Cheapest Auto insurance you can afford

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Cheapest Auto insurance you can afford If you are young and have a car, get it guaranteed to be a nightmare. Young drivers perceived as high risk drivers because of their inexperience behind the wheel and because of their premiums are sky high. Some youth are lucky to have parents who are willing to ensure their car for them can save them thousands of pounds in insurance each year. Others on hand will have to swallow the bitter pill and pay their own insurance. Or worse, choose to drive without insurance at all.

The average price of young male driver insurance is £ 4000 a year and a young female pilot at about 2000 pounds, so if you have secured your vehicle is important to find the cheapest deal out there. What opportunities do you offer depends on how much you are young and the price of the car, but also what kind of vehicle you own. So it is important to make sure you have the right car for the best deals. If you are between 17-18 years and cost between £ 600 and car £ 10,000, these are the five cars you should choose the best offer of insurance:

1. The new Ford Ka is the cheapest car to convince young drivers. The average altitude is about 1650 pounds a year. Old Ford Ka models is the second cheapest car insurance for young people, the average cost of £ 1780. For an older model in just 300 pounds, but the 2011 model costs from € 7400.

2. Peugeot 107 is the cheapest car to carry out the third 17-18 years at a cost of £ 1,994 per year. And buying a used from a dealer you should expect to pay around £ 2600 for a 2006 model. Interestingly, the same car as the Citro├źn C1, but £ 300 cheaper than the Citroen to secure.

Third fourth cheapest car to insure is tiny Daewoo Matiz, which is essentially a city car. The average cost of insurance was quoted at £ 2258.

4th But if you want something cooler than what was previously mentioned, the new Mini One be just the thing. Insurance costs average £ 2269 and a 2003 model will cost around £ 2500 for a dealer.

So if you have to pay for your car insurance yourself, be sure to choose a car you can afford to maintain and perhaps try one of the above. To see the new and the old model Ford Ka, Kent is an area where you will find several dealers.

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