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Business Branding

5 Renowned Notebook Computer Logo Ideas That Famous Brands Have Used

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 12:19 PM PDT

As the world is advancing technologically, we are leaving behind desktop computers and stepping into the world of laptops and notebooks. Let's have a look at some notebook computer logo ideas of famous technological brands.

Promotional Gifts To Keep Your Customers Warm During Winter

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 12:17 PM PDT

Sometimes you need to think out of the box if you want to keep you customers' attention. Seeing that it is winter, using promotional gifts that keep the winter cold away is what your business should be considering.

Should You Opt For Free Online Computer Logo Samples For Your Trademark?

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 12:05 PM PDT

A business mark must be created patiently and intelligently so that it reflects the unique features that your product offers. You should take your brand mark crafting process as an investment. Do it once but do it right so that it lasts long.

Effective Logo Creator

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 07:43 AM PDT

A Logo Creator is a powerful and helpful tool that aides you in creating effective logos. What is a logo? Once you understand the purpose of a logo, it will be easier to conceptualize and design one.

The Mind Music of Meter: Creating Catchy Tag Lines and Slogans

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 07:17 AM PDT

Ever look at a company's tag line and wish it were punchier or perkier? I sure have. Elegance in a slogan comes from getting the rhythm - the meter - right.

Developing a Workable Online Reputation

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 06:48 AM PDT

Your online reputation can make or break your efforts when trying to develop a profitable business. It can be the difference between a significant boost in your marketing effectiveness or frustration and futility! Read more to see 5 ways you can build much needed trust and credibility that helps increase online business sales!

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