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Making A Decision Is Your First Step To Starting A Successful Business

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 12:56 PM PDT

No business is going to make you money in 1 day. If you can't accept this fact, then you are doomed right from the start. If you're expecting to set up your business on January 1 and see your first sale come in on January 2, you are going to be in for a great disappointment.

CCR Registration - Information Opt-Out

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 12:27 PM PDT

Vendors completing CCR registration have the option to opt-out from publically displaying their information, but is it a good idea? While opting out can reduce the number of unsolicited calls and emails they receive from other companies, will it also reduce the number of contracts they're awarded?

A Year in the Life of a Plan

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 10:40 AM PDT

Planning should be a process not an event. Too often Strategic Planning is handled as a single "feel good" exercise. In this article a 12 month model is suggested for the reader,

Implementing Outcomes Based Accountability

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 09:56 AM PDT

Implementing Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) is a business technique that has taken off around the world. It is popular and well proven business model that is said to work wonders for all kinds of projects from a variety of sectors.

Control of a Business With Multiple Owners

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 08:48 AM PDT

The presence of other owners can greatly affect the actions of a majority-interest owner of a business. Usually an owner of a majority interest in a business ultimately will be able to control the business; however, there can be significant problems relating to having other owners holding minority interests. Where there are several owners, the majority-interest owner will be controlling only if that owner has the right to obtain minority interests from the minority-interest owners upon the occurrence of certain events. These events, where a minority-interest owner is likely to be dissident, are readily foreseeable and are those where the majority-interest owner's control could be affected. For both the majority and minority interest holders, issues of value and control in certain foreseeable situations should be the subject of a written owners' agreement.

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