Business Branding

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Business Branding

Power-Packed Word Blends: How to Evaluate Portmanteau Names for Companies or Products

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 01:24 PM PDT

In the winter of 2011, people in the U.S. mid-Atlantic states were talking about a massive blizzard as Snowmageddon - also called a "snowtastrophe" and "snowpocalypse." This type of verbal invention goes back at least to Lewis Carroll, whose character Humpty Dumpty explains a poem called "Jabberwocky" to Alice in Chapter 6 of "Through the Looking Glass." Learn how to evaluate company names and product names that are formed in this way.

The Top 3 Qualities of a Top Notch Logo Designer

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 01:12 PM PDT

When you wish to get something that will have an impact on your life or well being, you will not spend money on anything that you observe. You will do a complete research, look at other people's comments and then decide whether a selected thing, product or service will be suitable for you or not. The main problem with reviews is that, sometimes, people publish bogus reviews as well. Others also publish inaccurate reviews to damage the reputation of their competitors. So, you should be very cautious before you select something... and you have to be much more careful when you are getting something as crucial as a logo design, because it will have an effect on the success of your company... and the success of your business will have an immediate effect on your life. Only a qualified designer can create a top-quality logo. So, what you should do is figure out what traits a competent logo designer should have, so that you will manage to obtain the services of a perfect designer. After all, you don't want to compromise on value when it comes to your business triumph.

Special Issues On Branding And Its Influence On Business

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 12:16 PM PDT

Branding is the process of identification of your products and services to your customers. Whether a product or service is sold on the Internet or in the conventional manner, brand marketing gives it an identity.

Building a Strong Brand

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 11:33 AM PDT

The first step, much to everyone's surprise, is not going to be a great location or a nicely designed logo. These are very important and I'll address that in other articles, but first you have to multiply you, the brand.

Why Custom Logo Design Is Your Best Option

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:55 AM PDT

If anything symbolizes your business it is your logo design. Just by a simple graphic you can effectively communicate to your customers just what your business is all about. Therefore coming up with that logo design is an important first step towards building your business brand.

Brand Expansion: How to Improvise With a Creative Consultant

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:49 AM PDT

Building brand without fresh ideas and insights is like expecting flowers to bloom without rain. A creative consultant can be as stimulating as a sip of cool water. Here's how to make music with a new consultant.

How Your Logo Design Influences Your Business

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:43 AM PDT

When you think about the 'face' of your business you may not instantly think about that being your logo. Fact is your business logo is very much the face of your business and one which will identify you, your products or services and your place within the market. It is therefore one of the important aspects of your business and essential to creating your brand.

Reverse Branding: How Matt Damon Is Creating A Water Brand With Customers And Not For Them

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:40 AM PDT

Reverse branding is a critical part of branding in the social media era. It is something that a social media marketer must be aware of. Reverse branding occurs when customers themselves brand the entrepreneurs.

The Elements Of A Good Logo Design

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:37 AM PDT

Ever wondered why it is you remember some brands more than others? It is probably down to the logo projected by a company that puts it to the forefront of your mind. And chances are you remember many of them because they are fronted by great logos (although you may well remember some of the bad ones too).

Add Video to Your Pop Up Display to Get Prospects

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:32 AM PDT

Companies often want to use a video display or monitor in a pop up display. This is a great idea you get more versatility from your booth and a more sophisticated image and presentation. There are many different ways to put a monitor or video display in pop up display - here is an assessment of the most popular.

Common Mistakes When Designing A Logo

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 09:24 AM PDT

Creating a logo for your business may seem like a simple task after it is just a pretty graphic with your name on, isn't it? Few realize the importance a logo design carries and that it is essential to creating brand awareness for your business. Never fall into the trap of assuming your logo does little else but tell customers your business name, it is the image by which your business will be recognized and judged.

Why Your Business Logo Is So Important

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 09:21 AM PDT

The importance of your business logo is something which you should never underestimate. It is the first thing seen by your customers as well as your competitors and as such will determine how they view your business. A memorable logo design is something which will help build your business brand, evoke customer loyalty and enhance your reputation.

Using Personalised Polo Shirts to Promote Your Business

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 09:07 AM PDT

One item of clothing that does well in the promotional clothing sector is the polo shirt. It is the perfect in-between, when a suit is too much yet a t-shirt is not enough. Whether given away as a gift or worn by members of staff, this article looks at the reasons why personalised polo shirts are so popular, as well as which particular industries they 'fit' best with.

Rising Businessmen in London

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 06:37 AM PDT

London is a unique and vibrant city with a great deal of opportunity for those looking to create, build and run a successful business. It would be impossible to identify all of the rising stars in the United Kingdom's booming capital, but here are five of the most prominent businessman.

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