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Four Small Yet Very Important Things That You Should Bring During Job Interviews

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 02:32 PM PDT

Going to an interview is really a crucial moment for every graduate who is ready to face the real challenge in life called employment. They say that before you head on to something big in the future, you should start with baby steps. One of those baby steps is acing your job interview.

IT Staffing Interviews and 5 Warning Signs

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 12:14 PM PDT

Screening potential new employees in any field is tricky. This is especially true in the IT business. Hiring the wrong person could cost you a lot of money and grief. Here are some significant red flags that you may be dealing with a potential problem employee during the interview.

The One Thing Every Job Interviewer Wants to Hear

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 07:26 AM PDT

Do you know that every job interviewer wants to know one thing over everything else. Let me share with you exactly what that is.

Answering Questions About Leaving Your Current Job - How to Interview Like a Pro

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 06:25 AM PDT

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job and Why Do You Want to Work Here? These are really tricky questions, a kind of chicken or egg question and can be difficult to answer. If the new job is truly a progression and can be viewed as a "step up" from your current position with more money or more duties, this is fairly easy to explain. If you have been at the current job for less than a year, you may have a job-hopping problem. If you are having problems at the old job, you may need to be very diplomatic about explaining those issues. When you tell your prospective employer why you want to work there, don't mention money or benefits. Also don't say anything bad about your current or former bosses.

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