Tips to Save on Car Insurance

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We all wish to make savings in our life. Cars included. Myriad insurance companies offer varying premium rates depending on their policy coverage. So it is important that you get the best Insurance package for your car.

These tips will help you how to manage your Car Insurance budget within limits.

Making Comparisons: The costs of at least three to six insurance companies will give you a fair idea of the costs involved with different policies. Seek the advise of colleagues, friends, relatives. Besides from costs involved, the track record of the companies matter a lot.

The standing, strength and financial position of the company need to be looked into. Request for higher deductibles - It's the amount one pays prior to making any claim for the accident. The complete coverage and collision is sold along with the deductibles. The more the deductibles the less the premium rate. By increasing the deductible say from $300 to $600 will invariable reduce the cost to 20 to 35 percent.

Old Cars - Drop Collision and Comprehensive Coverage - It is better to drop the collision and comprehensive coverage if the car is worth less than 10 times your premium in the current market. One way to reduce the cost is buying the auto coverage from the existing insurance and insurance coverage from existing carrier.

No to Double Health Coverage - Avoid health coverage with auto policy provided you have enough health insurance. This is one way of reducing costs.

A Good Credit Card Record - This has multiple benefits - helps to file claims if the credit score is less. A good credit score will also help in settling the accident with the help of the company.

Low Profile Car Discount - Fancy and trendy cars with high maintenance costs higher rate and attract thieves as well. A low budget, low profile car will help a lot with insurer discounts to boost.

Mileage Counts - More discounts can be obtained by driving less than the national average mileage recorded per year.

Avoid double health coverage- If you think that you have enough health insurance, and then avoid health coverage with your auto policy. This will help you to reduce the cost.

Maintain a good credit record- Insurers are using the credit history while determining the price of insurance. Statistically, the lower your credit score, the more you are likely to file claims. A person with a good credit score is more likely to settle the accident without the support of the company. Try to maintain a good credit record.

Discounts with low profile car- Cars that are expensive to repair or attractive to thieves will have a higher rate. Consider buying a low profile or average car as it your insurer might come up with discounts for such a car.

Low Mileage Pays - Obtain some discount on premiums by driving less than the national average mileage recorded per year.

All about Group Discount - It's all about a group taking insurance plan collectively. Be it an employer, business group or associations. Check for such plans.

Safety Discount - Discounts are also offered if the car is fitted with safety items like air bag, automatic seat belts, anti lock brakes. So make safety pay for you.
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Modeling Poses Of Professional Photographers

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There are two main ways through which professional photographers have been able to hone their skills for a long time. This is either by trial and error method or by working close to professional photographers. Other amateurs have tried to emulate the technique used by their mentors with various levels of success. The process normally entails studying how individual photographers approach and tackle different shoots and trying to incorporate the knowledge in your work. Still, other photographers compile portfolios of their favorite images and study them in depth. They check for the head positioning sequences, hand and leg positioning and also the body formations. All these are attempts at learning the various photographic modeling poses used in typical photo shoots.

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Who ate all the pride?

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To be English, now there’s a thing, for over 300 years subsumed by Britishness and now beginning to flower anew and causing a major headache to those who like their solutions in a box.

Is it because we have had little practice at being proud Englishmen and women that some of us go completely over the top and veer into jingoism? Are we going to have to reinvent Englishness? I think we are, certainly amongst those who would purport to lead us.

There is still a general confusion in this land about just what we are, the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish don’t have a problem with this, but that’s because as minorities they weren’t expected to quite fit the mould into the mainstream anyway. Indeed when the English do show a bit of pride and act similarly to our close neighbours we are often derided for doing so by certain elements who can’t cope with national pride and equate it to imperialism/colonialism and seek to quash it by any means possible.

There’s a certain mindset that seeks out to remove all traces of pride from this land, a soldier with the word England tattooed on his arm is denied entry into the police force in case the tattoo offends. Parents are told not to fly the flag of St George or allow it on any part of their children’s clothing/equipment. The name of our country is an offence to some who actually live here! This is the magnitude of the problem we face; this is why Labour is obsessed with regions as English national pride is in almost diametric opposition to their so called socialist values. So they seek to break us up into smaller more manageable (and controllable) units hoping to set us at each others throats rather than being the nation they fear above all others.

We have a long and hard journey ahead of us, the forces of repression are entrenched in all of the civil sectors and many of them hate England with a passion despite being English themselves, they are the ones who after years of deriding Britishness and trying to have the Union flag banned, now seek to promote a sanitised version of it in a one size fits all for the people of England. It’s with the young that we have to start, get to them before the state does, instil pride in their green and pleasant land and get them to believe that to be English is something worth being proud about. We need English history to be taught as a mandatory subject in schools dropping citizenship and the rest of the politically correct crap that fills their curriculum. And yes that history needs to be warts and all, but we can emphasise the good in such figures as Wilberforce, as well as our military heroes in Nelson and Wellington.

Despite their attempts to set it up, I believe that many in the establishment realise “Britishness” is dead, hopefully we can prevent them attempting to kill off Englishness, but it’s going to be a hell of a fight.

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Long Term Care - The Who, The What and The How

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While life is populated by choices, one certainty that faces the majority of adults is that they can control their future options only by planning ahead. Financial planners recommend diversifying interests to insure profit. Real estate planners bank on the idea that real estate matures over time and is a solid investment.

Life insurance promises a financial cushion for bereaved family members so they won’t have to worry about things such as house payments or accrued debt. Long term care planning focuses on the growing need for assisted care as the nation’s baby boomers near retirement age and individuals are living longer and longer lives.

Who benefits from the leads on long-term care?
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Individuals
  • Insurance Planners
  • Families

Long-term care is provided for individuals who need special assistance, but do not want to be a burden on their families. Why leave important decisions and financial burdens until the last minute? By planning ahead, adults can guarantee that their needs will be met in a manner that they choose and pay for.

For example, with life spans reaching 90 to 100 years old on average, a retiree with declining healthy may have to rely on family alone to support them if their health takes an ill turn or they are injured. Long term care planning puts those decisions and options into the hands of the people who will need them.

A 55 year-old man or woman is an excellent prospect for long-term care because they have the time and wherewithal to make the decisions now that will benefit them 30 years down the road.

What makes long-term leads a viable option in today’s market?

The target market of long-term care leads are far more likely to discard direct mail advertisements about planning ahead versus answering their own curiosity or searching out potential services on their own. Since the prospects provided by a lead service are already contemplating their options, it’s a much smaller leap for the agent to make in helping them achieve their plans.

Let’s face it, planning for a nebulous time of infirmity and ill health in the future is not a pleasant topic. Longer life span means that robust adults will not see a decline in their health until their years are much further advanced. They are less likely to take into consideration needs like debilitating disease or chronic conditions. Direct marketing techniques that pursue these avenues will likely outspend their return value.

A lead service can cut down on the overhead and output of marketing dollars while providing a more sustainable list of prospective clients. By cashing in on the prospects that are already aware they need some plan or formula in place, the agent’s work is halved with better odds at providing returns.

How can long-term care leads help everyone involved?

Yes, long-term care leads will help agents close more sales and thereby increase their profits. However, the concept behind long-term care leads will also provide excellent service to the target market. The information age is overripe with available material. Websites that detail the finest of small prints and where one resource can sound very much like another are a turnoff for a lot of prospective clients.

A lead service helps them to cut through the tape by acquiring their contact information and interests. That information and specific points of interest are then distributed to the right agents and contacts that can help them find what they are looking for. Ultimately, long-term care leads are a win-win-win situation for the agent, the client and the client’s family.
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How to Save on Car Insurance

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Everyone who owns a car needs auto insurance. This article will give you some tips on lowering your auto insurance costs. You will find a checklist of items to ask your insurance agent that may qualify for discounts. Keep in mind that not all discounts can be applied with all insurance companies in all states.

1. Shop Around

Go to your favorite search engine and type in "free car insurance quotes online". You'll see a long list of insurance companies that you may even be familiar with. Visit at least five car insurance websites and look for a link to free quotes. You will then be asked basic information about yourself, your driving history, and your car's make, model, and year. It just takes a couple of minutes, and shortly thereafter, they will email you a no obligation quote. Write down their website address, their toll free number, and customer service email address.

Each insurance company will ask you generally the same questions, and will give you options about how much coverage you will want. Find your current policy, if you have one, and take note of the coverage you currently have. Always provide the same information and ask for the same coverage at each company so you will be comparing apples to apples. Read the fine print and make sure nothing is excluded from the quote like Rental car coverage, towing, medical, etc...

For the purposes of the quote, the insurance company will not ask you your social security number, but keep in mind your actual cost maybe higher or lower depending on your credit history. If you're not sure about some of the terminology or coverage, take notes so that you can ask the insurance company about them directly.

Once you have at least five quotes emailed to you, take the lowest two or three quotes and see if they are less than what you are paying now. Most likely at least one of them is much lower. At this point you will want to call them directly to get the most accurate quote by providing additional personal information. For additional discounts, here is a checklist of things you should ask about.

[ ] $500 deductible

[ ] $1,000 deductible

[ ] Paying monthly, semi-annually, or annually

[ ] More than 1 car

[ ] No Accidents in 3 Years

[ ] No Moving Violations in 3 Years

[ ] Driver Training Courses

[ ] Defensive Driving Courses

[ ] Anti-Theft Devices

[ ] Low Annual Mileage

[ ] Air Bags

[ ] Anti-Lock Brakes

[ ] Daytime Running Lights

[ ] Student Drivers with Good Grades

[ ] Auto and Homeowners Coverage with the Same Company

[ ] College Students away from Home

[ ] Long-Time Customer

[ ] Other Discounts

2. Saving Insurance Premium on cars you own outright.

If you own a clear title to your car, meaning there is no bank loan on it, then you may want to consider dropping the collision/comprehensive coverage. As a rule of thumb, if the cars value is less than $3000, it may not make sense for you to pay for this additional coverage. Over time, the cost of the additional insurance premium will exceed the value of the car. It's pretty simple math.

Check the fair market value of your car either through or even your local newspaper. See what other people are trying to get for the same car. Keep in mind your cars mileage, condition, and age. Has it been in an accident before? Does it have unusually high mileage in excess of 15,000 miles per year? Does it need new tires? You get the idea. Be realistic, because in the event that this car is in an accident and is damaged beyond repair, it is unlikely you will get the full value of the car.

3. Ask About Insurance Rates in Different Areas

Rates can vary widely even in the same state. Different locals have different accident rates, population, and crime. These all factor in to the final cost. If you are moving to a different area, ask about what the rates are for that town.

4. Ask About Getting Other Insurance Policies Together With Your Auto Insurance

Combining insurance policies with the same company can often give you additional discounts. If you own a home, ask about combining your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance. Also ask about other polices, such as life, health, and business insurance. Most insurance companies cover a wide range of policies and will give substantial discounts when you do business exclusively with them.

5. A Clean Credit History Can Reduce Car Premiums:

Having good credit can also lower your insurance costs. Many insurance companies will use credit information to price auto insurance policies. Drivers with good credit and a clean driving record may qualify as a "preferred" customer with lower risk and will be rewarded with lower premiums.

6. Low Mileage Discounts

Some companies offer discounts to drivers who drive a lower than average number of miles per year. If you car pool, take public transportation like the subway, or work from home, you will most likely drive few miles per year than the average driver.

7. Group Insurance

Some insurers offer discounts to drivers who work for certain companies or belong to professional associations, and alumni groups. Ask your employer, group or clubs that you belong to if they have any special arrangements with different insurance companies.

Using all of these tips can save you hundreds of dollars per year, especially when you have multiple cars and multiple drivers in the same household.
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AIG to open office in Beijing

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American International Group Inc.'s Chinese operation has received permission to open a branch office in Beijing.

Shanghai-based AIG General Insurance Co. China Ltd. said in a statement that it has received approval from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to establish an office in Beijing as part of plans to expand its geographic footprint in China. The division also has branches in Guangdong and Shenzhen. AIG General was incorporated as a wholly owned foreign enterprise in September 2007. AIG in 1992 became the first foreign insurer to receive a license to operate a general and life insurance business in China.

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