More Than 900,000 Total Page Views!

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Sometime just before the end of August, "Warning Signs", passed 900,000 total page views since its inception. Based on emails and comments, it is clear that this blog is read by people from around the world and don't ask me how they discovered it, but I am delighted that a blog written essentially for an American audience of readers is read in places where its message also resonates.

Warning Signs is written from an unapologetic "conservative" point of view and in the belief that so much misleading and deliberately false information is disseminated from the Left that it must be debunked and refuted, as it turns out, on a daily basis.

The views expressed are all researched to ensure accuracy. The rest is opinion based on more than seven decades of life on planet Earth, a lifetime of experience and knowledge.

For those who have signed up as "members", my thanks, and an invitation to all others to do so as well.

And, of course, a great big Thank You to those who have donated to this blog, helping with the general costs involved. Those who donate $50.00 or more all receive autographed copies of one of my books.

I anticipate that Warning Signs will pass the one million mark before the end of 2011.

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