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Back in the days when things were far more simpler and people were trusted to play safe with all sorts of dangerous machines and chemicals there was a simple solution to killing flies, it was known as fly spray. It worked pretty well with a small spray capable of taking out the entire room of flies whilst creating a bit of a stink and if you weren't careful killing the goldfish. Much easier than a swatter and far more aesthetic than fly paper, it even worked pretty well on wasps and other insects.
Then along came health and safety and the number of things we were trusted to do for ourselves came under increasing state legislation until everything became so safe (and expensive) as to be almost to the point of being useless. (Look up the great DDT scandal if you want a prime example) Today we have weedkillers that only work after almost a week and not as I remember being able to see the results after a couple of hours tops with plants almost going deformed before your eyes.
We also come to the nub of my problem, we've had superfly buzzing around the house for a couple of days now, bugger is fast and quite resilient to current chemical toxins, means I can't get close to swat the little sod and a whole tin of today's useless flyspray has failed to even faze the bastard, I honestly think I'd have done better throwing the tin at it rather than waste my time trying to spray it.
I'm halfway tempted to buy one of those uv bug zappers just to see if like Frankenstein's monster it is resilient to large doses of electricity too.
Anyone know of a fly spray that actually works pretty much instantly any more without seeming to kill them by kindness? I know Raid works after a fashion, but I seem to remember spraying a fly and watching it go into paroxysms almost immediately not half an hour later.
Any ways I'm off hunting with a rolled up newspaper and hoping for a bit more luck.
Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.

Update morning of the 6th of August. Bastard thing is still alive, gone to work and left Lady QM to deal with the little git.
Update morning of the 7th of August. Superfly is no more, despite surviving everything I and Lady QM could throw at him/her (literally at times) it was unable to survive being digested by the dog.
I love my dog.

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