Jailed indefinitely

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Interesting term "jailed indefinitely" it really doesn't mean life, it just means we wont let you out till we're sure you aren't a risk or you manage to use the Human Rights Act to get around us.

Lancashire Telegraph.
A TEENAGER has been jailed indefinitely for raping a pensioner in her own home at knifepoint.
Farhan Ahmed, 18, sneaked into the woman’s house in Nelson to carry out a brutal two-hour attack described by senior a Lancashire detective as ‘the worst I’ve ever seen.’
And it has emerged that Ahmed had been kicked out of school and college for sexual touching.
Ahmed was was given an indefinite prison sentence for public protection, with a recommendation he serve a minimum 10-year jail term.
Burnley Crown Court heard Ahmed, then 17, prowled the streets armed with a stick looking for vulnerable women.
He sneaked into the house in the early hours through an unlocked back door, picked up a kitchen knife before confronting the victim.
The drunken youngster then forced her to carry out a series of ‘humiliating and degrading’ acts.
Det Supt Ian Critchley, head of Lancashire Police’s public protection unit, said: “This was the most despicable and callous attack that I have ever seen.
"It will have a lifelong impact on the victim.
"Ahmed continues to show no remorse, and has shown none throughout the proceedings.
Ok, it would be easy enough to go off on one about the "Religion of Peace", but in this case there are others out there who have committed other similar crimes or worse offences and will remain in jail indefinitely as the evidence against them including a confession has them "bang to rights" as the saying goes.
Normally I'm against capital punishment on the grounds that mistakes can be made, not for any moral or religious reasons, simply that if you get it wrong in that instance you can't make it right with a wad of compensation thrown in.
But, I do believe there is a case for capital punishment for the worst of crimes where the evidence and the conviction have moved the judgement of peers past the stage of reasonable doubt into the realms of no doubt whatsoever.
The ultimate deterrent for those crime that are truly abhorrent and would involve locking away (and feeding and keeping at our expense) not just murder but but any crime that would preclude ever being released back into society. These should be put before a committee and a decision made on the evidence and trauma for the victim as to whether execution is an option rather than keeping them locked up. All aspects from mental health, remorse or possibility of rehabilitation including the prospects of ever being able to live normally in society ever again should be taken into account and then a recommendation made to senior judges at an appeal panel. If the appeal fails then swift execution follows, no hanging around for years with appeal after appeal.
There are some, Sutcliffe, Huntley and Farhan Ahmed who do not deserve even the privilege of being incarcerated at Her Majesties pleasure, they have been caught bang to rights and it would be cheaper simply to rid ourselves of them.

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