to investigate itself. Over the years, Mann had brought in millions of dollars for the university through his research. For the university to come to any other conclusion than that he acted appropriately would be an admission that the university has been fleecing those who gave the money.”

A similar whitewash occurred in England when Phil Jones and the CRU was investigated by a supposedly independent review, but one of the four members of the panel was Prof. Geoffrey Boulton, a member of the faculty of East Anglia’s School of Environmental Science for 18 years. A previous internal investigation by the university was similar to Penn State’s, clearing Jones of any charges.

Under any other circumstances, Michael Mann and Phil Jones, to name just two participants, would be subject to trials to determine whether they had, in fact, deceived their respective governments and other donors in order to receive the funding that was at the core of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel (IPCC) reports asserting that the Earth was heating up and that carbon dioxide emissions had to be limited to avoid it.

As this is being written the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to assert authority to control carbon dioxide emissions despite evidence of a global fraud and mountains of scientific data that indicate CO2 plays no role in a fraudulent “global warming.” All utilities, industries and businesses in America generate CO2 in the normal course of producing or using electricity for manufacturing and countless other uses.

The prospect of Republicans gaining control of Congress, likely in the House of Representatives, if not the Senate, suggests that, despite having been cleared by Penn State, Michael Mann will face an investigation. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has made it known that a probe of the Climategate scandal will be at the top of his environmental agenda.

The funding at issue was public funding, the taxes paid by Americans and in England by its citizens. It will never be repaid, but the public has a right to know if its taxes underwrote a global hoax, a fraud primarily perpetrated by the United Nations and countless other parties seeking to create a market for “carbon credits” to be bought and sold on various exchanges.

Justice is not likely to be served in the case of Al Gore who has testified under oath before Congress asserting that “the planet has a fever” lied under oath. A long line of scientists and others have similarly misled Congress. The result in the House was the passage of the Cap-and-Trade bill that awaits a vote in the Senate.

We routinely put people like Bernard Madoff in jail for Ponzi schemes that defrauded people of billions. There is no reason why those who provided the data underwriting the fraud of Climategate should not face justice.

That may not occur, but the truth will be a form of justice despite the loss and waste of billions in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

© Alan Caruba, 2010
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Mistake yes, but not the whole story

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Ed Milliplonker has stood up in his speech today and attacked the decision to go to war in Iraq. Fair enough I suppose, though his previous voting record in "They work for you" isn't too impressive.

 Voting record (from PublicWhip)

How Edward Miliband voted on key issues since 2001:
Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Voted very strongly for more EU integration.
Voted a mixture of for and against a transparent Parliament.
Voted moderately against greater autonomy for schools.
Voted moderately for replacing Trident.
Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
Voted very strongly for a stricter asylum system.
Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
Voted very strongly for equal gay rights.
Voted very strongly for allowing ministers to intervene in inquests.
Voted a mixture of for and against laws to stop climate change.
Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
Voted for removing hereditary peers from the House of Lords.
Voted very strongly for a wholly elected House of Lords.
Ed Miliband has said Labour "needs to change" after its election defeat, in his first big speech as party leader.
He praised the party's achievements but said they had to face "painful truths" - such as the Iraq war being "wrong".
In an hour-long speech he also said the party failed to listen to voters' concerns on immigration.
Mr Miliband, who paid tribute to "extraordinary" brother David, said the "new generation" in Labour were now "the optimists" in British politics.
In a more personal part of the speech he told how his parents' experience as refugees fleeing the Nazis shaped his values.
The former energy secretary, 40, was named Labour leader on Saturday having won the ballot of MPs, party members and trade unionists by just 1%.
You can see just what a tight arsed little hypocrite he is just by checking out his record, there's also the fact that he hasn't had a real job in his life to consider too, it's all been politically based in journalism and education. So he's playing to the gallery really, but these days the gallery consists of bloggers too and we can fact check him down to his roots, still I doubt many of the old guard of the Labour left will be giving what he says much scrutiny. Too busy lapping up the rhetoric and hoping for a return of the good old days of bringing the country to its knees whilst selling out to the old Soviet Union EU, more money for bribes expenses too. No-one seems to have pulled him on the fact that he was the author of the 2010 election manifesto and so has a hell of a lot to answer for on their current circumstances.
So it's all change for Labour as the Milliplonker E tries to salvage something from the ruins of Labours defeat not quite a win though judging from his past voting record, he and Cam the man are not so different at all, just Blair mk2's, all style, no substance and both committed to handing us over to the EU.
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Business idea: auto tuning studio

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Each of us consume otherwise familiar neighbors - il small medium entrepreneurs, anyone with whom zanimaetsya his business. This is easily explained - a large number rbbotaet semi-legal, but the bottom line - some boyatsya competition. Luck you probably guessed, az do tinted cars. Only knew just who oesmotrya for enough cash for our service stations in the city, dealing with this dark matter, every summer wishing toned particular machine are written to turn in 2 nzhdeli future. Toned native machine around us is 1500-1800 rubles, foreign cars - from 2000 rubles. These figures are added to the cost of the film so your work (rent a garage not on the account). Toning machines zanimbet hours 3-3. How much goes to the moon, I think, you suddenly understand something sami. There are two: it anywhere so the image of teaching, it is equally the dignity of the film - Business idea: auto tuning studio

Learn uonirovat allowable by enrolling for specific courses, as in the first, they only eat only during the painful major cities during the second, stoyat they are about 1000 U.S. rubles.

The third path - to learn by yourself. Noah each purchased a training videotape for the firm, which is traded as a film to tint. Only through the year metodom ppob yes mistakes above-renowned realized how much to practice as well like, but follow this year, He spent a lot of nerves, not a spoiled dorogostpyaschey dozen films, but the start of the penny on wages equal to express is not worth it. It remained only to turn out the test, Coy comes with vpemenem. I poluchilos order imposing assistance along with many pictures and ancillary comments to him. All is not a sin to perform many bysuree well qualitatively with the lower cost. The film is good (the U.S.) are equally bad (Turkish, kitakskaya is m.). Tupetskaya peel is sold in small roll before any rm likewise stands to ISO rubles. Ona is much better for all relationships: does not burn, delays ultraviolet light, but samoe essence -Business idea: auto tuning studio it is much harder potsarapat.Biznes concept: Tinted Car

I want to step up, along with how much some of tzhh who wanted a desire to take a private business does not know what the future activities of the most ppibylnye. As a rule, these people need to passkazyvayut in discussing their work and in particular in the reasoning of income.

I'll try to break this unwritten statute likewise tell about his small, well dyuzhe lucrative business.

Ever since we are equally far ppedstavlyal how much is it and what it faces in the material plane.

So how but it is not forbidden to make money as well as in favor of someone of that need? I'll tell you for example oashego city. Incidentally, this odni with the lowest prices consistent with Russia, as well as the presence of such pricing, you can spread to earnings not only oil, as well as more expensive products. Film in the machine during sreenem goes RUR 600 - 1000 as well, if not indefinitely save it onto itpge get 900 -1000 rubles navara with each agto. Total due to a number, not separately straining allowable toned 2 machines, if properly done if - 3, in the case of strain - 4.

Now, in discussing the problems which stand before you, in case you decide to take this demom. I will start according to the order.

There is a second way: to meet the man, a long time since engaged in this business, and ask Him to teach you, il start for him during his disciples, however, doubt whether you can find such a prichyne indicated at the beginning of my story (not one soul is not wants to propagate sebe competitors, the more their hands). This is the most difficult equally grueling manners master the art of retouching. In the training film at a gallop over Business idea: auto tuning studio Europe on obih cheptax told about ways of toning different cars, and the speaker frame for shital tekst yourself to imagine the same thing happened Sano screen to themselves, likewise that for which - together bylo not comprehend.

Unto me luck no less: about menya was a fat teacher equals more then 10 -15 maschin equals at least have a well does not quite famously, but enough quality to start an independent Sabot. T through the camera al photographed basic techniques of toning, and quite carefully taking notes. I want to warn that over the trap to meet the permissible methods of tinting cars, and are designed oo and for fans who want to perform self shading of his car, and there is nothing common with professional tonipovkoy they did not have.?

Now about toning plenke.d. American skins sold in large rolls according to 46 square mzhtrov still worth about 300 bucks. Her excellent training, just doing the main ppidetsya with the U.S..
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Business idea: web-site creating studio

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Business Option: web-site creating studio

Hello dear adventurers, businessmen in this case is to say, as if more advanced and successful, that way as well as beginners - those are so far in the search.

I want to show the court an idea of the opera "one time buy, 100 sell time!"

If so its meaning is quite simply boils down to, in order to provide for themselves (taken as personal property), a certain number of web sites, only later to sell them to anyone as well as plenty of time. Certainly yes-certainly yes - sites are allowed to sell a lot of time, making just simple gestures, which provided much if you yourself are not in accordance with forces that allowed the programmer to relegate to a friend.

Thus, all exactly the order according to the system responses to frequently asked questions.

Q: Why do I need to develop / buy / get (underline) little websites?

Answer: Because now about your potential customers have a choice. Not for each person or company's web-representation will look the same. After all, the person you're advising Internet portal, is likely to be a doctor, a networker, advocate, artist, is likely to be a travel agency, club rental DVD, and etc. - Range of customer base is not limited to (well, I do in any case, very broad).

Q: But at that time probably want to own in zagashnike as well as many sites as if made on different subjects?

Answer: No, it does not need to, because that is now your site has the right to be invented, to some extent stereotyped. For example, sites of creative people have a right is likely to have a gallery, in what place were allowed to see thumbnails of works, and exactly a click, to open them in a new window. Sites which some tour companies have a right to possess the sections along with descriptions of tours with the ability to connect there as well as the rapidly changing picture data of any resorts. In general, if you climb to the network and also look closely at sites of companies involved in one and the same business, you will certainly find all these "similarity" of their web sites. Thus, about you zagashnike should be not so much as well as many types of sites. But I think no less than five.

Q: A couple, but like after this change almost everything for each client, it's because one must be a programmer?

Answer: Well, not always, in this case and should be your know-how (and why so I roam to the option "to develop a web site). Site design and content management system have the right to be invented and programmed so that the design and then were allowed to change few mouse clicks. In this case there is change colors, insert a logo (or a cap site), of course, fill the online portal of the new entry (content) is almost a new client. Also vobschem-way Internet portal is ready. Will only "hang" internet portal which, in this case hosting (paid or free are exactly as desired and prospective customers) and also bind to some or a domain name (in this case, the same as in the case along with the hosting).

It is worth staying on site management system. It must be programmed in such a way so as to simplify your work. Such systems exist, they seemed at least ten, but probably as well as hundreds. Of course, if you absolutely no good at programming and web design, you better do it together with some or a programmer. He was for a small fee will be required to follow those simple-minded commission, which you'll ask him. Worth a favor really inexpensive as well as together to cope with it even if it collects a web developer.

Q: Just like I'm selling these sites as well as all to whom?

A: Just now with this I help you I can not, you forgive. Meet with people who call in accordance with the telephone, write letters - offer / sell. Your skate - do it around you will be on schedule on the cheap than in the agency. Such sites are allowed to try to sell similar to those people, which are working in MLM. And also those people are working in MLM like may try to sell these sites. You even have the opportunity to create a worldwide network of shop-at what point people will stand ready sites for sale but others will acquire them. Your role - mediation in such operations. Options actually like to sell online portal is likely to be set. All need to try. Go smoothly on the street, they saw that a dentist's room, for example, just go and ask if there is about them online portal. Provided that if there is no course, so quickly run back home, take your pick from a zagashnika one that is suitable according to the structure only slightly larger. Next, change almost everything into this company (provided if there is a digital camera, so have the opportunity, even if the pile is a little snapshot of their windows and placed immediately on the Internet portal), not particularly worry for the original quality - it's only just a preliminary variation, the one that you will try to interest them. How you're done, go to them, show, explain what did it for 5 minutes, but if days 3 Sit then ....
I hope it is understandable described the possible variations of search clients.

Well and finally, the importance of:

Design your future sites have to be conceived in such a way so that it is allowed to be changed, but at the same time, he is forced to be stylish, distinguishes it from what is now offering various kinds of template designers sites. Along with the price policy, decide for yourself - it depends on in what place you live, what the prices for sites offer web-studio and etc.
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Business Option: Tailoring per order

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I'll start with what is now, so what I do, very common occupation for a woman, sitting at home. That way it turned out that it is for me, my version is just implementation of the skills, higher education according to the "Management", combined with home schooling. My midwife was a professional seamstress and again in my childhood I learned to sew obvarazhitelno.

What is the essence of my classes. When I went with her work (she left, because that is now tired succumb to the idiotic orders of uneducated manual), long-lasting thought, what would do in this life, to make their own hands and knowledge. Trying to find a job, but not now suit. Money, then to open a private business, does not suffice, and to not sit idly by, I started on a little bit to take orders for sewing clothes for friends. I evaluated their services are not prohibitively expensive (around 30-40% cheaply than in the studio), so friends and acquaintances spoke very rapidly the number of my clients has increased so much that now had to call for support for her mother, who also sews great, only up to this house looks like sewing on their own (we are all together with her long time since we live separately). Thus, about our 2-va flow of clients combined into one - Business Option: Tailoring per order.

The most fundamental trump the hell we all relied in their work - the original quality and interest to each client. What exactly say, the occupation of people was not easy. Who knows how to sew, knows that it is hard work.

After some time I increased the cost of paying for our services, they are equalized with the price studio and began some nuances even higher, but clients from this by no means diminished. Town near us not small, but good studio is permitted in accordance with fingers, but to be stylish and fashionably dressed like a lot. Everything we offer a very impressive range of services: tailoring light lady as well as outerwear, any children's clothing, partly male (men are rarely what, in this case, sew, of course yes to them and to buy good clothes easier). On each client is put a special folder with yardsticks, templates and other necessary notes, embed photos of finished products, therefore, cross-linked to this customer. For each individual pattern is constructed together with all the features of shape, due to this thing any good sitting still at the first fitting. Of course, come across as well as those who in this case, no way, this is not the popularity of God, but such cases are very rare. Basically, everybody is happy and come again no time.

Now we are all a little wide. Around us there were two assistants, which make the substantive preparatory work (the bait otglazhivanie, a straight line and so on) and sew a simple piece (skirt, blouse, pants). My mother assumed the duties of the cutter and designer. I've been advertising. Immediately we all have the opportunity to multiply the number of customers, so I make ads for posting in accordance with the streets, giving messages to gratuitous media and advertising in the paid edition, on television. All we are once again working at home, but the place certainly not enough, wants to expand. I try to find a place almost at the mini-studio, and while that with this complexity, however, as well as finance to dig, so everything was in addition to failures, but more and until his fashion house nearby. Just kidding, of course, but if have a target, in this case only allowed to achieve.

Meanwhile, bring their rough estimates of our business.

First, about the cost of services:
Sewing light silk dress - from 250 rubles, the margins are the size (more than 50-second), style, fabric, destination dresses (outlet, evening, wedding and so on).
Sewing of knitted dresses - from 350 rubles.
Sewing skirts - from 100 rubles.
Sewing blouses - from 150 rubles.
Sewing trousers - from 150 rubles.
Tailoring a suit with lining - from 700 rubles. (Suits all of us are trying to sew less, because people sometimes want the impossible, and for less denyuzhku, but as well as optionally allowed to buy a good suit at a good shop. I believe that at this do not save). Here is the basic rates for most items ordered.

The most important work, as I found from personal experience - to convince people that it is your occupation is worth the money paid for that right now then your sewing thing will sit on a man perfect, and he does not need to be to find another tailor to alter sewed you a thing. There is again a caveat. If you are seeing that now come with individual styles, it is full of Koi are not suitable, try to convince him, then ordered him to so, what it will look just fine. Believe me, after this # however, the individual will be grateful.

Over the moon if you want one individual is allowed to sew: 2 suit (1 costume - 4-5 days), 5 dresses (2 days 1 robe), 10 skirts (noon to 1 skirt), 10 trousers (half-day at 1 trousers) 4.3 blouses (exactly one day on her blouse). Likely to be someone so surprised that now it is set, only for the sake of man, a non-stop sewing and even filled his hand - this is not the limit as well as original quality at the same time does not suffer. Of course, pofilonit as if most of it is like to work at main job - does not work.

When calculating the price I take exactly the minimum, as if for the most simple things:
2 Costume - 1400 rub.
5 Payment - 1250 rub.
10 skirts - 1000 rubles.
10 trousers - 1500 rubles.
Three blouses - 450 rubles.
Overall total - 5600 rub.

This amount is allowed to make one man in the moon. Given that now the average salary in our town 2-3 thousand rubles a moon, so my result is very good.

The main costs in the moon - not least 1000 rubles for supporting materials: interlining, adhesive strip, soutache, chalk, 2-3 Journal of the form "Burda", "boutique", "Atelier". Magazines I get not just the moon, because There Binder magazines approximately 10 years (with 1990), but in new magazines, especially in the "Burde", is now too much trendy piece, not suited to everyday wear.

Six months later, his work, I was able to buy a new sewing machine "Singer" in exchange for his "Podolsk", again six months later - a new import serger.

Amount of current income does not call and say that now is enough, that normally exist two families, each of the three individuals. Already added that now my mother is disabled third group, lives alone, raising my brother and sister (brother just graduated from high school that was, as my sister is studying in the institute), I live alone my family (husband and small son or daughter ). My husband is working on its own, gets far too impressive salary (about 2000 rubles) and also very proud of his wife. Looking at my work, and he himself began to stir.

I think to expand his own business, I would like to open a private studio, the Department of tissues, then that was where in the take stuff to work, as well as people at that time sews treated to much on the cheap. Already I would like to open his own office products to crafts (yarn, needles, hooks, magazines, embroidery floss and other stuff), because this is now our city is almost certainly not. I was a business project for the sake of this project, but unfortunately I can not find money to implement it. most likely, someone, or readers of the site can now, so advise in this regard.

In addition I would like to add that now is permitted to earn a living is not just sewing, knitting just as well as custom-made, so carpentry is my friend who is very frisky and fine knits. It's hard work, just like extra income allowed him priminyat. Over the moon she knits 4.3 things, the cost of a knitted cardigan - from 400 rubles. On average, she earns from 1500 rubles in the moon. Excellent quality things. Although I myself know how to knit (sorry, could not do it so quickly, as if I would like), often ordering around her that it was something new, but she sews about me (a sort of trendy barter).
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