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Lot of blogs like mine have been banging on about the dire legacy that socialist and social engineers have left this countries education system in. It's easy enough to point the finger at New Labour, though if truth be told the general malaise set in a long time before that.

In a damning indictment of Labour’s legacy, it emerged that deprived pupils in countries such as Estonia, Indonesia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Mexico and Slovenia perform better than those from Britain.
Data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development shows some 31 per cent of poor children internationally manage to exceed expectations for their social class in school tests.
But in Britain, the proportion slumps to just a quarter – placing the country below the global average and 39th out of 65 countries.
It suggests disadvantaged children in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have less chance of climbing the social ladder than in the majority of developed nations.
Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, said achievement among the poorest pupils was a “scandal” and suggested a £30billion rise in the schools budget under Labour failed to improve results.
Well sadly most of the £30 billion did not go on improving education standards so much as fiddling the curriculum to constantly show improving results at all levels despite the clear evidence from universities and employers that it wasn't getting better, but the standard of education of the students entering university or being interviewed was if anything getting worse.
Successive governments have damned whole generations of kids to struggle and not be able to improve their status in life by getting a good education save by luck. Meddling with the core subjects to include "Britishness", "climate change" and "diversity/multiculturalism" all deemed to be politically correct subjects whilst being of scant use to the pupils themselves. Every effort was made to bring schools down to the lowest common denominator rather than stream the brightest and best into higher levels. That was looked upon as elitist and simply couldn't be allowed, if some had to fail then all must fail, though they deemed the failure in standards a success, after all didn't the figures show results were getting better year in year out? Though we know why that was and it wasn't that pupils were getting smarter or eduction standards improving.
We need elitism in education, we need a means to encourage the brightest and best to move to a higher graded school, we don't need an everyone must be a winner mentality, because if real life tells us one thing, there are winners and there are losers.

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