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I'm an English Nationalist of the civic kind not the ethnic kind in that I don't believe you have to be of Anglo-Saxon stock and trace your ancestry back for God knows how many generations to be accepted by various ethno-Nationalist groups. My thinking runs along the lines of Anglo ergo sum, if you think you're English and live here and obey the laws of the land (with the casual disdain for jobsworths the English have) then you're English, your skin colour, religion blood type, don't matter, it's how you feel. If however you tag "Brit" onto the end of a racial description such as a Pakistani Brit or other adaptations then you aren't English because you don't think of yourself as English, same with those who describe themselves only as Muslims. Norman Tebbit approached it via the cricket test and it's a reasonably valid point but only if applied to an anyone but England attitude, I quite expect if I lived abroad I'd support England if they played my adopted country, but only when they played England otherwise I'd support my new country. So while in essence I'm all for people adopting and fitting in with their new countries, in England there has been a distinct lack of support for those of us who were born here and consider ourselves English rather than as the government does British.
Anyway, for those of us who are English and wish to support England, I'd like to introduce you to The Steadfast Trust charity for the ethnic English community. 
The Steadfast Trust is the first and only registered charity which undertakes work specifically for the ethnic English community. It exists to promote the education, legal rights, welfare, and overall interests of the community within England. Our work is driven by the belief that the English, and in particular the young, would gain greater self-respect and self-confidence if they had a better appreciation and understanding of their unique culture and heritage.
There is growing evidence from various reports (view reports) that many English school children are falling behind those from other ethnic groups. They are also increasingly engaging in anti-social behaviour and leading increasingly unruly and destructive lives.  Bold action is needed to tackle these problems.

We believe that the English are a community like any other and that our Englishness should be promoted as something that is positive in our lives and the lives of our children. A strong sense of communal identity helps develop a strong sense of communal responsibility; it helps bring people together and counter the alienation from society that many feel. The young people of all ethnic groups should feel confident in who they are and should be inspired by their own cultural background to reach their full potential in society. We aim to promote practical schemes that will help bring this about for the English.
It is of the utmost importance that our charity grows and prospers. Unlike the charities and communal organizations which pursue the interests of other ethnic groups, it is unlikely that we will receive any public money.  We will have to find the necessary resources from within our own community. We are confident that the English can show the same ambition and enterprise that has enabled other communities to build cultural institutions that further their interests and address their needs. There is much to do but we at the Steadfast Trust are eager to get on with the task that faces us.
 So not a fake charity and unlikely to get any government money, which in my eyes as an Englishman makes it a cause worth supporting. I know many of you out there like to give only to causes that have no political agenda or are not funded by the government and this is one, like the RNLI in which your money will go to help those who should be brought up to be proud of their country yet have been abandoned by successive governments and the political establishment to see the English as something we are not. No other nation in the UK has had the vilification that the English have had to put up with, where our flag is described in the media as that of hooligans where politicians have apologised for our history and tried to pretend that somehow British = English, but only to the English, never to any other national group.
The fightback began after devolution, the English are slowly awakening to see what has been done against them, this charity is a start, I hope you will give it moral support if you cannot give it financial support.

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