I'm sorry? Whose fault was it?

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I blame the government for lots of things, mostly because they interfere when they shouldn't and act like kiddies in a sweetshop when it comes to spending taxpayers money. What I wouldn't do is blame them for not doing something which wasn't their concern in the first place.
A couple held captive by Somali pirates for more than a year have criticised the British government in a book, for failing to support their family.
Paul and Rachel Chandler, formerly of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but who now live in Devon, said assistance offered to relatives had been "derisory".
The couple's ordeal began when their yacht was seized in October 2009.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said it had been in "constant touch" with relatives.
The Chandlers, who now live in Dartmouth, make their claims in a book documenting their 388-day kidnap.
It wasn't the British governments fault that those two idiots decided to sail in pirate infested waters, though I do believe that the government could have dusted off the old rules of conduct when dealing with piracy and wiped them out if they caught them.
Nor was it the governments job to look after the families of the two idiots other than to give them updates if anything was happening, which is what appears to have happened.
It should not be the job of any government to support families other than the normal means of support as provided by the state, even that I have railed against when it moves from support to pampering.
A spokesman for the FCO said: "Throughout Paul and Rachel Chandler's ordeal, a dedicated team from across the region and in the UK did everything we could to secure the couple's safe release. 
"HMG's policy is long-standing and well-known - we do not make or facilitate ransom payments."
As it should be, nothing more should be allowed or required. If you go sailing into dangerous waters, you only have yourself to blame if you get kidnapped and it isn't the duty of the government to look after your family in any special way if you do get captured. Keep them informed, yes, attempt to secure your release, yes. Offer your family counselling, tea and sympathy, no.

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