Amateur profiling

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Certain groups hate profiling if only because it's often used by law enforcement agencies to target specific groups who are statistically more likely to be involved in certain activities. Bit like blacks and knife crime and Asian Muslims and terrorism. It generally makes sense, after all what's the point of going after people who generally aren't remotely involved in such activities. It does run into problems with the politically correct brigades who see it as racist, though sadly for them the stats don't lie.
You can of course play it yourself with certain lists...
Details of the top 10 most wanted suspected fraudsters in Britain have been released by the crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers.
Peter Stead allegedly conned Derbyshire pub landlords out of thousands of pounds in 2009 and is accused of offering to put on a comedy night to raise money for the Lewis Mighty Fund.
Another on the most wanted list released by Crimestoppers is Nasser Ahmed who police have linked to to an alleged £156m VAT fraud in Bristol.
Timur Mehmet, 38, is wanted in connection with a £25m VAT fraud. Similarly, he absconded before trial and was sentenced in his absence to eight years.
Misba Uddin is wanted by police for fraud by false representation after he allegedly submitted fraudulent mortgage applications while working as a financial adviser.
Meanwhile Ajayi Seun, 48, charged with conspiracy to money launder, is alleged to have conned mortgage lenders and banks out of more than £12m. He has failed to answer bail.
Nicholas Slocombe, 28, is wanted in connection with reports from dozens of shops and businesses about alleged false claims of collecting for charity.
Jascent Nakawunde, a 33-year-old woman, is wanted for questioning in connection with an alleged £35,000 fraud in Cardiff between 2007 and 2008.
Mohamad Khan, from Waltham Cross in north east London, is accused of using counterfeit credit cards to buy more than £100,000 worth of goods.
Kevin Leitch, 48, from Liverpool, who is wanted by Devon and Cornwall Police after he allegedly took bookings for a holiday let in Cornwall.
Finally, an unknown woman is alleged to have falsely obtained a debit card and account details in the name of a legitimate customer from a bank in Bethnal Green, in October 2008.
Now you could be forgiven for thinking that in a list of Britain's top ten fraudsters,six out of the ten don't exactly have British names. Seems even our fraudsters have been hit by foreign immigrants taking all the jobs. Half it would seem have some connection to a certain religion of peace, though perhaps they should be excused as the guy they are supposed to take as an example was a murderer, thief, pirate philanderer with a taste for underage women and other mens wives. Only two are female, sex discrimination in fraud it would seem is rampant in the UK with women seemingly disbarred from the higher levels of scumbags.
Profiling it seems can be fun, even if the bleeding heart socialists hate the very idea as it always tends to show up their pets in the worst possible light.
Which from where I stand makes it all the more fun.

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