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Another peer was jailed today for robbing us, though the official version reads falsely claiming £11,277 in parliamentary expenses. Still robbing us who pay tax though, not that the pigs who do this seem to feel any sort of shame over it.

Former Conservative peer Lord Taylor of Warwick has been jailed for 12 months for falsely claiming £11,277 in parliamentary expenses.
He claimed for travel between a home he used in Oxford and Westminster, as well for overnight stays in London.
The 58-year-old said he had made the false claims "in lieu of a salary", and had been acting on colleagues' advice.
Jailing him, judge Mr Justice Saunders said the expenses scandal had "left an indelible stain on Parliament".
Taylor, who was Britain's first black Conservative peer and a former barrister and radio and TV presenter, listed his main residence as a home in Oxford, which was owned by his nephew, while he actually lived in a flat in Ealing, west London.
He pleaded not guilty to the charges - saying had been told by senior peers it was normal practice to make false expenses claims - but was convicted in January.
Normal practice, that seems to just about sum it up doesn't it? It's normal practice for these people to steal from those who pay taxation. Well it's not normal practice to steal from your employer in just about any other career or vocation I know of, so I don't know what makes these guys think they're the exception. I really don't know what it as that changes politicians, perhaps it's just the overall corruption of the system or the power trip that they get from lording it over what they seem to see as lesser mortals. It's just the sheer arrogance of them that is slowly moving the public view of politicians so somewhere way below the usual scum of the Earth normally reserved for them and journalists.
Politicians have probably done their vocation irreparable damage over the last 50 years as they've taken advantage of their position to milk the system whilst handing over huge chunks of our sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels aided and abetted by a treasonous cabal in the higher echelons of the civil service.
I often say in jest that we should hang them all and start from scratch, but it's not funny any more.

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