None sicker?

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David Cameron said recently that there's "there’s none sicker than the EDL" in a debate over the riots in England That was the riots the EDL didn't cause and didn't participate in other than to assist in defending their areas and help in the cleanup. It was in response to a question by Clive Efford MP and showed a total lack of understanding of what was actually going on.

13.25 Cameron wheels on the English Defence League following claims their supporters were among gangs of vigilantes who attacked police in Eltham last night, saying: "I described parts of our society as sick and there is none sicker than the EDL"

Yet strangely enough "Local police denied the group were comprised of EDL members"But as the media are always keen to have a go at the EDL this tends to be hidden away at the bottom of any article. Still it's a well known fact now that the EDL are violent criminals who are vile racist knuckledraggers who'd rob their own granny's if it weren't for the fact that she's probably harder than they are.

Doubt you'll see this in the MSM, though it was in the local paper in Luton and not on its online version either. Doesn't exactly fir the narrative either does it? Hardly the act of someone derided by politicians as sick.
I have often wondered just why it is that our politicians pander to Islam,  but then most politicians are not stupid. Islam is an excellent way to control the population--even better than socialism. While it might not give any rights or freedoms to the people reading this blog, the guys supposedly on top, politicians for example are pretty much sitting as pretty as it gets. The same crap was happening before the second world war. A lot of the politicians and a huge chunk of royal family had no issue with Nazism . Churchill himself was seen as an outcast and war monger.
This in essence is why I believe that politicians and other interested parties want the EDL stopped, they are interfering with the natural order of things and highlighting a problem that politicians would rather we didn't look to closely at.
Just a shame really that the EDL does not and will not fit into the narrative laid down for them. There’s none sicker than the EDL? Only an idiot (or socialist) could come out with that sort of hypocrisy when to most peoples minds, there’s none sicker than the politicians.

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