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Why Is It Important to Have a Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan?

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 02:14 PM PDT

This article is designed to outline why it's important to establish business continuity management systems and processes and implement adequate contingency planning and disaster recovery provisions. One of the principal barriers to getting sponsorship for the BCM programme is peoples' preconceptions as to what business continuity is all about.

Four Tips on How to Handle a Business Crisis

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 02:13 PM PDT

Tips on how your business can be prepared and be ready to handle a business crisis. Having worked with a number of organisations from a variety of industries and sectors in developing and actually using their Crisis Management processes, it has been noted that there are a handful of attributes common to the successful management of crisis.

Five Tips on Developing a Crisis Management Plan for Your Business

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 01:23 PM PDT

One of the mistakes most commonly made is to assume that all crisis plans are the same. This article is intended to help you to ensure that the plan you produce is appropriate to the team and purpose for which it is designed.

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