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School Fundraisers - 5 Great Options to Consider

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 02:07 PM PDT

Schools need money now more than ever and school fundraising is a great way to fill the gap between what the budget offers and what funding is actually needed. As schools are finding a need to increase their earnings, many are looking for new fundraising options. There are many different types of fundraisers available. By trying a few new ones you can earn more money for your school and help to provide a quality education to deserving students.

3 School Fundraising Ideas You Should Consider

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 02:05 PM PDT

School fundraising is one of the best ways to earn extra money for your school. There are many different fundraising possibilities out there, so you won't have any trouble choosing a great fundraiser for your organization. Let's take a quick look at 3 popular fundraisers and learn a little more about each. This will help you to narrow the many choices as you choose the next school fundraiser for your organization.

Benefit Fundraiser - Beer For A Year and A Wagon 'O Whiskey!

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 01:26 PM PDT

Here are two ways to get all the men at your fundraiser benefit to fall all over themselves as they gladly part with $10 and $20 dollar bills and have fun while they're doing it! Give most men a chance at winning beer or liquor at your benefit fundraiser and they'll come running to get in the game! That will be the result when you present Beer For A Year and A Wagon 'O Whiskey.

Benefit Fundraiser - When Is The Best Day And Time To Hold It?

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 01:04 PM PDT

The day and time of your benefit fundraiser can make all the difference in how profitable and successful it is. Here I lay out my case against Friday and Sunday and why I think Saturday night gives you the best bang for your benefit buck!

School Fundraising - 3 Ways to Get Your School's Budget on Track

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 12:56 PM PDT

Is your school's budget coming up a little short this year? The lagging economy has resulted in huge budget cuts in the educational sector. Many schools are finding that they have to cut programs, expenses and other activities to make the reduced budgets work. These budget cuts aren't going away, but that doesn't mean that education has to suffer. School fundraising can help to fill in the gaps between a school's expenses and a school's budget. In many cases fundraising can help schools to keep programs that they otherwise could not afford.

Donate a Little Funding to Bring Happiness in the Life of Poor and Deprived People

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 12:27 PM PDT

There are many people who want to help others. Donating your money, clothes, food and other useful items for charity is one of the best options available. There is no greater joy than making the underprivileged people happy. If you want to donate money or anything for charitable purpose, there are many Christian charity donation organizations that are putting there best effort to make the live of poor better. The charity organizations are boon to the poor people of this world. There are many branches spread in most of the underdeveloped and developing nations of this world.

Charity Fundraising Ideas To Mobilize Cash For Your Activities

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 08:26 AM PDT

If you are running a charity organization, you will naturally wish to garner as much funds as possible to further your activities. You try out all charity fundraising ideas and even adopt some radical ideas and solutions, casting your net far and wide, to get cash for your cause. You can try brainstorming with your staff and associates.

Development Categories - Systems and Streams to Consider When Fundraising for a Non Profit

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 06:40 AM PDT

When you think of raising funds for your non profit organization, do you think in categories? Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and Refinement are all dependent on great initial categories. Here are my 5 key categories for non profit fundraising.

Benefit Fundraisers - I Found A Doorway To Cash!

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 06:15 AM PDT

I've come across a great, fun way to raise money at your benefit fundraiser! All you'll need are some gift certificates and an old door. Let the mystery build and the bidding begin!

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