Weird statistics and car insurance

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Like many people I drive a car, by choice it's a poor man's 4 x 4 Hyundai Santa Fe, but it's comfy and at least I'm assured of getting out of the street in the winter when the snow that we were supposed to have kissed goodbye too (according to the in-experts) comes around again. Because I'm a law abiding type I'm insured, pay the tax and have it MOT'd. Normally insurance would be a choice like home contents etc, but because I'm driving over a ton of metal around at fairly high speed at ground level I can see the case for having insurance, should the worst happen. What I'm not happy about though is the fact that others don't think the same way for a variety of reasons, though mostly to do with cost. I'm lucky, I am over 25, have a clean current driving license and I shop around each year for a better deal, even so my premiums are still higher than I'd like and I dread having an accident with the excess thrown in if it were my fault, but that's the risk you take. For the younger people though and those on a tight budget, car insurance can be a nightmare, hideously expensive and financially out of reach, so a good few don't bother with insurance, they take a risk they wont get caught and if or when they do have an accident that pushes up the premiums for all of us and possibly drives more people into not bothering, a vicious circle, though I dare say some do it because they are cheapskates or simply criminal.
Almost a third of motorists are driving without insurance in some parts of Britain, a report reveals today.
Their reckless behaviour costs claims firms up to £500million a year – and adds an average of £30 to every single annual premium.
The damning figures go some way to explaining why the cost of running a car is rocketing for law-abiding drivers.

There was also something else a bit odd about those areas so I and a few others did some checking on the postcodes...

B6 Aston Muhammad Afzal ,Ziaul Islam MBE, Ayoub Khan

B8 Washwood heath Tariq Ayoub Khan Mohamed Idees Ansar Ali Khan

B9 Bordesly Green Mohammed Aikhlaq Shaukat Ali Khan Shafique Shah

B10 South Yardly Nawaz ali, David Willis, Daphne Gavid

B12 Nechells Zahir Ali, Rashid Chauhdry and Yvonne Mosquito

B21 Sparkbrook Shockat Ali Tony Kennedy

B10/21 Lozells & East Handsworth Don Brown, Wazim Zafar, Hendrina Quinnen

BD3 Bradford moor Riaz Ahmed, Ghazanfer Khaliq, Mohammed Shafiq

BD3 Bowling and Barkerend Imran Ahmed Khan, John Antony Robertshaw, Zameer Hussain Shah,

BD8 Manningham. Asama Javed, Mohammad Amin, Shabir Amin,

BD9 heaton ward Sajid Akhtar,Rizwan Malik, Mohammed Masood

M12 Longsight Abid Latif Chohan, Luthfur Rahman, Suzanne Richards

Can anyone explain this coincidence?
Yes, this is a tilt at a certain religious group and no I'm not presuming all the uninsured are of this group, that would be bigoted of me after all, but it does strike me as odd. This is also coupled with reports that it is quite normal to find a licence and insurance being shared by dozens with the same name. oddly enough from the same religious grouping too.
It strikes me that the system used if we must legally hold car insurance needs to be overhauled to a state where it would be difficult to own a car and not have insurance. Or more draconian would simply be the crushing of any vehicle found being driven without insurance or a license and jail time for the uninsured.
Yes I know that isn't very liberal of me, but I do believe that if I abide by the rules (unfair as they sometimes are) then others should abide by them too, particularly when the cost of not abiding by the rules hits me in the pocket.

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