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The older I get the more I despise the effects of the Human Rights Act and the way it's interpreted by judges and lawyers if only because the vast majority of people who seem to benefit from it are criminal scum who pass through the justice system. Not that I consider all asylum seekers to be scum, but they have used the HRA and the legal system to their advantage when it comes to staying here even when they have no right to do so...

Tens of thousands of asylum seekers have been awarded British residency under a controversial human rights law which allow foreigners to stay because they have a partner or children in this country.
Out of 161,000 foreigners allowed to remain in Britain as part of the Government's "back door amnesty", a significant number were ruled to have a case under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the "right to family life".
It was this factor that was decisive in winning the right to stay in Britain, rather than any evidence they were genuinely fleeing persecution.
In many cases, initial Home Office delays in processing the claims will have been the factor that allowed asylum seekers who entered Britain as young single people the opportunity to start families.
The development exposes the impact of asylum failures under Labour, which triggered a long-running project to clear more than 400,000 asylum cases, dubbed "legacy cases", which had been allowed to fester since the late 1990s. The exercise was heavily criticised last week in a report by MPs on the all-party Home Affairs Committee.
There you have it, get into the UK, sometimes illegally, claim asylum, find and knock up some woman and you can stay, ok, ok probably not as crude as that in all cases, but certainly the case for some including Aso Mohammed Ibrahim who ran down Amy Houston and ran off leaving her to die whilst disqualified from driving, yet instead of being deported was allowed to stay because Ibrahim's lawyers argued that his human rights would be contravened if he were sent back to Iraq as he now has a family here.
Most would say his family can go back with him if they want.
Cameron was supposed to be getting rid of the HRA, naturally enough he hasn't, he hasn't even tried for a British Bill of Rights, he got told by Ken Clarke that such a bill would have to lie on top of EU law and not supersede it. No-one in government it seems is prepared to do anything about injustices within the HRA system, no one in government it seems is willing to leave the EU, the ECHR and scrap the hideous legislation foisted upon us by the previous government such as the HRA and the abysmal Equalities Act.
Seems they'd rather ignore abuse than do something about it and then they wonder why we hold them in contempt.

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