An inconvenient lie

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Normally you expect the MSM to slavishly follow the global warming, climate change, climate disruption mantra, though in the last year or so the wheels have been slowly falling off this ruinous theory that we can do something about the climate of the planet, or indeed that the so called experts who claimed rising seas and mass polar bear die offs were inevitable if we didn't all stop breathing out CO2 and live a nice medieval lifestyle, with no power, homespun sack-cloth and obeyed an elite environmental dictatorship as they flew around in their private jets telling us how to live. But enough of the BBC, this article popped up in the Express.

WITH ­energy firms poised to hike their prices by up to 22 per cent, consumers may well feel it is time to question the growing burden of so-called green taxes.
While energy experts will point to a rise in the price of oil, the Government’s commitment to renewable energy is the real reason behind the increases, as we ­already have 14 per cent added to our bills to fund projects which cut carbon emissions and global warming.
However a leading scientist who worked for Australia’s Department for Climate Change for many years, says experts got their predictions wrong and the whole idea that ­carbon dioxide is the main cause of any global warming is in fact a lie.
David Evans, who was a consultant for the then Australian Greenhouse ­Office until last year, said: “The whole idea that carbon dioxide is the main cause of any warming is based on a guess made in 1980 that was proved totally wrong by scientists as far back as the mid-Nineties.
The whole thing is now a train wreck. Although no one started out to scam or mislead, really the ­climate scientists are a bit corrupt now as they know they are exaggerating, but there are now too many jobs, ­industries, trading profits and ­political careers riding along on this nonsense to admit it is just that.
Now leaving aside my suspicion that energy companies owned by foreign companies are using this country as a cash cow to subsidise their own countries, much of the higher bills we face is due to an environmental levy (or tax) to fund or subsidise so called "green" initiatives which in a lot of cases weren't particularly green, efficient or cheap. When questioned about these "scams" the case was often put forward that the technology would improve, though in the case of bird choppers, it is difficult to see how they could make the wind blow all the time and for solar, the sun shine all day (and night). The other low carbon alternative and the one that actually works was of course denied any subsidies by Chris Huhne the (allegedly) motoring ban dodging Energy Secretary.
Chris Huhne:
I can certainly confirm that we will not be providing public subsidy to nuclear and that we see nuclear as part of the energy mix for the future provided that safety concerns are met.
 So, we're being ripped off by the energy companies, ripped off by the government and lied to by environmentalists who are happy with the fact that we're being ripped off as it means it forestalls the imaginary ecospasm where the planet melts (or something) and there's nothing we can do about it unless or until there is a viable alternative to the LibLabCon power sharing scheme.
In the mean time the old will freeze and die in winter and the rest of us will wonder where all our spare cash has gone, yet many will still vote in the bastards that did this to us!
I'll leave the last word to David Evans...
“Yes, carbon ­dioxide is a cause of global warming, but it is so minor it’s not worth doing much about.”

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