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The high priest of the cult of gaia (UK) who also sidelines in driving offence avoidance is trying to commit the taxpayer to doubling their energy bills. Enviroloon Huhne, the well paid Energy Secretary who hopefully will lose his cabinet position along with any chance of ever being Lib Dem leader wants to make sure the UK will halve its greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels.

BELEAGUERED Energy Secretary Chris Huhne yesterday committed Britain to “exceptionally ambitious” cuts in carbon emissions despite warnings that they could help double domestic energy bills in a decade.
Mr Huhne, who is fighting for his political life over allegations about speeding points, said that by 2025 Britain will have halved its greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels.
That is a significant expansion of the previous pledge to cut emissions by 34 per cent by 2020.
He also announced plans to develop giant offshore wind turbines, which would be nearly as tall as Big Ben.
Mr Huhne overcame Cabinet resistance to push through the plan and make Britain the first country in the world to make legally binding commitments to slash emissions in the 2020s.
But critics warned that the consumer will have to foot the bill. Mark Todd, director of price comparison service, said the drive would cost households around £10.8billion a year extra by 2020, taking the average bill from £1,150 to £1,600.
He warned: “Fuel scarcity, political turmoil and natural disasters will drive this figure even higher and it would not be beyond the bounds of possibility to see bills almost double to £2,000 by 2020. Once again the ordinary consumer is ending up footing the bill.”
Price comparison site also warned that annual energy bills could hit £1,600 within nine years.
Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy, said: “By 2020 the average bill will have rocketed by nearly £500. This doesn’t even take into account any price rises.
“Today’s announcement could be the death knell for cheap energy.”
Others feared big business would be driven abroad. The Civitas think-tank said the plans would create the “highest energy costs in the world” and send turnover worth £60billion and 600,000 jobs “up in smoke”.
Yes, prepare to be crucified by your energy bills in order to stop global warming climate change climate disruption. The stupid thing is, the technology doesn't even exist yet to get us close, bird choppers don't work at anything like their capacity, are expensive to run and maintain, solar power is not great in a northern climate and doesn't work at night and the only real option, nuclear, still gets a slating from the enviroloons who hate it with a passion because its messy if it goes wrong. Electric cars will improve, but they'll need a massive breakthrough in battery life and surge potential to even be a patch on a modern diesel for distance and economy, plus electricity is going to get expensive (and potentially unreliable with this scheme) to power the damned things. Insulation is great, but you still need to heat your home and if the wind isn't blowing?
Half baked, ill thought out, useless solutions to a problem that might not even exist.
As Lord Monckton put it...
“the largest tax increase in human history” driven “by blind, superstitious faith”.
Couldn't have put it better myself, the lights are going out soon.

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