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Reverse Modeling Versus Reverse Engineering: Comparison and Contrast

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 09:24 AM PDT

In engineering, reverse engineering and reverse modeling are often interchangeable, but contrary to popular belief, they are not the same. The former is based on the process of interpreting an existing system to analyze components and their inter-connectivity to each other. Using a different form with a higher level of abstraction, this process is used for the redesigning of the system to better maintain or produce a copy of a system without having to access the original design.

Laser Scan Survey: Providing a Safe Environment in Hazardous Locations

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 09:22 AM PDT

In the engineering and surveying world, no matter how technologically advanced it is, it has its own share of difficulties, especially in project sites that offer limited access or hazardous landscapes. Design and survey professionals find themselves put at risk, having to increase production costs for data collection and find ways to solve the problem of the lack of an "as built" documentation. As a solution, laser scanning has been developed to analyze a subject and gather information accurately, quickly, safely, and best of all, with precision.

BIM and Revit: The Future of the Digital Building Industry

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 09:15 AM PDT

In the construction industry, BIM is to CAD as Revit is to AutoCAD. Building Information Modeling, more commonly known as BIM, is the general process concerning the creation of a 3D database, through a model of information that represents the design of a building. Different software applications allow for the creation of the building's digital replica, and one of these is Revit.

3D Laser Scanning Survey: The Categorizations and Their Most Common Examples

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 09:15 AM PDT

3D scanning interprets real objects or environments into digital, three-dimensional models. Its purpose lies in the surveying and then creating geometric samples on surfaces of the subject, and these precise points are used to represent the subject. Once this process is done, the photography allows the laser the ability to add color to these points.

Hiring Air Conditioning for Offices and Meeting Rooms

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 09:09 AM PDT

Hired air conditioning units can provide extra cooling power in offices of all sizes; and with summer temperatures looking set to rise, the option to rent portable air conditioning units is something many office managers will be considering. Why? Because so many offices' fixed (or 'built-in') air conditioning systems across the country are faulty or simply do not have the capacity to provide enough cool air when needed, particularly during a long hot summer.

Laser Surveying: Its Origins and What It Means to Surveyors

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 09:07 AM PDT

Laser survey, also called airborne field surveying by laser, is an airborne survey system based on Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR). This technology measures distance, space, and other properties of a target by using light to focus on it. The most common method to do so involves a laser.

Bucket Manufacturers - A Few Things To Consider Before Buying Backhoe Buckets

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 08:57 AM PDT

Purchasing backhoe buckets from reliable bucket manufacturers is a good idea, if you are into excavation and construction business. A backhoe bucket is a backhoe attachment, which increases the effectiveness and flexibility of a backhoe loader vehicle. The equipment is attached to the end of the boom arm of a hydraulic backhoe excavator or loader.

Building Information Modeling: The Future of Building Design and Documentation

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 08:56 AM PDT

Before the production and construction of a building, create a business model for a production drawing to demonstrate the entire building's life cycle, by using three-dimensional and real-time software to increase efficiency. A Building Information Model can be created to represent building geometry, light analysis, spatial relationships, geographic details, and the properties of other building components using objects that may be undefined, generic or particular, or oriented with solid shapes or void spaces. They are automatically consistent, meaning that the objects are consistent in size, location and specification.

All You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Round Bars

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 08:51 AM PDT

Stainless steel round bars are known for their high tensile strength, high durability and rugged construction. Stainless steel is a type of steel which offers resistance against stains, corrosion and rust. This type of steel is alloyed with low corrosive or non corrosive metals, which impart stainless and low corrosive properties.

Top Five Benefits of Leasing Industrial Machinery

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 08:38 AM PDT

The success of your factory or shop depends largely on industrial machinery. Use of advanced equipment can result in improved productivity, efficiency, quality control and customer satisfaction. However, high end equipment and machinery can be very expensive.

Gutter Machine - 5 Tips for Gutter Machine Buyers

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 06:59 AM PDT

Producing gutter is a good business since such products are always in high demand. Investing in a good quality gutter machine is essential for producing good quality products and making profits. Find out how to select the best model among the different ones available on the market.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures - The Power of Lighting

Posted: 25 Jul 2011 12:35 PM PDT

Industrial lighting fixtures are preferred when it comes to industrial lighting. There are various types of lights available in the market that can be selected.

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