Those insidious Chinese

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A war memorial in the Hermitage Memorial Park, Wapping, has been continually attacked by graffiti vandals painting racist slogans on it since its unveiling 3 years ago.
A war memorial to honour civilians killed in the London Blitz has had to have protective 5ft high metal railings built around it after youths scrawled offensive slogans on it including ‘Kill the Brits’.
The elegant modern sculpture of a dove in flight, the traditional sign of peace, sits in the Hermitage Memorial Park, Wapping, overlooking the River Thames in London’s East End and has been subjected to continual graffiti attacks since its unveiling three years ago.
Residents of the borough of Tower Hamlets, one of the capital’s most ethnically diverse communities, have long blamed local youths for the attacks on the £80,000 memorial, which some think may be racially motivated.
One, who asked not to be named, said that some of the vandalism on the side of the monument facing the river was ‘hostile and horrible’.
‘Anyone walking along the path in front of the park would have noticed that the front of the memorial was covered in Asian names and what appeared to be the tags of Asian gangs,’ the resident said.
I cannot believe that the normally law abiding Chinese would so such a thing any more than I could believe that a law abiding Indian Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist or Jain would do such a thing. I also would find it difficult to believe that even a Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Korean, Gurkha or any other South East Asian person would do such a thing, it simply beggars belief.
Personally I think the media campaign to tar Asians with any form of discriminatory comments like this is bordering on racist as I cannot believe that the vast majority of Asians would do such a thing.
That said, both you and I know exactly which "Asians" did this and they were from the Indian Sub-continent and were of either Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent, in other words they were Muslims. But the rules the MSM use seem to be clear, if it's Muslims doing good or nice things then they can be Muslims, if they are vandalising war memorials then they are "Asians"
The double standards and media obfuscation are really not fooling anyone, not anymore, but still they try.

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