The moral bankruptcy of the left

Diposkan oleh Zainal Arifain

The depths to which the left sinks when dealing with anything it doesn't understand or fears can never be underestimated.

Here we have an utter slimeball UAF mong describing an attack on a young female who had fallen off a coach carrying EDL patriots that had been attacked and clearly gloating about the violence and thuggery on display.

The attack on the coach.

The attack on the woman who had her jaw fractured but is now out of hospital.

The police? Well they arrested everyone on the coach (though not the young woman)
Fortunately the video shows despite some ludicrous claims by various Leftist and Muslim groups that the EDL had provoked the attack just exactly who the barbarians in our society are, and they aren't the EDL. You can imagine the headlines if the EDL attacked a coach of Islamists, the front page wouldn't be big enough.

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